Changing of the guard

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  03.27.2018

Who knew?  Five years ago, on a lark, I reached out to Winnebago with the idea of creating a tiny hobby job.  That little whim turned into an amazing journey.  Starting from scratch with GoLife we now get over 40,000 visits a month.  We have attracted the best digital storytellers and RV enthusiasts in the industry.  It’s been exciting, surprising, and very gratifying to work with a team that has brought a consistently fresh and upbeat viewpoint to the RV world.

Western film buffs will quickly recall the final scene from John Ford’s “The Searchers.”  John Wayne stands in a doorway for a moment and then walks out into the wide expanse of the desert southwest as the screen fades to black.  Whoa.  Wait.  Rewind.  That’s not quite how this story ends.

Yes, I’m handing the keys over to a team who’ll be taking you and GoLife on new journeys and destinations.  In my edited cinematic scenario I’m walking out the door, but waiting outside is a new Winnebago.  No driving off into the sunset, just a change of direction.

My own Winnebago life will be shifting toward special projects like our recently completed livability test of the brand new Horizon.  It’s a fantastic rig and you can watch our in-depth video review by clicking here. There’s also a deep written review.

When I started GoLife I had expected that it would be a year or two before other manufacturers did the same, but they haven’t.  What really has impressed me is Winnebago’s commitment to support a growing WinnebagoLife universe.  At its core Winnebago is still a company that passionately cares about its customers and its products.  It is that belief that has deepened the company’s commitment for a continuing conversation on the GoLife website, Facebook, Instagram, and other forums.  It’s one of the things that continues to separate this venerable brand from its competition.  And it was that forward thinking that drew me into the Winnebago world which has (and will) continue to fuel a remarkable journey.



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  1. doris whiten Posted on 06.16.2018

    Purchased new Winnebago micro Minnie this year 2018 been on two short trips. Enjoying it immensely! Planning on six week trip northeast states starting June 21. Can hardly wait for our next expedition in our Winnebago!

  2. Patrick Posted on 04.15.2018

    Thanks for convincing me to lay hands on a Navion a couple of years ago; never regretted it and have had some fine RV experiences. Your enthusiasm and sense of fun comes through in your writing. …Best of luck to you.

  3. David Posted on 04.01.2018

    Congratulations Don! Five years well done. You have become like family with your posts and it was a wonderful ride. You created a RV fabric second to none and your stories and experiences were full of life and fun and you brought us with you in your travels. Thank you and I wish you the best in your next phase.

  4. Alan Posted on 03.28.2018

    Congratulations on your next adventure, Don! I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to more. And thanks for pulling me into the fold.