RV 101: Helpful Video Tutorials for New RVers

How to hook up to power, get fresh water & other RV basics.

Winnebago Staff  |  08.08.2018

Winnebago ambassadors, James & Stef Adinaro of the FitRV, share RVing basics and tips for new RVers. They use the Winnebago Intent to help demonstrate these tasks in an easy to understand way. Watch the videos below to learn more about connecting to power, filling up your fresh water tank, using your batteries, how to use automatic leveling jacks, and what to do if you blow a tire. Plus, some other helpful and valuable tips to ensure a great RV trip.


This video includes:

  • Where to find the power cord
  • How to plug into ‘shore power’
  • Protecting your rig while plugging in
  • How to plug into your generator



This video includes:

  • How to operate fresh water valves
  • Using a sanitary hose
  • Filling up your fresh water tank
  • How and when to use your water pump
  • What the overflow valve is used for
  • Monitoring water levels



This video includes:

  • Difference between house and coach batteries
  • What your batteries do and do not run
  • How to shut off your batteries and when to do that
  • Ways to recharge your batteries
  • How to check the status of your batteries
  • What’s an inverter and how to use it


Automatic Leveling Jacks

This video includes:

  • What leveling jacks are and why they are important
  • How they work
  • Deploying leveling jacks
  • Safety tips
  • Manual adjustment of jacks
  • Retracting jacks


Emergencies: Dealing With a Flat Tire

This video includes:

  • Tips for what to do if you get a flat tire while driving your RV
  • Recommendations for getting your tire changed
  • Preventative tips


We hope these video tutorials were helpful! If you have any further questions, don’t forget what a valuable resource your operator’s manual is (available online here). Also, check the resources page on the Winnebago Industries site for more tips.


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