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  • Bi-Coastal


    As Terry and I were on a long Pacific beach walk at the Torrey Pines State Park north of San Diego, I stopped for a...

  • Truth in Advertising

    Truth in Advertising

    Something’s been bugging me for a while.  It’s a word that is so casually overused in the RV world that it has...

  • Small world

    Small world

    Many Winnebago owners know a lot about the company’s history and the name of it’s founder, John K. Hans...

  • Why Fly?

    Why Fly?

    (Photo Above:  Sunset at the Super 8 Motel in Forest City) There was a point in my career that I was logging some...

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    It seems like it was a blink of an eye when we launched GoLife while there was still snow on the ground early last...

  • September Edition

    September Edition

    Are you ready for some football?  Or maybe just a cooler change in the weather and the hint of fall colors just be...

  • August Edition

    August Edition

    Boy, what a great time we had at this year’s “Out of this world” GNR in July.  The Grand National Rally is n...

  • July Edition

    July Edition

    One of the great freedoms of empty nesting is no longer having to plan your travel schedule around school vacations...

  • June Edition

    June Edition

    Ahhh, June.  The days are getting noticeably warmer and longer.  And all those travel plans made during winter ar...

  • May Edition

    May Edition

    In the American Southwest you could tell that winter was over as, while we headed south to Las Vegas, there was a s...

  • April Edition

    April Edition

    What is the single largest source of Winnebago ownership wisdom?  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s the Yahoo Gro...

  • First Edition

    First Edition

    I distinctly remember how nervous I was heading back to our newly rented RV storage garage with our 2013 Navion on...