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  • One Big Pile O’ Sand

    One Big Pile O’ Sand

    As a Colorado native I’m often asked by fellow RVers, “what’s one of the great scenic drives in the state?”...

  • Great 8: Road Tunes

    Great 8: Road Tunes

    A key element to any road trip is choosing the right soundtrack to bolster the scenery, whether it’s Willie Nelso...

  • A Big Bend Weekend

    A Big Bend Weekend

    It’s impossible to enjoy any national park in it’s entirety over the course of one weekend. Most national parks...

  • The Meticulous RVer

    The Meticulous RVer

    “A journey is like marriage,” John Steinbeck once wrote. “The certain way to be wrong is to think you control...

  • Great 8:  Small towns with BIG Names

    Great 8: Small towns with B...

    America is a land of invention, but also reinvention. We relocate and borrow and celebrate. Case in point—the tin...

  • My 5 Must Haves for Summer

    My 5 Must Haves for Summer

    I don’t like bugs or humidity or eating outside or sleeping in tents or any of that typically camping experience...

  • Rolling Through the Years

    Rolling Through the Years

    One of the best ways to embrace the possibilities of the miles ahead of you is to reflect warmly on the miles behin...

  • Truma AquaGo – Boondocker Heaven

    Truma AquaGo – Boondoc...

    After almost three months in our brand new 2016 View 24J, we are completely settled in and loving our new digs.  F...

  • Los Alamos:  From the Ancients to the Nuclear Age

    Los Alamos: From the Ancien...

    The northern New Mexico landscape that inspired Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keefe also served as a backdrop for sci...

  • Roxanne’s Red Hot

    Roxanne’s Red Hot

    I’d like to introduce you to Roxanne. She’s our new second car, or our tiny house on wheels. She is a Flame Red...

  • Exploring the Rio Grande

    Exploring the Rio Grande

    As we headed south, down roads that stretched endlessly out to the horizon in front of us, I still had some lingeri...

  • Taking the “Fit” Road

    Taking the “Fit” Road

    One of the most exciting changes James and I have seen in the RV world lately is HOW people are RVing. There’s de...