Top Reasons for Choosing the Winnebago Trend

Why one couple purchased this versatile Class C RV for their adventures.

Jon & Nadia Bajuelo Jon & Nadia Bajuelo  |  03.02.2018

We absolutely love our Winnebago Trend. Actually, we scream-from-the-mountain-tops love it. After full-time RVing for a little over a year, we learned so much that we became very clear on our preferred travel style and what type of RV would be best suited to it.

We learned that many National Parks have tiny campsites. Driving through some National Parks is basically driving through an entire state, and that’s a long way back at the end of the day, if you didn’t fit in one of their campsites. We also learned that we are travelers at heart who are as fulfilled by seeing the sights of the big city as we are by traveling through nature. And, it’s no fun to cut visits with friends short because the only suitable spot to drop your towable was an hour and a half outside the city.

As amazing as it was to travel in a travel trailer, we realized we were craving the smaller size and versatility of a Class C motorhome. So, like many RV owners, we decided we needed to switch RVs. Straddling the Gen X/Millennial divide, we had some familiarity with Winnebago from the MTV show “Road Rules.”

However, Winnebago re-established themselves as synonymous with RVs through their involvement in the RV community and their obvious attention to consumer feedback. That’s why we chose Winnebago, but what was it about the Trend that hooked us?

The Trend is Versatile & Great at U-Turns

At 24’4” we can park our Trend just about anywhere. On driving days, this opens up the food options beyond Cracker Barrel and truck stops. Impromptu stops at coffee shops with small parking lots are possible. We even fit in a single parking space, given there is overhang space available behind the curb or parking spot!

The Trend handles well whether adjusting to the speed of traffic on freeway on-ramps or navigating the windy climbs and descents of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have also been able to drive through the busy streets of Miami, FL, for the holidays with no problem.

Do you know how sometimes the driving map app tells you to turn left as you are passing said turn? In a larger RV this ends with an exasperated “thanks a lot,” if not something more colorful. U-turns are either difficult or impossible in many RVs, but not with the Trend. The Trend is great at U-turns!

We have stayed on friends’ driveways and even dropped a friend off at an airport in our Trend. We do wish the Trend had higher clearance for some off-roading and for the extra hilly cities, but this is something that comes with the territory in a Class C. Overall, it’s size and drivability allows us to transition between nature and the city with ease.

Trend single park spot-Winnebago_RDY-10

The Trend Delivers on Quality & Value

If the Trend fits your style of travel and adventure, as it does ours, the Trend is an excellent choice given the exceptional value delivered at its price point. We all know that weight is a big issue when it comes to RVs. Materials need to be sturdy enough to handle the road’s bumps, but light enough to keep from adding too much weight.

The end result should be materials that while light, do not feel cheap. Everything inside of our Trend feels strong and sturdy. Doors and drawers slide open and close smoothly, and any seams inside fit and come together properly. Some options available that were included on our rig are the dual-pane acrylic windows with built-in privacy shades, the expandable solar power system, tank heating pads, and the second house battery. The feel of the materials used in the Trend, the standard features, and the upgrades offered at the Trend’s competitive price point make it an enticing RV.

The Trend’s Spacious Floorplan

We fell in love with the 23D floorplan. This floorplan is open, spacious, and airy. Natural light has always been number one for us, and the Trend allows for natural light to flood in. One of our favorite things about our old rig was a panoramic rear window that brought nature inside. The Trend has four windows along the body, two on each side. It feels as if they extend the whole length of the coach, so we don’t feel we have sacrificed on amazing nature views when we boondock. When we are working inside, the cab skylight allows even more daylight in.

The floorplan is also very customizable. There is enough space inside to eat, work, and play – even when the slide, that contains the sofa and fridge, is in. When the slide is out, a roomy front lounge emerges, that is nicely rounded out by both the driver and passenger chairs spinning around.

winnebago trend interior twin beds

Additionally, there is still more room to in the rear area with the twin daybeds. If we put both tables up in the rear, we both have room to work. One of us can also set up a table and work on the sofa, but really our sofa has been claimed by our dogs, so who are we kidding. But it could still be an option for someone else.

