3 Reasons Winnebago Towables Owners Should Attend GNR

Learn more about the newly formed WIT TOWS group, and more!

GoLife Staff GoLife Staff  |  06.27.2019

First of all, what is GNR? Winnebago’s Grand National Rally is an annual gathering and celebration of Winnebago RVs and their owners. The event takes place from July 22nd through the 27th in Forest City, IA, and has many fun activities included.

Who can attend GNR? Whether you are a WIT Club member or not, if you own a Winnebago motorhome or travel trailer, you’re invited!

Own a Winnebago towable? Great! Here are the top three reasons why YOU should attend GNR.

1. Connect with Other Towable Owners – WIT TOWS

Within Winnebago’s WIT (Winnebago International Travelers) Club, are special interest groups – a collection of individuals with a common interest. The WIT TOWS are a recently formed special interest group comprised of Winnebago and Sunnybrook towables owners. Connect with the WIT TOWS at GNR where they will be glad to provide more information about upcoming events.

Before GNR, the group will actually kick off their first annual rally near the Winnebago towables factory in Middlebury, IN, from July 10-12. (Email Cassy for registration details.)


2. Meet with Factory Representatives

Towable factory representatives will be on site to meet you.

Representatives will also host a complimentary happy hour and breakfast:

  • Happy Hour: Tuesday, July 23rd – 4:00 p.m.
  • Continental Breakfast: Thursday, July 25th – 8:30 a.m.

A factory representative will also give an update on product direction, state of the towable division, and give you a tour through the product display.


3. Stay Connected with Winnebago Owners from Your State

Meet Winnebago towable and motorized owners from your state! In addition to Special Interest Groups, WIT Club members are invited to attend regional rallies in their home state. The fun doesn’t have to end after GNR — get connected and stay in touch all year long with your fellow Winnebago-lovers.

Need a few more reasons to attend? With all these exciting events and activities, there is something for everyone!

Other great GNR events and activities:

  • Games and Events
  • Row Competitions and Row Party Night
  • Winnebago Product Display
  • Winnebago Outdoor Adventures Information
  • Winnebago Factory and Special Building Tours
  • Daily Entertainment
  • And many more!

Registration for GNR is still open! To register, or to learn more, click here.

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  1. Vera Streit Posted on 07.15.2019

    Hey Dawn we had a class A and now have a Minne Plus. This is our fourth GNR Perhaps we will see you next year.

  2. Dawn Posted on 07.15.2019

    Thanks for including those of us who are lovers of towables this year. We had heard this event was mostly for Class A owners, so we decided to not bother. Perhaps next year will be our year. Have fun!