Bye-Bye Brown: A Look at the New Interior Concept for the Winnebago Intent

Weigh in on the Intent’s new contemporary interior style.

Jon & Nadia Bajuelo Jon & Nadia Bajuelo  |  10.24.2018

Observing first-hand that Winnebago cares about customers’ opinions is the main reason we chose to buy a Winnebago RV. In 2017, we attended an RV conference called the RV Entrepreneur Summit, and we were surprised to see members of Winnebago’s product team in attendance, taking notes on all the feedback being thrown their way!

While attending this year’s RV Open House and Winnebago Launch in Elkhart, IN, we happily noticed that Winnebago is at it again. They showcased a number of concepts built around customer feedback. The one that stood out to us the most was the new interior concept for the Winnebago Intent.

The brand new, light and airy interior is still only a concept, which means it’s not available for purchase yet. But, Winnebago is listening and is looking into making this an option. Take a look at the main features of the new design and be sure to leave your comments below.

winnebago intent new contemporary interiorThe contemporary style moldings on this interior concept’s slide are free of scrollwork or intricate embellishments. The shaker style cabinets share the same clean lines.

Bye-Bye Brown

Upon entering the Winnebago Intent, a Class A gas motorhome that debuted last year, you immediately notice the interior is not brown. Motorhomes and campers in the U.S. tend to be dominated by brown tones on the interior. However, a quick search on Pinterest or YouTube for RV décor or renovations will often show that browns are often repainted, reupholstered, or ripped out. Customers hoping to save themselves the work have asked for lighter, more contemporary interiors and that’s exactly what you get when walking into this Intent’s interior concept.

The browns have been replaced with warm, off-white neutrals. The end result feels homey – like a beach house approved by Joanna Gaines, of HGTV fame. The interior also felt more open, thanks to the light-colored walls and ceiling. (For a tour of this new Intent interior, click here.)

winnebago intent new contemporary interior

Endless Possibilities

The off-white neutrals allow you to add your own personality to the RV’s interior. Like in a home, pillows and throws are often used to add a personal touch to an RV. With the light neutrals, accents in just about any hue will look right. Personalize and add contrast with teal, navy, coral or any color you like.

The tufted headboard in the bedroom was also neutral, providing a blank slate for bedspreads and pillows. A closer look at the white valances revealed a clean look with no padded embellishments or pre-chosen patterns.

If you walk in hoping for the valances to provide the character in the RV, you might be disappointed. However, we suspect the valances were designed for those who find themselves ripping them out, recovering them, or begrudgingly choosing the lesser evil of the pre-selected fabric patterns available.

A downside to the more brown-dominant RV interiors is the lack of contrast. And overall, a limited amount of customization. In a general sense, many consumer trends show that people like to customize and personalize. This new interior concept provides the perfect foundation to personalize to your heart’s content.

winnebago intent new contemporary interior

More Options

But what if your heart would rather customize a little less and have some of the contrast already added for you? There was also a gray fabric swatch on hand to show an alternate upholstery color.

The light countertop’s ‘marble’ look perfectly complemented the contemporary beach-house feel of the interior. But, if you prefer a darker countertop, there was a swatch to show a gray option that could be available for the countertop as well.

winnebago intent new contemporary interiorA gray neutral is a second option for the upholstery. The gray swatch in this picture gives an idea of what that could look like.

Contemporary Design

Many RVs tend to feature traditional design. This is reflected in scrollwork or intricate designs on moldings, particularly on slides and cabinets. That works out great if you’re a fan of traditional décor, but there have been few options for anyone who’s a fan of contemporary design.

The new interior concept in this Intent addressed that with clean lines throughout the RV’s interior. The molding on the slide-out was clean, modern, and contained no scrollwork. The valances and lampshade were also clean and modern. The cabinets were shaker style cabinets.

Our RVs are our homes away from home. We don’t all decorate our homes the same. Yet, until now, our RVs have largely shared the same décor style. This new interior provides the kind of options we’re used to outside of the RV world.

winnebago intent new contemporary interiorThe countertops have a “white marble” look that complements the rustic beach house feel of the interior. A gray countertop option is also available, swatch shown below cutting board in this photo.

Your Turn

This is your chance to let Winnebago know what you think. How do you feel about this new more contemporary look? Would you change anything? Would you like to see this option in a diesel pusher, Class C, towable, or any other type of RV? Please leave your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. ingrid Bajc Posted on 07.15.2019

    It is about time that RV’s came out of the 60’s and joined us in 2019. We haven’t purchased our unit yet but like many I have a Pinterest account already set up for RVing and for losing the brown wood tones and modernizing the interior. I wasn’t interested in buying new and then redoing the interior but now I may not have to….

  2. Cathy Clark Posted on 07.10.2019

    Hurray!!! It’s about time RV industry!!! Most (not all, I’m sure) people today prefer lighter, cleaner, brighter & you Winnebago are doing it!!! Congratulations on being an innovator & being in 2019!! Thank You!

  3. Myrna Posted on 06.29.2019

    Love the new, lighter (in appearance and mood) options … especially white woodtones. Even a light gray or cream would be awesome; plus the contemporary vibe makes it easier to personalize and you don’t end up with a hideous, hard-to-live-with print on the curtain panel tops! We bought a 5th Wheel in 2004 with all-white woodtone interior ~~ it is STILL in great shape and the woodtone color looks as good as new (some people were concerned about that in the comments; don’t worry, they are easy clean and maintain well!!) and it’s so relaxing to just be inside them with the light, peaceful colors; we still love it to this day and we’re on the lookout for a newer RV in white or light woodtones …. not easy to find! So kudos to Winnebago for going in this direction!

  4. Mary Jane Morris Posted on 05.17.2019

    I can’t wait to buy one. I have been looking for one but just haven’t been inspired until now. The light color is so much better than brown and the layout is great. When can I get one?

  5. Mark Posted on 05.11.2019

    I won’t say it looks cheap but it has no character. My doctor’s office doesn’t look that sterile! Then again, I’ve never been a fan of the contemporary look. If they want to make it an option, that’s fine. Just don’t make it the only option. Many people still love the look of real wood and earth tones.

