Guidelines for submitting materials for the Winnebago GoLife Lifestyle Blog

Thank you for your interest in submitting a story, photos or video to the GoLife blog. These are the guidelines we use in accepting material.


GoLife stories represent the positive aspects of RV lifestyles and travel. While not required, a tie into Winnebago (product, owner) is preferred. We look for stories that are unique, surprising, and insightful. We like GoLife stories that are different from those found in RV publications and travel blogs.


The GoLife writing style is crisp, polished, and engaging. Photos (more details below) should be well composed and visually interesting.

Types of Articles

The GoLife site is arranged into several content sections. These are the categories where we will accept submissions.

  • Life: People profiles of Winnebago owners that feature unique life stories and adventures. Can be in either first or third person voice.
  • Travel: Travel stories that feature destinations or advice/reviews of mobile technology, campgrounds, or unique trip experiences.
  • Ideas: Neat, non-traditional products that RV owners may find useful.

Story Length

Short articles/stories should be around 500 words. We will also consider longer stories of up to 1,500 words on a single topic. All stories must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word or Word-compatible format.


All photos must be submitted as JPEGs. If you know how to, we prefer if you can submit pre-sized photos that are 1024 x 768 (pixels, width/height) and saved at 96-150 dpi resolution. Please rename your files so they are descriptive (ex. DSC0049.JPG should be changed to Sunset-over-Seattle.jpg).


Video files can be previewed either through a file sharing service like DropBox or viewing via YouTube. If your video is selected, we will provide you with more detailed specifics on formatting and uploading.

Payment and Rights

Currently Winnebago Industries does not pay for unsolicited material. If we agree to publish your submission, you will get a byline and a small token of our thanks. Unsolicited articles, photos, and videos that are accepted for publication remain your property, but must be made available for use (or embedded link) on the GoLife site for the period of twelve months from date of posting.

Contact Information

Please direct any inquiries or submissions to Brooke Baum, GoLife Editor, using our contact form.