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  • Great 8: Colorful Places

    Great 8: Colorful Places

    We aren’t doing justice to the breadth of our country’s wonders when we sing only of “purple mountain majesti...

  • Bear Testing in Yellowstone

    Bear Testing in Yellowstone

    Our Yellowstone adventure began with us getting a random hello from a stranger while filling the Travato at a gas s...

  • Great 8: Charming Towns

    Great 8: Charming Towns

    Small towns are the pearls strung together by America’s highways. The best of them are gems, usually in friendly...

  • Balloon Fiesta!

    Balloon Fiesta!

    Starting the first weekend of October the skies above Albuquerque brighten every morning with an explosion of colo...

  • Tripper and the Travato Visit Montana

    Tripper and the Travato Visi...

    It was cool and cloudy morning in Big Timber, Montana, and after the long road trip, we were in no hurry to get out...

  • A Travato’s Heartland Loop

    A Travato’s Heartland...

    With all the lessons learned from our rookie trip under our belts, it was time to load the Travato for what would b...

  • Photo Finish

    Photo Finish

    As an author, I’m not always certain that a picture is worth a thousand words. But as a traveler, I understand. O...

  • The Quirks of the Quest

    The Quirks of the Quest

    When I travel, I do so profoundly. Everywhere I go, everything I explore, everyone I meet… they’re all fodder f...

  • Dakota Superlatives

    Dakota Superlatives

    I’m a fraternal twin myself, so I can understand some of North Dakota’s issues. The state tends to feel like th...

  • Voyagers


    It has become a summer road trip tradition among the Herzogs to attend at least one minor league baseball game. Sur...

  • Four Days in Glacier

    Four Days in Glacier

    Glacier National Park has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Our six-week journey through the American Nor...

  • Driftless Adventure

    Driftless Adventure

    Watch what happens when Winnebago Outdoors Adventures launches its first-ever caravan trip for B and C-class RVs. ...