  6. sharon Posted on 05.08.2019

    We have seen a few travel trailers with off white interiors and love the look. We are searching for a new travel trailer and hope to find this. Most travel trailers are cookies cutters of each other. Would love to see this new look

  7. Crisanda Singer Posted on 03.19.2019

    So relieved to see this post! One of the main reasons my husband and I have avoided purchasing an RV long before now is because of the dark, depressing color schemes, which are all that seem to be available in our price range.

    We often find ourselves scouring the internet for sage advice relating to painting the ubiquitous dark cabinets and replacing the dark and dreary furniture with lighter colors, but then feeling resentful at the thought of having to go to all the trouble and expense of making these changes, when lighter options should have been made available to select from in the first place.

    Does anyone have a theory as to why the RV industry has steadfastly refused to offer choices to what appears to be an increasingly large percentage of American adventurers, who are looking for a lighter, brighter — and infinitely more cheerful — way to enjoy an up-close experience of the natural majesty of our beautiful country?

  8. Paige Posted on 02.09.2019

    Yeah !!!!! I LOVE that you are FINALLY going with lighter interiors !!! My husband & I have started looking at both new or used RVs for our retirement, but I have stood FIRM on the NO BROWN interiors (or the, what I think are, tacky & overly busy EXTERIORS as well) & since that has seemed almost impossible to avoid, I’ve said “No!” on several types of RV-Travel Trailers-etc DUE to how much I detest what’s typically out there in the market place. There has been only ONE manufacturer that I actually like (for interior AND exteriors) & their prices are prohibitive for us. UNTILL I saw this, I had decreed that we would buy a used RV & then “lighten” the interior ourselves (Hubby hasn’t been thrilled with this idea, but even he agrees that the interiors we’ve seen are, in his words, “kind of depressing”) We didn’t see the point in paying for something NEW only to then have to add time & $$ to make it “livable” for us. By the way, check out all of the ideas on Pinterest for updating dark drab interiors! It’s a THING out there. SO, Thank YOU…. keep up this trend because the market is SATURATED in BROWN & its way past time for the industry, as a whole, to shine a little LIGHT !!!!! We will be headed to a Winne-dealer soon to find out more !! Happy Travels All !!! ps: We love the “retro” looks & design too !! Yet another reason we quit looking at new coaches/trailers/etc. Just sayin’……. :)

  9. Lisa H Posted on 12.15.2018

    LOVE!!! Builders have been doing whites/grey to “appeal to the masses” and make spaces look larger forever. It’s about time RV manufacturers did the same. When we bought our View/Navion 4 years ago it was because the new floor plan with the white u-dinette and high gloss cabinets was absolutely Gorgeous! I am not a dark wood traditional girl and the hideous brown fabrics in RVs makes me cringe. You need to appeal to a younger buyer. Keep up the good design work! To all the naysayers that white gets dirty (mine isn’t after 3 seasons btw), maybe those great Winnebago designers can develop same zip off washable covers in durable sunbrella fabrics for the seating surfaces. That way you can customize to your color scheme right there in the showroom (and change it a few seasons later when you get tired of it too).

  10. Noel Posted on 12.02.2018

    Brown interiors have been a a default for decades. They tend to lack vibrancy and limit personalization. While these beautiful beasts are boxes on wheels, they have a mighty mission to promote life. What better way to do that than to provide a neutral palate that allows the owner the opportunity to personalize their adventures both inside and outside of the van!

  11. Laurie Posted on 11.14.2018

    I give the Intent a 10 out of 10.
    The ability to add your personality with subtle or bright accessories is no longer limited to an RV manufacturer’s sometimes garish colour palette. The cream and grey upholstery options are both pleasing to the eye and the shaker cabinets create a simple elegance that, I feel will never go out of style.
    Thank you, Winnebago Industries, for acknowledging and embracing current design trends. I’d love to see this design option in your Winnie Minnie Plus Fifth Wheels.

  12. Vickie Acebo-Carns Posted on 11.12.2018

    We love the colors. How long does it take for this concept to become a reality? Also what model intent did you use?

  13. Paula Posted on 11.07.2018

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS INTERIOR!!! May I just add: it’s about time.

  14. Susan Posted on 11.06.2018

    It is just the 2 of us and 1 little dog. So I love my 2008 Sightseer 29. Love the curved cabinets and the light cherry wood with the rope lighting in the living area. White is great, but for only so long. I suppose you can add color. I would prefer reclining chairs with a dinning table top/storage cabinet next to each recliner and ditch the dining banquet and jackknife bed. We hung a 40″ TV at the front where the small one was. So it isn’t comfortable to watch a bit of TV.

  15. Kathy tummons Posted on 11.06.2018

    In 2 years we will trade our class a in for a new model. I am so pleased to see the new light interior without those dreadful patterns.. Now if you would make more kitchen counter space for those of us with families to cook for. Also the u shaped dinet seating is great.

  16. Michelle Posted on 11.06.2018

    We choose the Winnie Drop 1710 because of the lighter interior option and the construction had a more solid feel. We love the open and airy quality of the lighter interior and small places seem larger.

  17. Mario Martel Posted on 11.06.2018

    I was looking for my first RV and that bright interior give me the reason to get this Winnebago Intent.

  18. Paul Posted on 11.05.2018

    About time! I can’t stand the standard issue brown, dark interiors. It isn’t 1975 anymore, but most RVs seem to think that it is from a colors point of view. Light maple cabinets or whites would be great. Light, bright and modern is great. Browns and anything dark is a non-starter for me.

  19. Carl Posted on 11.05.2018

    Absolutely LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, the more contemporary interior colors. My wife’s biggest complaint was that RVs tend to look like they were decorated by old men who were color blind and had no taste. When we bought our Fuse this year we walked away from a competitor’s unit (which I thought had a better layout) because the bathroom looked cheap (black glass sink on top of matching counter) and the finishes were not her tastes. Even in my Fuse, the dark wood makes the unit seem even smaller then it really is.

  20. Judy Gipson Posted on 11.05.2018

    Love it! I have a 2018 Intent 26M. How can I get it painted like this?

  21. Dyan Posted on 11.05.2018

    The reason we bought our Minnie Plus was the light cabinetry. We went from a large dark RV to this beautiful bright trailer and we couldn’t be happier.

