Why a Family of 6 Chose a Micro Minnie Travel Trailer

Finding the best fit: from Class A to Class C to towable.

Bryanna Royal  |  02.12.2018

We have never had a trailer before and never really thought we would get one. We always thought we would be a motorhome family. But here we are a family of six, plus our dog Indy, in the Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH, a 21-foot travel trailer!

Finding the Best Fit

We started with a large 39-foot diesel pusher motorhome when we first got on the road in 2014. It had four slide-outs and was huge. It was a great rig for transitioning into full-time travel. However, we only really enjoyed it once we got somewhere (assuming they had a site that could fit us). But it was not so great when we were trying to travel and wanted to be able to make random stops.

This led us to purchase a 2006 used Winnebago View. That got us to 23 feet. It was great for traveling around, but we quickly realized we were just too heavy for it. Not that we didn’t fit. Surprisingly, we were able to configure things to fit in there pretty nicely.

We added a double bunk on top of the full bed in the corner and then that left the dinette and the bed above the cab. Don’t get me wrong, it was tight. But we always try to travel to places where we can be outside, so combining the inside space with outside living worked well for us.

The problem was, when you add up all of our body weights (even if I lost 30 pounds!) and the weight of the things we wanted to bring along, we were just too heavy. That being the case, we knew we needed to make a switch to something else.

At this point we were due for a new car since our current one was over 10 years old and had over 115,000 miles on it. It was great for when we were traveling, but we were starting to feel it wasn’t going to last much longer.

Add that on to the fact we wanted a new rig and it just seemed to make sense to get a car/van that could tow a new trailer. We started to ask, would a trailer work for us?

winnebago micro minnie

Choosing Our New Rolling Home

We started looking around and found the Micro Minnie 2100BH at i94 RV – a dealership right by our hometown in Kenosha, WI, where we were staying for a few months. It was great to be able to walk through one and the sales staff was awesome about answering our questions. We knew we could make it work. The two bunks in the back were great for two of the kids and then the other two could sleep on the dinette/bed. And Craig and I have a full bed in the front.

Finding the Right Vehicle to Tow It

Now what to get to pull it. The trailer is pretty light coming in under 4,000 lbs with a load capacity of 7,000 lbs, so we knew we wanted something that could tow the max 7,000 lbs. We weren’t interested in a pickup truck since that would be tight for six people and a dog. Instead, we started to look at 12 and 15 passenger vans.

Our long-term goal is to build a van out into a camper van. So, if we wanted to do a little more back-country exploring or camping, we had that option with a van. We found the 3500 Chevy Express and saw that one of them had a towing capacity of almost 10,000 lbs. Perfect!

After dealing with the weight issues with the View, we were happy to go overboard this time around. We test drove a 15 passenger and then a 12 passenger and even though the 15 passenger gave us more room for a van build out and storage, the 12 passenger was much better for getting around town. Since this was going to be our only car it made sense to go with the 12.

winnebago micro minnie

Putting It All Together

We bought the van first and took out the back row of seats and Craig built some shelves back there, so we had somewhere to store things. Since the trailer doesn’t have much for storage, the van gives us the extra needed space.

We then traded in our View for the trailer. Craig has never really towed anything before, but with the trailer being a double axle and the no-sway hitch we got, he said he can barely feel it!

We still have a lot to learn and figuring out how to set things up in the trailer, so nothing falls when traveling, will be a work in progress. But we are getting there. The kids have a lot more space to spread out now – they are two per bench right now. And our dog Indy has a spot snuggled in right in between Craig and I. Plus, the van has a plug upfront – perfect for charging my computer while I am working while traveling. We also got a camp toilet that we put in the back of the van – just in case someone can’t hold it while we are driving down the road!

Time will tell if we like this setup better than a motorhome, but it is kind of fun to experience all these different ways of living and traveling full time!

winnebago micro minnie

For now, we tested the combination out by driving 2,500 miles from Wisconsin to California and just crossed over the border into Baja, Mexico. We plan to spend three months exploring Baja before going up the California coast. You can follow along on our journey through Baja on Facebook and Instagram, @crazyfamilyadventure.

