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  • GoLife Goes Big

    GoLife Goes Big

    It’s true.  In Germany the trains do run on time and the U078 train stopped at our downtown Dusseldorf location...

  • Dakota Superlatives

    Dakota Superlatives

    I’m a fraternal twin myself, so I can understand some of North Dakota’s issues. The state tends to feel like th...

  • A Deposit into the Longevity Bank

    A Deposit into the Longevity...

    The last time I posted, James and I had just sold our old RV (sadness), and hit the road, headed to Forest City, I...

  • Voyagers


    It has become a summer road trip tradition among the Herzogs to attend at least one minor league baseball game. Sur...

  • The BIG one is coming

    The BIG one is coming

    So RVers where’s the largest RV show in the world?  Is it the California show in Pomona?  Hershey, Pennsylvania...

  • Travato: The Ultimate Fishing Hut

    Travato: The Ultimate Fishin...

    (Jackson Kayak Product Manager, Damon Bungard, is traveling the country in a Winnebago Travato.  This story recent...

  • Four Days in Glacier

    Four Days in Glacier

    Glacier National Park has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Our six-week journey through the American Nor...

  • 282 Miles

    282 Miles

    That’s all. Just 282 miles from Spokane, Washington, to West Glacier, Montana. That was the plan: Make our way fr...

  • Blindfold test: Ultrafabrics

    Blindfold test: Ultrafabrics

    Is it real, or is it Ultraleather?  We put that question to the test at the Winnebago WIT 2015 Grand National Rall...

  • Do you have a medical travel plan?

    Do you have a medical travel...

    I hope that every RV trip you take both you and your rig remain healthy.  As a physician and RV traveler,  I’ve...

  • Rarified Air

    Rarified Air

    While Amy and I were piloting our Winnebago Brave through Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, a group of folks was conver...

  • Grand Timing

    Grand Timing

    The Grand Canyon is certainly inspiring, but going beyond the typical touristy approach, WinnebagoLife’s Brad Her...