  22. katie Posted on 11.05.2018

    We love the light interior. It was one of the many reasons that we chose a Winnebago Travel Trailer over other brands and will likely be a consideration for us when we upgrade again after retirement. Creating an interior that allows the buyer to customize with just a few pillows or a bedspread is a great move.

  23. Brandon Posted on 11.05.2018

    I like the lighter, more airy look. I think that contrasting the very light neutral tones with a shade darker grey counter tops and upholstery is definitely the way to go. Would love to see a gray tone hand-scraped wood look floor covering and some controllable/programmable LED mood lights under the counters and hidden in cornices around the top.

  24. Steve Posted on 11.05.2018

    Love the lighter interior colors. When we bought our 2008 journey we were in search of something that didn’t look like Grandma decorated it. Everything was floral and dark woods. I love the new contemporary look! One of the appealing things about our journey was the rounded European looking cabinetry insead of the square out of the box stuff. This is the direction motorhomes need to go as they will be accommodating the next generation of buyers.

  25. Kathy K Posted on 11.05.2018

    Definitely like the lighter colors! We waited until Winnebago had a lighter color offered before buying our Instinct. Love it! The newer model you show has lighter colors throughout. For us, that would work. Absolutely love our Winnebago. The floor plan is perfect, spacious with comfortable space in all areas: living, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Wish it had better (larger) exterior storage.

  26. David Anderson Posted on 11.04.2018

    The lighter colors will help people suffering with stress and depression instead of dismal dark colors . I think you might have slipped up in the kitchen , as walls and cupboards look the same color . Cupboards should have been white . The non fancy posh interior is saving you money in building but have an option for light or medium colored trim . Please get away from dark flooring that shows every speck of dirt or sand . An oak type look would improve matters . As you have pointed out , people can decorate in the colors they want instead of factory choice . Winnebago maybe missing the mark for many with sparse closet space . My rlss mini has great closet space but the rest of your units seem to have closet space for one day outing where more snowbirds and fulltimers need lots and families. If need be make the front end completely closet and drawers over top of the exterior accessed storage . Exterior showers are hardly used and a waste of space . Bring snowbirds and full timers like myself in and we can suggest great changes as we live in them , not just weekend a few times .

  27. mb Posted on 11.04.2018

    Light colors never holds up in time. I have seen the marine industry try the same thing and ir is awful a few years later. light on light never works

  28. Nan Posted on 11.04.2018

    Changing style, color and modern lines are a must for future Rv’s. We came from the boating world with clean modern lines for the interior. It was hard to get use to the Rv style of yesterday. Window treatments all the same, chair rail wallpaper, oven instead of convection combo. Ugh!! We’re old but young at heart and love the cleaner lines. Maybe we will look again to buy if there is another choice as we are soooo tired of the yesterday look. Boy I hope you do it Winnabago.

  29. Joseph Posted on 11.04.2018

    I am 76 and still like the cherry and oak look. I get that younger are looking for the modern look. We just sold a house with oak and cherry cabinets in different rooms and beige walls. Nobody wanted it – said it was “dated”. Finally found some one over 60 that liked it. I am trying to talk my wife in buying a Forza with natural wood look. It is on sale, probably because no one wants the old look. When we looked at new homes, all we say was gray, light green, and light blue walls and white cabinets. Guess that is the way it is going until the next go around.

  30. Martine Posted on 11.04.2018

    Really like the lighter colors. Nice option. For myself I would get the gray. I love, love gray. Please put this in a diesel pusher and 2 recliners instead of couch. Not everybody needs to sleep extra people.

  31. Henry Posted on 11.04.2018

    We have a 42QD with the tans and browns which we love. It provides a warm comfortable feel, unlike the sterile, glaring look of the whites and grays. The cabinets look very plain, sterile and cheap. I feel the interior will show wear and tear much faster. The exposed hinges and the hardware also make the cabinets look cheap. The valances also look very cheap and unfinished. My overall impression is that the interior looks very cheap and I feel it is an effort to save money.

  32. Nancy Hansen Posted on 11.04.2018

    To me, the new cupboards look like an economy move. We have a 2019 Aspect with cherry interior, and love the warmth and elegance of the interior. We are very pleased with the fit and finish. Have to agree the microwave is ridiculous. Who needs one that large in a camper, and the door hits me in the head and blocks access every time it’s open. Need an interpreter to understand the controls.

  33. B.W. Odom Posted on 11.04.2018

    Agree that lightening interiors is needed, but this seems a little too light…too sterile. Why not the light/gray ash color for cabinets to get just a little more warmth into the scheme? Article did not say what fabrics are being used. Let’s hope they are wipe clean benches and seating. And please tell me that is not a black stove set into the white surroundings!?

  34. Peter Kfoury Posted on 11.04.2018

    Yes I’m totally onboard with the modernized look! Please spread the idea to the lower cost MH’s and TT’s as well. Thanks!

  35. Ernie Williams Posted on 11.04.2018

    Definite improvement. Lighter colors allow for more experimentation by owners to add different colors to the color palette.
    However, once the attraction of new colors wears off, which is quite soon, fabrics HAVE TO RESIST STAINING, EASY TO CLEAN and NOT ATTRACT ANIMAL ODORS and PET HAIR. Hopefully, this is as important to Winnebago as initial impact.
    Also, very nice floor plans overall, but, can start looking at increasing bath space. Maybe making baths full width of chassis and separating shower from other prep area. If my wife beats me to the bath especially in the morning it will be hours before i see the inside of the bath. At least if its separated to some extent, whatever side of the bath she is on I can choose the other side.

  36. David Knapik Posted on 11.04.2018

    Like the Horizon, I love it! I would change the cabinets to that high finished design

  37. Teresa Simons Posted on 11.04.2018

    I like the lighter interior but would really like to see outsides in different color schemes also. I also would like to see a diesel MH in all electric. Propane is a chore when almost everything is already geared to electric.

  38. Beverly Simmons Posted on 11.04.2018

    I bought a 2019 Intent 2 months ago. If I had known about the lighter interior I would still have chosen the darker one. It doesn’t show the dirt as quickly as the light color would and I love the cozy feel of the darker color. I love the floor plan.