At night, the twin daybeds convert into a large bed. At first, we were a little skeptical in regard to the bed’s comfort, but the FROLI deluxe sleep system doesn’t disappoint. The only thing on our wish list would be a pocket door, rather than a regular swinging door, leading into the bathroom.

The Trend is a Good-Lookin’ RV

Being full-time RVers, the looks of our RV is as important to us as its function. On the outside, the fact that the Trend is white with subtle graphics won us over. We feel the Trend has a very clean and modern look. We might even say the exterior looks a lot like some European RVs we have seen and liked. Additionally, Jon in particular, enjoys the “automotive” silhouette that the Trend has (this is because it has a cab skylight rather than a bunk).

winnebago trend

On the interior, the high-gloss cabinetry gives the Trend a high-end aesthetic. The curved, high-gloss cabinet doors in the rear look sophisticated and they are also highly functional. They open with a hidden latch, a detail we love, and because they are pass-through cabinets, they are highly functional.

Another higher-end touch in the Trend is the lighting. We love good lighting and luckily the Trend has easy-to-control lighting options and the lights are bright. With the different lighting options, our Trend can go from bright to cozy and conducive to winding down when only the accent lights are lit.

Perfect for Our Adventures

We need an RV that can climb mountains, zip through urban spaces, be our mobile office, and cozily house us and our two dogs. For us, the Trend has the perfect combination of form and function. Because we spend so much time in our RV, we want to feel good in the space we’re in, so we prefer a large amount of residential finishes and a more modern feel than your typical RV. (Watch this video for a tour of our home.)

The relatively short length of the Trend allows for us to comfortably fit in both city parking lots and National Parks (which tend to have very tight campsites). The Trend has performed as expected and even exceeded expectations. It is not without two of the usual tradeoffs that come with the territory of a Class C, like limited exterior storage and limited off-road capabilities. But we’ve seen Winnebago make improvements every year (like adding a slide to the Trend in the first place). And after the great experience we’ve had, we cannot wait to see what Winnebago will come up with next.

winnebago trend

Read more about the Winnebago Trend’s features and specifications.

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  1. katy Posted on 04.04.2019

    Could anyone tell me how the trend performs in windy conditions compared to other smaller class C RVs? Does it handle better or feel more stable?

  2. Happy Highway Posted on 12.15.2018

    I own a 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B with 52, 624 miles with fuel average of 15.3 — 15.7 miles per gallon. Many good improvements have been made since I purchased this model. The mechanics run fine—Pro Master was a good choice (3500 series).

  3. David Posted on 04.09.2018

    Just too bad the Trend is being discontinued indefinitely. It was a good try of a C on a ProMaster chassis and a slideout.

  4. Terry Kuchar Posted on 04.03.2018

    Great information about this rv. One question I have about Trend is can you use it all year long? Are the tanks internal like on the Travato? One more question – what is your average gas mileage? Thanks for the information.

  5. Mark Posted on 03.17.2018

    Phil. We traded our Mercedes chassis B-class in on a Trend a little more than a year ago. We haven’t looked back. Our local Dodge dealer changes oil and rotates tires at standard rates. We didn’t find many Mercedes dealers who had Sprinter techs. The Trend is a great value. We like it better than the View our neighbor has, that cost a lot more.

  6. Phil Posted on 03.17.2018

    We have been interested in the Trend 23D for sometime. We would like to know how the Promaster chassis performs and the availability of service around the country. Also how does maintenance cost compare with the Mercedes.

  7. Jorn Posted on 03.17.2018

    Excellent article. We could not have said it better.
    We als just love our Trend 23D and so do our adult kids who borrow it in the summer.
    We do tow a little Smart car – mainly for shopping and very short trips – to Florida and back home to Ontario, as we are Snowbirds.

  8. Kurt Posted on 03.17.2018

    I wish you would include the MSRP in your descriptions.

  9. April Posted on 03.02.2018

    Great article! My family has been passionately researching RV’s and this one looks amazing. I don’t know that it would work for our family of 5 though. How many does it sleep? Best wishes!