The New Horizon Inside and Out

THE in-depth video tour.

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  03.28.2018

Don and Terry Cohen spent two months living in a brand-new Horizon and there’s nothing like really living in a coach to understand it.  Here’s their in-depth review of the Horizon and a look at one of America’s top RV resorts, Outdoor Resorts in sunny Indio, California. (Read their detailed Horizon review here.)

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  1. Fred Majewski Posted on 04.04.2018

    I am surprised that the name Horizon resurfaced
    We have a 2004 Horizon but the name changed to Ellipse a few years later.
    We still like our Horizon but we are wondering what the MSRP is for the coach show

  2. Dennis Colbert Posted on 04.02.2018

    OK. I’d like to know more about this coach. Price. Trade in. I have a 32′ VISTA with about 8,000 miles on it. Perfect shape. Just bought a year a half ago.

    Should I buy it from you or go direct to Winnebago?


    1. Don Cohen Posted on 04.02.2018

      Winnebago sells only through dealers. Horizons are starting to become available. A good place to start is using the dealer locator at

  3. Linda Posted on 04.02.2018

    I hope all the cabinet latches will hold whatever the contents are inside. We have the traditional cabinets and have had to put elastic bands on the door hardware to keep the doors from opening and dumping the contents when negotiating either tight turns or rough roads (and yes, we try to drive slow when we ‘see’ the bad roads).

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 04.02.2018

      The cabinet latches are very secure and are the ones on our Navion and have never opened in 40k miles of use.

  4. Steve Posted on 03.31.2018

    They should have offered heated floors at this leavel it’s a must!

  5. Vernon G Maslow Posted on 03.31.2018

    Very Nice!! We had LUXOR # 3 off the line.

  6. bev slattery Posted on 03.31.2018

    Very informative and easy to watch video. Nice walk through of new coach. Hope to see on at dealer or GNR