  39. Paul Cummings Posted on 11.04.2018

    It’s a great improvement. An even more “Euro” look would make the Intent a more desirable product for me

  40. Jennifer Lynn Posted on 11.04.2018

    This past summer, I bought the 1705RD – the lighter interior made me feel happier (sounds corny) inside and it is not so dreary on a dark day. Your new, lighter colours are wonderful, but dark seating not only hides the dirt/jeans against fabric, it grounds the furniture.

  41. LaTasha Ursin Posted on 11.04.2018

    Please add a washer and dryer in this unit. Plus. Make one all electric.

  42. Paul Green Posted on 11.03.2018

    We are all for lighter, more modern interiors in all of Winnebago’s MotorHomes. All of them.

  43. Paula Bostic Posted on 11.03.2018

    We bought our 2018 View with the white interior simply because it felt so much more open and airy and happy. The browns were too dark for us. White is not a color we should have picked because we’re messy and also have dogs, but it works and we love it. We would buy the light color again and think others would like it too.

  44. Jennifer Shoots Posted on 11.03.2018

    This is the best! I wanted more of a contemporary look! Amazing! I think it’s beautiful. We already use sheets, throw pillows and comforters in the seafoam light blue and what is it with brown? Brown is a dated color. We have a class C Mercedes Navigator and would LOVE it in this color…..

  45. lorne cook Posted on 11.03.2018

    Good concept but too monotone. Use the Horizon as an example instead.

  46. janet Reynolds Posted on 11.03.2018

    It is too sterile looking with no color variences to add variey to be pleasing to the eye. I would not purchase this type of decore because it lacks a feeling of warmth. You should not remove natural wood coloration and the wonderful homey feeling it presents. I live in my Winnebago Voyage over 7 months of the year and sterile white/light is NOT what I would want.

  47. Happy Highway Posted on 11.03.2018

    Splendid design scheme. Not all buyers will like it. But for me, the lighter interior is better. At the age of 70, I would like to see a floor level door/access to slide groceries in from the outside. Or slide a linen basket from the inside to the outside. You see, climbing back and forth soon gets tiring when stocking a motorhome.

  48. Norma Pescherine Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the lighter colors! That allows the buyer to put their own décor (pillows, pictures, etc.) to decorate the space. The black trim of the windows, and appliances add enough contrast that it’s not so sterile. Now, my pet peeves for RV manufacturers are the unreasonable height of the microwave, the too tall refrigerators, the very slim area to walk around the bed, and the showers that you have to step up into. Get those added to your new interior colors, and you will be ahead of the game! Good decorating, Winnebago! :)

  49. john thompson Posted on 11.03.2018

    Yes, out with the dreary “Elkhart decor,” a carryover from early RV interiors chosen by guys whose expertise was not interiors. Commenters refer to this as white but my computer screen shows it as light beige. A very pleasant, modern,clean look. Definitely offer this option.

  50. carol noble Posted on 11.03.2018

    Really love the lighter colors and more simple design/no fussiness. We are hoping to get a Minnie Winnie travel trailer spring 2019. Will the new interiors be ready then? Thank you .

  51. Tim Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love it. While some will prefer traditional brown, that doesn’t mean every motor home has to be available in just brown! We have done the top step and “yuck” reaction too many insides. Attracting new buyers will require appealing to younger tastes and this design looks great. Offering this as an option is the way to go Winnebago.

  52. Richard Posted on 11.03.2018

    Sometimes there canbe too much of a good thing. The lighter color is nice easy to match up with accessories. Please don’t go overboard. I would still like cabinets that look like real wood and some stainless that’s easy to clean. Winnebago is a great product please don’t make it like the competitors (cheap looking and without WOW)

  53. susan morrison Posted on 11.03.2018

    We just ordered a 2019 2606RL this week and would have ordered this interior in a heart beat. The lighter the better. Love it!

  54. Dave Posted on 11.03.2018

    I like the lighter colors, but I think you took it too far…not enough contrast between the wall color, trim, cabinets and window valences. Why not add some more color and texture for contrast in the window valences for sure and maybe even the trim? Light and simple is in…but this is too plain and too many similar colors. You are the right track…but don’t swing the pendulum too far away for the great interior designs you are known for.

  55. Cheryl A Galowitch Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the modernized, updated look the lightened colors bring. The major reason I have not purchased a camper/motor home yet is the dark, cabin like interiors of the decor. I want the inside of where I’m going to spend time to give me energy and excitement. Lighter does it for me. Thank you.

  56. James Keane Posted on 11.03.2018

    About time. Hope W uses this approach all across the line.

  57. Austin Posted on 11.03.2018

    I don’t ;like it at all! It looks a hospital interior too stark and plain. I think you are making a mistake.

  58. Randall Treadwell Posted on 11.03.2018

    while the white colors look great in the showroom–here comes the dirt. The frequently used surfaces on the chairs and couches will soon start turning brown–even being careful in our full-time living. Add a few visiting grandchildren for the occasional state park campout weekend and the white surfaces are permanently brown. Meticulous, persistent, frequent cleaning can keep the surfaces white–but we retired to the RV lifestyle not to continuously clean but to enjoy life and relax. I’ll go with a brownish color–a color that blends with dirt.

  59. Tony Posted on 11.03.2018

    We purchased a 2018 intent 30r with the Kona interior and gray seating and we love it! It’s very classy and modern looking. We love to keep our motor home sparkling clean and its very easy to in the Kona color.
    The all white would be hard to keep clean and new looking.

  60. Emily Nack Harris Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love this new lighter look! Go for it and let us know when it is available

  61. Karen Posted on 11.03.2018

    I am not a fan of the all white. While lightening up the walls and cabinets could work, the floors and seating are where you most see dirt and wear and tear. Even the optional gray fabric would not be helpful. I am not a fan of the dark cherry so changing that out is a plus on all models, but that is just me. It depends on the customer and where and how they use their RV. A regular user, or to some out of the way spots, would have this interior looking shabby in no time.

  62. len Posted on 11.03.2018

    Bring back the VIA 25 T

  63. Laura Posted on 11.03.2018

    I like the lighter interior better. I have an intent.

