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  • Great 8:  Fun Factory Tours

    Great 8: Fun Factory Tours

    We’re a results-oriented society, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the process along with the produc...

  • Dazzled in Bentonville

    Dazzled in Bentonville

    Walmart founder Sam Walton’s daughter had a dream.  It was to bring art to the company’s native town of Benton...

  • Wine of the Ozarks

    Wine of the Ozarks

    There’s a wonderful random serendipity with spur of the moment RV travel planning.  In this case I was mapping a...

  • A Wednesday in New Orleans

    A Wednesday in New Orleans

    We’ve come to like the relaxed sense of spin-the-bottle destiny that comes with RV travel.  Deadlines are now...

  • Great 8:  Stunning Scenic Drives

    Great 8: Stunning Scenic Dr...

    I like to describe the view through the big windshield of a Winnebago as feeling like a big-screen movie of America...

  • Great 8:  Sculpture Strolls

    Great 8: Sculpture Strolls

    The United States is often described in artistic terms. It is a melting pot overseen by a master chef. Or a patchwo...

  • The Land of Secrets

    The Land of Secrets

    Southern New Mexico is a vast stretch of sparsely inhabited desert.  After 300 miles on remote two lane highways,...

  • Great 8:  Places Marking History

    Great 8: Places Marking His...

    A road trip can be a drive through scenery and geography and geology, but also through history. No, you’re not dr...

  • Great 8:  Pithy Travel Perspectives

    Great 8: Pithy Travel Persp...

    Some of America’s most legendary traveling scribes had much to say— not only about the people and places they e...

  • Return to the White River

    Return to the White River

    After a fun day with the Fisheads of the San Juan, Cory was dropping me back at the Travato in Cottonwood Campgroun...

  • Great 8:  Literary Landmarks

    Great 8: Literary Landmarks

    There are some folks who believe we don’t need monuments to writers. They claim the writers’ words are monument...

  • Great 8:  Kitschy Classics

    Great 8: Kitschy Classics

    Any tourist or traveler would be missing out if they never saw the National Civil Rights Museum or Kennedy Space Ce...