The 2017 View/Navion Arrives

Tour one of Winnebago's most popular View/Navion floorplans with a special twist.

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  04.18.2016

The future is now.  Winnebago’s B & C Class product manager, Russ Garfin, shows off the updated floorplan of the G model that now features a full dinette and a very stylish and creative bath.  Boondockers will be especially pleased with the new instant hot water feature that reduces wasted flow and the new Tecma toilet that eliminates the need for pumping black water when dumping the holding tanks.

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  1. Donna Alto Posted on 04.28.2016

    Love, Love, Love , our 24J. The only thing missing is a coffee pot!

  2. jean rentz Posted on 05.02.2016

    Has the 2017 Winnebago 24J changed much from 2016?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 05.14.2016

      No. It’s essentially a continuation of the current 2016 model.

  3. Janet P. Posted on 05.03.2016

    Love the new dinette feature, the bike rack and the Truma hot water heater, but why is the kitchen counter shorter? Looks like it lost about a foot of counter space!

  4. Janet P. Posted on 05.03.2016

    I figured it out, they moved the wardrobe to the other side. I like all of the new features. Ours is a 2015, so maybe we will upgrade in a couple of years!

  5. Danny Brown Posted on 06.03.2016

    Any chance we’ll see a 2018 four-wheel drive View.

  6. scott lazenby Posted on 07.10.2016

    How much wider is the wall slide on the 2017 g than the 2016.Also how long is the slide on the j model.

  7. Rick Posted on 07.28.2016

    When does the 2018 View launch?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 08.01.2016

      Launch dates vary from product to product. Historically product announcements are often 3-4 months before dealer deliveries.

  8. Kent Posted on 09.03.2016

    Any changes planned for the 2018 View 24J?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 09.10.2016

      As of September 2016 the 2017 models are just starting on the line. There are no official announcements for 2018 models. However, there’s an exciting new Infotainment screen option for 2017 that we’ll be profiling. Hint: it’s BIG and BRIGHT.

  9. Tim Keefe Posted on 12.17.2016

    I just saw in the 24G video a bike rack that looks interesting instead of my Thule for the 24J Is it made for the 24J and can you send me literature on it

  10. LARRY COOCH Posted on 01.14.2017


    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.14.2017


      This is a good question that’s frequently asked. There are no differences between the View and the Navion. The two names are a legacy of the company’s dealer networks. Some dealers carry Views and other Navions and a few have both. What it boils down to is your choice of dealer location, services and price. Either way you’ll be getting a great coach.

  11. ray Posted on 01.22.2017

    Revisiting Kent’s question, any changes for the 2018 24j?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.22.2017

      Generally, but not always, the RV industry follows the automotive industry with model changes in the fall.

  12. scott Posted on 02.04.2017

    We own a 2017 24J. It came without the optional bike rack. Can we purchase the bike rack and have it installed?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.04.2017

      Sorry, no. The best alternate solution is a bike rack that mounts in the tow hitch.

  13. Hayes Wade Posted on 02.26.2017

    Any updates on changes for the 2018 24J

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.26.2017

      Generally, but not always, new models are often announced in the fall.

  14. debra neal Posted on 03.11.2017

    Are there any differences between the 2016 and 2017 View 24V?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 03.11.2017

      There are a couple of new options that include electric stabilizers that reduces floor roll when parked/camped and the new 9″ Xite infotainment system.