  64. John Blaicher Posted on 11.03.2018

    Yes, yes, yes! It is about time the Noth American RV industry takes a lesson from the Europeans and starts using lighter and more contemporary styled interiors. My wife and I just drove from our home in Midland, Ontario, Canada to Elkhart IN to tour the Augusta – The RV Factory, because they are one of the few 5th wheel manufactures that offer a very modern, upscale, light (beach front) interior. I am all for what you are going!

  65. David Posted on 11.03.2018

    We love our 2017 Travato and love the interior of the Horizon. It took a company like Winnebago to think outside the box and Russ Garfin to hit a grand slam with the Travato. Getting away from the dreadful interiors of today’s offerings are a no brainer and Winnebago should offer the light interiors across their product line. Our Travato and Horizon has a great amount of window area bringing in lots of light and with the lighter interior colors, opens up the coach and provides an airy feel. The Intent is a very cool coach, very affordable and manageable. And the Travato and Horizon lack the swirls and waves that abound in the industry. Go Winnebago! You are on the right path. Offer both the traditional and contemporary styles. It is time for a change!

  66. Ed Cox Posted on 11.03.2018

    I would never buy this look. The cherry wood is far better and looks more luxurious. If you want modern go with chrome and black with marble counter tops.

  67. Dwight Christensen Posted on 11.03.2018

    While light colors and interiors are nice when viewing a new rig on the sales lot, being practable, we know that RV ‘s are frequently used in less that the cleanest environments.

    If you have a fur friend or are parking on dirt or gravel, let alone muddy environments those light colors are going to make you crazy! That is the reason so many RV’s are designed with darker interiors, to hide the dirt!

    I’ll keep my tan/brown what ever you want to call it. I’ll have more adventures while you scrub!

  68. Peter Frechette Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love it! It’s about time to get rid of the browns especially that driftwood color…way too drab. European motorhomes are heavy on the lighter colors and I think it’s much better and brighter.

  69. Dan Herbert Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love to see this interior design applied to to the Forza. The new Horizon is beautiful but beyond our budget. Own an Itasca Solei currently and love the support we have received from Winnebago.

  70. Ron Posted on 11.03.2018

    Yes! Yes! We have been so turned away by dark and depressing interiors in most new RVs. Thank you!

  71. Donna S Posted on 11.03.2018

    Please have light interiors in All of your rv models!

  72. Anna Carter Posted on 11.03.2018

    The lighter colors are sooo much better!! I don’t know why it hasn’t been done before either! Keep the light!

  73. JoAnn Molina Posted on 11.03.2018

    I’m not wild about the all white look. Feel the lighter pallet is refreshing, but feel this is just too much white/cream. Needs some contrast colors to break up the monotone feel presented. It’s boring and not practical for us.
    Traveling and camping with our three dogs with this color pallet would be a disaster. For our family, white and camping don’t mix.

  74. Chris Turner Posted on 11.03.2018

    My wife and I love it. We’ve been thinking about remodeling out Vista to get this look but if you expand it to the Horizon or other DP we will wait. Keep us all posted on your plans!!

  75. Penny Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the creamy neutral and Shaker cabinets. I really dislike the overly contemporary white whites and the cruise ship/airliner look. This seems like a nice middle ground for most people. I like the gray option because we have pets and grandkids. Whites are too easily dirtied for the upholstery. It’s still clean and contemporary with a touch of practical. We like the C and B/B+ motorhomes best, after having everything except an A over our 20+ years of owning RVs.

  76. Mike Posted on 11.03.2018

    It looks like the office I tried to escape from. Light colors show the dirt.

  77. Bev Buschman Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the “grey” colours but not a fan of white cabinets nor furniture. Would like to see the cabinetry to be in a grey as well,then accent with a darker sinks,perhaps a graphite colour. “Barnwood,greyish” vinyl plankong floors. Valences, perhaps grey,white black with greyish blinds. Fridges in a “black steel” Furniture in a darker grey colour.

  78. Robert Posted on 11.03.2018

    While I always like light colored furniture the wood cabinets and wall coverings look like the cheap stuff of old trailers from yesteryear. Not a good look for me.

  79. Graham Sutherland Posted on 11.03.2018

    Great look. I’ve always liked the lighter colors.

  80. TomLeonard Posted on 11.03.2018

    Excellent look, on a scale of 10 I give it an 11
    Just what I have been looking for

  81. Jon B. Posted on 11.03.2018

    It’s past due to refresh the interiors of all RV’s. Don’t limit this updating to just class A’s, put it in C’s and towables. While we really like the lighter colors, we also feel it needs a little contrast added as one color only looks a bit plain. A contrasting counter top, window shades, decor, etc might push us into buying yet another new RV.

  82. Khara Sahin Posted on 11.03.2018

    Yes! Class A’s are far behind contemporary…..people are so tired of honey and dark. Love this with the gray flooring and gray options. Finally a new rv that I won’t want to redo.

  83. Perry Posted on 11.03.2018

    Nothing but positives for the new neutral colors. Natural woods are better too, warmer. Very attractive counters . Well done Winnebago!
    If this was offered in a Fuse I’d buy one tomorrow. Maybe for mid year 2019?

  84. Robert Holdsworth Posted on 11.03.2018

    Nice concept. Love the more contemporary styling and lighter look. More counter space. Wife turned off with the new Forza. Minimal counter space, no flip up attachment to counter as in our adventurer and add ceiling fan in bedroom.

  85. Frank DeRocchi Posted on 11.03.2018

    It’s about time someone is thinking outside of the Gran Mar brown look.
    The lighter colors will let you add a little or a lot of accent color and give the room a look more light.

    The next thing they need to do is start building things with the idea that the customer has to do maintenance and repairs, we need access as part of the design.
    Having to pull the water heater out to replace the electric element is a very poor design or a poor selection of vendor product used when others would work without that type of problem.

  86. Janis Hales Posted on 11.03.2018

    I find the monotone color palette boring and uninviting. I realize it is personal taste but it has a sterile feel to me.

  87. carol Posted on 11.03.2018

    It reminds me of the time a few years ago when we sold an 11-year old class C in perfect condition with all oak cabinets and trim. The buyers were a young family and they painted the ENTIRE interior white, and rather sheepishly sent us photos!

  88. Larry Distz Posted on 11.03.2018

    My wife and went to the Hershey RV show this fall. We both commented on most competor RV had too much dark colored interiors. Your new color choices are very up to date as to home decors. We loved the Visa 31 bunkhouse option. Just have not pulled trigger on one yet. Hope the design colors are available in that model. Great job your models where our favorite of the show.

