Using the Winnebago Xite Infotainment System

An in-depth 15 minute learning video

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  01.01.2017

If you’re considering purchasing a Winnebago with the Xite infotainment system, or if you already own one, our video will help you get more out of this very full-featured unit.  It will guide you through the set-up, audio options, bluetooth pairing, and GPS features.

Unlike many off-the-shelf aftermarket radio/GPS units, the Xite has been designed and optimized for RV use.  Because it’s capable of doing so much, that also means that a little extra learning time is required to fully appreciate all its power.  We’ve created this video to introduce you to many of the primary functions to get you started quickly.

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  1. gary Posted on 01.02.2017

    Don will this drop in, and replace the unit in our 2013 24J ?


    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.02.2017

      Sorry Gary. Retrofits are not being planned.

  2. mike r Posted on 01.11.2017

    Is the unit capable of pairing with a TP monitoring system? If so which one(s)? I have a Navion on order with this unit.

  3. Marilyn Posted on 01.15.2017

    Looking at 2017 24J what is cost for ordering Xite Infotainment center?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.16.2017

      $2,555 including the JBL sound system upgrade.

  4. Mike Renfro Posted on 01.20.2017

    Don, can you respond to my tire pressure monitoring question above? Thx for the video tutorial.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.21.2017

      Winnebago is very, very conservative about adding enhancement products like this, so the length of the evaluation, discussion, and testing process is hard to gauge. I have 10K of travel so far with a potential third-party system that has worked well. Your keen interest is shared by others and I know Winnebago is aware of that.

  5. suzi bluford Posted on 01.21.2017

    thank you for doing this! would like more detail and going a bit slower please

  6. Lorenzo Clemons Posted on 01.21.2017

    Don I added side cameras and also with the backup camera. Who do I change the brightness of the screen? Thanks

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.21.2017

      Not having any direct experience with multiple cameras I’m not sure if you can adjust each one’s display via software. Try contacting the distributor who also provides technical support to see if there is a solution. Riverpark Inc.

  7. nas Posted on 01.21.2017

    Can the GPS (only) be switched? I have the system in my Meridian 2013 but the GPS is not Rand.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.21.2017

      My expectation is that you can’t do a software swap on an older unit. However, I suggest you contact the distributor, Riverpark Inc. and ask.

  8. top10812 Posted on 01.21.2017

    Can this be retrofitted into my 2017 Class A Vista 27.4?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.21.2017

      Sorry no. Xite systems are only available as an OEM product on new coaches.

  9. Ron Doan Posted on 01.21.2017

    Where can I get a new SD Card

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.21.2017

      Contact the distributor:

  10. benandsheila Posted on 01.21.2017

    Since being eliminated, is the CD/DVD player for the View accessed from the entertainment center near the side door for playing through TVs and all speakers?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.21.2017

      Yes. The Jensen system is still the one you use for your “house” entertainment in playing CDs, DVDs, Bluetooth and sound from the television.

  11. benandsheila Posted on 01.21.2017

    Thanks for your in-depth guide on the new Xite. We have a View on order, due to be ours in late April with the new system. We would like to know if the Rand McNally GPS comes with free updates and if real time traffic monitor is included or available for a fee.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.22.2017

      The Rand McNally software for the Xite includes lifetime map and nationwide construction updates. If you are connected to a wifi hotspot (phone, mi-fi device, or other kind of hotspot) you’ll also have access to live weather, fuel and local search services.

      Traffic monitoring is a pay product and can be purchased through the Rand McNally dock. Using traffic monitoring also requires that you are connected to a hotspot. I have a separate mi-fi unit which costs me $20 a month for an extra device on my data plan. However, for many people, simply using your phone and turning on the hotspot function will suffice. It’s pretty easy to connect to a hotspot with the Xite. When you’re in the Rand McNally GPS mode you’ll see a wifi “radar” icon. Tap on that to take you to the menu where you can browse hotspots and type in access passwords.

  12. Lonnie Hobbs Posted on 01.22.2017

    I enjoyed your Xite system video. I was also intrigued with the window covers on the inside of your RV. Will you tell me where they can be purchased?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.22.2017

      The window blinds you saw are only available for the Sprinter-based motorhomes and vans. They are made in Germany and can be purchased through Winnebago and Winnebago dealers.

  13. Mike Renfro Posted on 01.24.2017

    Thanks Don. I’ll be patient on the TPMS issue.

  14. Barbara Rebel Posted on 02.06.2017

    We have a 2016 View 24G It has a Rand McNally GPS in it. How do I get a manual for it. There was no manual with it and I have inquired at place with purchased unit and they don’t have a manual. You stressed in your video to read the manual! I DON’T HAVE ONE which I know would be helpful to me.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.09.2017


      Happy to help. You can download all the proper manuals from here:

  15. Bill Austin Posted on 02.15.2017

    Don we have a 2016 model Ellipse . Our system is a bit different. Dealer showed how to display the excite screen on our TV or vice versa. Do you know how this works?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.18.2017

      To send video to your coach’s TV screen you need to enter the “House Mode” which is a software button that should be on the lower part of your screen when you’re in the main menu. If you need more assistance in using House Mode, please call Riverpark Inc. for technical assistance. They should be able to walk you through it. 800-442-7717

  16. sophia Posted on 03.25.2017

    I have 2017 viewJ with the small screen. Could it be updated to larger one

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 03.25.2017

      Because of some changes in switch placement and wiring, your unit can’t be upgraded.