  89. Pompe Debbie Posted on 11.03.2018

    I really like the lighter colored wood and clean lines. It is easy to soften with accessories to add color and charm!

  90. mark Posted on 11.03.2018

    I fully agree with Melinda (10/24), this is just a bit too bland. I also agree with
    marie (10/27); not really camping practical, which is where we RV 80% of the time. But what a great alternative for others!

  91. brad schiller Posted on 11.03.2018

    neet about time again for the lighter colors they make the coach look bigger and airy
    we did not buy a dark coach because of the cave look
    may start looking now

  92. Jim & Karen Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the ‘beach’ vibe and please remember that beach sand is a mix of white, ivory, tiny gray specks and an occasionAl darker stone. We agree that the wood accents in Shaker style is what is showing up everywhere, even in home redesign and remodel sites like This Old House. We have an older Aspect that we have gradually moved it yellow and orange with bright tropical rugs. The swivel (useful) chairs have to go in every model, and if the style hasn’t been seen since 1980 (like padded textured window valances) then don’t put on RV!! You wouln’t put a 30 yr style refrigerator in a new RV!! My parents had series of Coachman Leprechauns that they liked for cleaner lines and colors, and Winnebago can be even more modern, just don’t make the kitchen all stainless because many of us are tired of that. Also figure out sheets for converting bed areas that pull out and are also removable to wash. Also, many of us are not tall enough to get hot items out of microwaves over our heads and at least give us the OPTION to have small ovens as well as microwave because we have food allergies and must bake our own bread and a microwave/convection oven just does not cut it for gluten-free daily baking. But we want the option of both!

  93. Janice Posted on 11.03.2018

    So happy to see a lighter interior!! Now, if you would please, change all cabinetry to a flat front for easier cleaning!! Life can be perfect!!!

  94. Lesley Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the light and bright interior. I would prefer a more modern feel and hate all the old fashion brown and dark colors.
    And while you are at it I would love to see you get rid of all the scroll and wave decals on the outside and go with something more clean and modern. Again, these patterns have been around way too long.

  95. john Posted on 11.03.2018

    Great progress! Lighter is better as is sleeker cabinets. Space seems larger brighter and more customized to RV space than to space in a house.

    Less “chunky” and awkwardly boxy is the right direction. Go further— think the sleekness of an Airstream interior as an example.

  96. Julie Posted on 11.03.2018

    We purchased a 2016 Navion with a more contemporary interior. The colors are black, chrome, and off white. Love the contemporary feel without the embellishments and no brown!!

  97. Steve Posted on 11.03.2018

    We are among the crowd who hate the fabric side window valances and decorative paper “chair rails” in most RVs. So leaving them off is an idea that is long overdue. And most current interior fabric choices look like they were chosen by the wives of RV executives who have absolutely no fashion sense or interior design experience!

    We ordered our current fifth wheel with hickory instead of dark cherry woodwork and tan fabrics just to lighten the interior. In fact, we preferred the light oak interiors in 10-year old and older coaches to nearly any current interiors. But that was because we had no choice of anything resembling this Intent interior.

    My wife is a quilter and decorating this color scheme with a variety of colorful quilted throws and pillows would really excite her. But she would definitely have a problem with white or gray countertops and floors. White too easily shows dirt/mud, which is ever-present in an RV, and she never uses gray in any of her quilts, She would much prefer beige/tan floors and counters.

  98. Scott Grafft Posted on 11.03.2018

    About damn time! Let’s get these decors moved across the rest of the line – in particular the travel trailers (I’m looking at you, Grand Design…)

  99. Vickie Acebo-carns Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the new look. We have been looking at Towables, 5th wheels and motor homes. We love the Winnebago’s because the have light interiors. We saw other models that we liked but would not purchase because of the dark and dreary interiors.

  100. Mark Posted on 11.03.2018

    It’s about time. Love the look and yes, make it available on all models including the view!
    Also, how about a small diesel pusher like the horizon but keep it under 30 feet.

  101. Greg Posted on 11.03.2018

    While I like the modern colors and styles, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can warm it up a bit with options in cabinets, floor color and trims. But for me the most important priority is the quality and how they are put together! A RV that doesn’t have that will quickly leave a sour taste for that brand! That’s why I like Winnebago!

  102. Michael Cyr Posted on 11.03.2018

    Much better than the all brown but the all brown was a terrible idea to begin with. This is brighter but still dull with very little contrast. More neutral colors that add a bit of contrast would be nice. Basically just follow the European design trends for RVs as they are nicer in general.

  103. Jim Yates Posted on 11.03.2018

    I like the lighter tones in general. However I think that some darker accents would enhance your design goals. Having the cabinets in a warmer color would be a start. Also having the floors in a warmer color would also help as well as show less dirt.

  104. Arlene Grimm Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the lighter interior – but I’d rather have a more “home-style” feeling. I’m not feeling the European lines. An Intent in the diesel pusher would be great.

  105. Russell Ty Posted on 11.03.2018

    Clean look all fine and good, but the light white is a no go. For some of us who actually use our rigs to boon dock amid the desert and mountain dust, the white is too light. A pale beige to match the dust would be great! The clean line look is positive – speaking of an older rig, we’ve removed the decals on the outside as well as the swatches of trim appliqué on the interior. Exterior decals may make the rig look less ominous and visually trim down the size, but after a few years of southern sun, become faded and cracked. We’d prefer a simple white or light color even it it makes our rig look like an ice cream truck.

  106. Dennis Posted on 11.03.2018

    Huge improvement! The browns look too dark and drab. We could not stay in a small space with a dark, closed in feeling!

  107. John Remmel Posted on 11.03.2018

    That really looks GREAT. Makes the inside look bright and Fresh. This still allows for us to add our own color accents.

  108. Roland Cloutier Posted on 11.03.2018

    Nice clean look. We do love the light grey interior of our 2017 Fuse though. Bravo for getting rid of the “fru fru” valances and scrollwork. We enjoy adding personal touches to our coaches.

  109. Greg Posted on 11.03.2018

    While I like the modern colors and styles, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There are many options for the brightet

  110. Wendy Whitley Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love! Love! It is about time. We drove 3 hours to get a camper with light cabinet!! Can’t wait to see this in person!!

  111. Emily Posted on 11.03.2018

    I like the idea of a clean palette for new owners to work their own magic. I would like to see an option for ALL Winnebago products to have an induction cooktop and convection microwave instead of the useless oven. It will mean less heat while cooking and provide additional storage.

  112. karla lakey Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the lighter interior! I am planning to buy a micro Minnie in 2019 and would like to find out more about the 2108tbs. My friend and I travel together and this would be perfect for us! Been looking for a twin bed model!

  113. Gary Lowe Posted on 11.03.2018

    Great idea. Having more options on counter tops and interior colors and textures make will make our motorhomes more of an extension of the permanent homes we also live in.

  114. Kay Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the new light colors. But since I have 2 dogs and a husband, the brown works best for me.

  115. Jim Posted on 11.03.2018

    Like the lighter colors. Had a sightseer and didn’t mind the brown cabinets but the wild patterns on the sofa, dinette and valances not so much. We wouldn’t put those patterns in our homes so why would we want them in our homes on wheels. We have since downsized to a Paseo and love the simple plain interior that came with it.

  116. Amy W. Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love Love Love this interior look!

    Few years ago, in wanting to buy a new camper could not find any with light color interior like shown in today’s post. Ended up 2 years ago, buying a used….white cabinet, tan interior 2007 Keystone Outback, just for the interior color scape!

    Winnebago…you’ve won my heart with your new look!
    Hmmmmm think a trade up is going to be happening in my near future!!!

  117. Jo-Ed Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the look! This will make it easier to add or change accessories. I’m happy with our Navion, but sometimes it feels a bit “dark”. My red pillows and ottoman brighten things up.

  118. Donald Wheat Posted on 11.03.2018

    The same concept of monochromatic would also be good in Browns and all wood tones. The Apollo Sceptre, back in 1982 herald it’s success with the blond leather, woods, carpet, counter tops and paneling. Great idea, glad someone at Winnebago is finally maybe reestablishing a new trend and escaping the mauve tend.

  119. Noel C Young Posted on 11.03.2018

    Just great! Light is Bright! On a grey and gloomy day, the old Brown colours are not uplifting when inside your motorhome. Great concept… Go for it! During my lifetime I have owned 7 Winnebago and Itasca class A’s. The white and contemporary design of the new Horizon, to me is outstanding. If I had the money I would buy one tomorrow. Good work designers at Winnebago Ind.

  120. Peter R Gerdeman Posted on 11.03.2018

    1. Instead of dark appliances, what about cream or white or stainless?
    2. Instead of wood laminate, what about solid wood cabinets, frames, etc. Laminates can come apart early by brushing up against them.

  121. James Clark Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the lighter colors and the shaker style of the cupboards. Please design the sink so that you can wash the pots and pans, larger size and deep. Also when designing stove can you please stick with propane. Induction cooking is great, I am a professional from the hospitality industry and know how to use it, but that then requires that you run your genset which is a problem in some campsites or if you boondock alot

  122. Kristin Posted on 11.03.2018

    I really like this color scheme and design, it looks current and contemporary! However the trend to leather-like upholstery in recent years just doesn’t work for us as a dog family. I need the upholstery on the sofa to be cloth and wear like iron since we have two big labs. Our 2008 Access fabric upholstery is doing just that and still looks awesome! Even adding an option for ultra-high-wearing cloth would be much appreciated, maybe a “dog package” option or something? So many RV’ers have dogs, I would think we can’t be the only ones concerned about buying our next RV only to have the upholstery ruined in a matter of months. Thanks for listening Winnebago!

  123. Traci Posted on 11.03.2018

    LOVE the lighter tones, with the new style wood plank flooring. Could use stainless appliances ( or cabinet wood face) may look a bit softer. And fabrics with “Subtle” patterns. Please rethink most of your backsplash tile designs. With a degree in interior design it has been tough walking into most coaches and seeing 70’s interior. Winnebago, glad you are catching up with current styles. We bought a 2017 Win, then upgraded this year to a larger coach and LOVE the layout. We looked at every coach on the market big busses, to class A gas and the quality in 99% had me walking in and right back out, literally. Winnebago quality supersedes the other brands by far. The cabinetry Amazing, the use of space and storage is well thought out. Quartz counters, I could go on. Thank you :) Happy Holidays to All

  124. Donna Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the light cabinets!!! So bright and airy, not dull and dark like cabinets in most RV’s. Easy on gray accents, that color is on it’s way out! Use a nice contrast in the floor, but not too dark and you’ve got a winner. Something to consider in all RV’s. A functional and cleanable backsplash around the stove (both sides and high enough to work) and around the bathroom sink. Your recent addition of the white backsplash to the TT line is awful and doesn’t even go with the interior. We chose the 2250DS because of the layout, light cabinetry and Winnebago reputation.

  125. Rick Straub Posted on 11.03.2018

    So much better look. Love the brighter look.

  126. Rita Goyer Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the gray tones and the lighter colors. I don’t think it’s a good idea on where the TV is located as to the sofa. Second have an option of table and chairs. As a older person I find it difficult to get in and out the booth and tight with 4 of any size add an extension that can be pulled out from under the table.

  127. Derek Posted on 11.03.2018

    I’m not picky on fabric colors, but have never liked the white wood color. That is one of the biggest reasons I dont own a winnebago travel trailer yet.

  128. Brian Dunning Posted on 11.03.2018

    Definitely yes on the lighter, but not sure all-beige is the way to go. I’d use gloss white for the cabinet fronts and some light wood tones without the whitewash look.

  129. Gayle McNish Posted on 11.03.2018

    I love the new look! It is past time for the RV industry to brighten up the interiors. I would love to see Winnebago offer more personality in its RVs, both interior and exterior.

  130. Tom Posted on 11.03.2018

    Your on the night track! This is leaps and bounds better than the old standard you see in 80% of the motorhomes today. You go!

  131. Daniel Cole Posted on 11.03.2018

    The lighter color makes the interior brighter and have a more spacious feel. The softer, less obvious pattern allows the eye to wander and not feel closed in.

    I liked that you brought in some brown accents (deer in bath and containers in kitchen ) to break up the fields of beige. I think that fact just points out that this color scheme needs just a little more contrast and texture, perhaps in the counter tops , valances, and cabinets.

    I live in the NW and the gray is just too dismal for our tastes – we have more than enough of that color scheme.

  132. Veronica Posted on 11.03.2018

    I hate the white. It kept me from buying a Winnebago trailer. I like the wood color, oak especially.

  133. Char Posted on 11.03.2018

    Love the new look – it’s about time!! We’re tired of the same old brown and gold – this is wonderful!

  134. Lincoln Mulkey Posted on 11.03.2018

    Like the look. Consider this design across all RV platforms.

  135. Dan Sherburn Posted on 11.03.2018

    I’m doing the same update to my 1976 boat. I wouldn’t live with an older looking outdated interior in my “dirt” home, so why would I have it on my motorhome or boat? Thumbs up…

  136. David Posted on 11.03.2018

    I owned a Minnie a few years ago and was impressed with the quality; that is why another one is in my future; perhaps in 2019.
    Having some other choices from all the browns and tans would be great!
    This is the same issue with all the RV’s too – all the tans and browns.
    I would like to see a light green choice, for example.

  137. Wendy Trudeau Posted on 11.03.2018

    Finally! I hate the dark browns and blacks and have been continually postponing a purchase waiting for the light interiors to come back into style. They make the RV’s look so much more spacious. Love the concept and look forward to the production.

  138. Tom Dines Posted on 11.03.2018

    The lighter color is great for expanding the look of the interior. How about adding a few trim touches of genuine wood trim? Walnut, or another dark wood would provide a rich contrast

  139. Susan Jensen Posted on 11.03.2018

    I had a 40 ft Travel Supreme Moho back in the early 2000’s that had an interior this color. I loved it !! Not that dark, dreary brown and easy to add your own pop of color.

  140. Kathy Duvelius Posted on 10.27.2018

    Love the lighter interior. Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

  141. marie Posted on 10.27.2018

    Looks great. I love the light colors and the absence of all of that valence camper look. Also I would suggest getting rid of the dry clean only bedspread! Not really camping practical

  142. Cindymae Posted on 10.26.2018

    Love love love the light colors! It’s a no brainer to me to go that way for spacious illusion created by a lighter interior. Just sold my toy hauler and one reason for discontent was the dark interior. Looking now for motorhome with a light colorway inside.

  143. Patti Posted on 10.25.2018

    I love them. It’s about time. Brown is so boring. I’ve actually accented our Adventurer with shades of teal with pillows and kitchen items.

  144. laura Siebert Posted on 10.24.2018

    Love the light interior! Go Winnebago!

  145. Stephanie Posted on 10.24.2018

    We love our 2013 Journey 42e! I like the cream tile and the white furniture but PLEASE lose all the brown wood everywhere! I love my beach house on wheels and it needs to look like a beach house. The colors in your article are ok and a good start but I want more of a beach cottage look with lots of white and a tiny bit of blue and grays.

  146. melinda Posted on 10.24.2018

    Hey guys! Excellent concept, article and video! I feel like this is what everyone has been waiting for. Finally seeing a company listen to demands! This Intent concept is a great blank canvas! The new design upfront is so fresh and 100% more current. My only criticism is not to go too far into one corner. Too much of one thing can get vanilla. Which is ultimately what consumers have been feeling about the Brown RV era. It’s too much brown everywhere. Though i love all of the off white and light look, the floors could have a 2nd warmer option. The grey trend in interior design is fading out and balance of light and bright with touches of warm woods are being seen everywhere. It gives a more refreshing and balanced look. Too much brown can be negative as well as too much grey or white. I’d love to see the same finishes with more of a natural medium warm wood flooring. (Not grey cool wood finish) Still have the modern clean slate look but not so extreme. Also, kudos on the cabinets and borders. I think everyone will appreciate seeing the scrollwork die. Love everything you guys are doing! Thanks for listening to consumers. I hope to meet some of you at the RVE conference in 2019!

  147. Joan Hazelgrove Posted on 10.24.2018

    I love the clean, new look. It makes decorating so much easier. I have one of those “all brown” Minnie’s and I recovered the dinette cushions, made curtains and added a coordinating bed quilt and deco pillows. Can’t wait to see these new RV’s on the market.

  148. Frank Quintero Posted on 10.24.2018

    Bravo Winnebago! You are trendsetters in changing the style of RV interiors to match the design styles found in today’s modern homes! I want to feel like I’m still at home when on the road, not in my grandparents house from 40 years ago!

  149. mindy Posted on 10.24.2018

    It’s about time.
    Give more opportunity to individualize.
    Look at tiny homes and see cozy instead of just one in a million.

  150. Esther Reding Posted on 10.24.2018

    Like the gray option much better, saw a Class C in Destin, Florida that was stunning.

  151. Roger B Posted on 10.24.2018

    I think it looks great. So tired of the old look so often justified as “homey”. My home has never looked like those RVs. IMHO, this style offers what many of us, not all of course, are looking for in a more contemporary environment, and it’s long overdue.

  152. Daniel Glembot Posted on 10.24.2018

    We really like the lighter, neutral color pallet. We also appreciate that you continued with natural wood vice the European style laminent that is in the Horizon. We realize because this is in an Intent the cabinets will be a little less substantial than it would be in a DP. But the lighter, neutral color pallet in a DP would likely do well. Very nice!

  153. jeanie Posted on 10.24.2018

    My husband and I are baby boomers and love, love these lighter more modern colors, as well as the two different textured walls and nice clean shaker cabinets. We have a Winnie Drop and have the grayish colored interior which to me is ok but a bit dark and definitely not a fan of browns at all.

  154. Nancy Tanner Posted on 10.24.2018

    I love the new look. Light and bright is the way to go. Both the white and gray are very pleasing.
    We have a 2017. 2500FL right now and it’s the lightest color available at the time.

  155. Chuck Olson Posted on 10.24.2018

    I really would like to see this is a class C Fusion. I’d also like to see your new off-road capabilities in a class C. Thanks.

  156. Kim Posted on 10.24.2018

    I love the bright , clean look . I have the 2401RG . The reason we chose Winnebago was great floor plans , bright interiors and reputation