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  1. Candace Rivera Posted on 04.04.2019

    I’m exploring this same option (van vs truck for towing a travel trailer) and I don’t see any mention of tow package or aftermarket tow mechanicals. Did you just slap a trailer hitch with a sway bar on there or…? Thanks :)

  2. Michelle Davidson Posted on 09.07.2018

    I would have loved to see some interior photos, we are also a family of 6 and we are looking to get the smallest footprint possible in a camper for us. So far, we have looked at 22′ Outbacks with the slide out bed but we don’t want anything with extra slides, so the next best options is a 25′ Palomino Puma with double bunks, or a Coleman with double bunks and murphy bed.

    1. Brooke Baum Posted on 09.08.2018

      Hi Michelle, Here is another article Bryanna wrote that shows some interior photos of how they have set it up: https://winnebagolife.com/2018/06/optimize-storage-travel-trailer. And here is a link to the information page for this model which has many more photos inside: https://winnebagoind.com/products/travel-trailer/2018/micro-minnie/overview. Hope this is helpful and best of luck on your search! -GoLife Editor

  3. Linda Fecteau Posted on 08.27.2018

    When we started with camping we had a 21′ then a 26′ traveler trailer, then went to a 35′ fifth wheel, which I lived in for many years in the city that I worked in and enjoyed it. But now it is just too big for my husband to tow and we would like to go down to something smaller for there is just the 2 of us and 2 small dogs. We looked at a Micro Minnie Winnebago TT all season and like what we saw. We live in Kansas and was wondering where we could find Winnebago dealers in Kansas that have Micro Minnie?

    1. Brooke Baum Posted on 08.29.2018

      Hey Linda, Glad to hear you found a TT that will work for you. Here is a link to the dealer locator which can help you find a dealer near you: https://winnebagoind.com/dealer-locator/us-canada Thanks! -GoLife Editor

  4. john gritsuk Posted on 04.01.2018

    do you rent or own sights

  5. Michael Young Posted on 03.10.2018

    We love our micro Minnie Winnebago, have used it so much more than we thought we would.
    I’m looking forward to taking off we have so many trips planned.

  6. Del Posted on 03.06.2018

    This newsletter is usually light on articles for TT owners, so it’s great to see an article about the Micro Minnie. We have the 1700BH and we love it. Just finished another trip out to the mountains of NC. The BH gives us all the space we need, even when all 4 of us are on the road, and finding places to pull in has not been a problem. Happy trails!

  7. Mick Posted on 03.05.2018

    Enjoyed reading about your experience, my wife and I are thinking about doing the same thing. We have had pull behinds and 5th wheel, class A and now we have a class C. But are thinking of going back to a trailer. So it was nice to read your post. A person never really knows what is best way to go.
    Thanks Mick

  8. Barb Posted on 03.04.2018

    Mile, I enjoyed reading about your quest to find the right rig. Been there done that. They all have their drawbacks. For me, the small easy to drive camper van is the answer even tho it is not without it’s challenges. However, you left us hanging. I really want to know what rig you have on order.
    Thanks, Barb

  9. Jan Tolman Posted on 03.03.2018

    Interesting story. I started with the pop-up bit and worked my way up through class C’s, fifth wheels and assorted class A’s. With kids, we not only liked the bigger rigs for space, but for increased holding tank size when dry-camping. The kids are grown, and the grandkids are grown. It’s just the 2 of us and a small dog. We have a big luxury motorhome that we’ve enjoyed. We took two extended trips after we retired, each covering ½ of the United States. Towing our car behind made life pretty simple as far as sightseeing. (I traveled the east coast once with the five kids & no tow vehicle – that was difficult.) And we lived in our rig full time when we moved to a new state & spent a year having a custom home built.
    We’re at a point now where we want to slide back down the scale and get a small pull-behind trailer for short trips. We just don’t need all that space. Now, we’d rather put our $$ into a boat. :)

  10. fred geiger Posted on 03.03.2018

    Yep! The smaller the rig the more fun to travel . If your priority is getting out and seeing a lot get the smallest rig possible that will fit your needs. We are downsizing from a 10′ truck camper to a mid size van that’s just like driving and parking a car!

  11. Mike Posted on 03.03.2018

    We (2 of us with a cat) tried something similar a few years ago, but we were upsizing from a class B van, to a short travel trailer/truck combo to gain a full bath and a what we thought would be more room. With just the two of us, the extra living space and storage part and the shower were nice, but after we went through all the startup machinations, including buying all sorts of new tools to deal with the various required functional adjustments required, and learning the hook up and unhook processes with the WDH, we decided towing wasn’t for us, and sold the trailer 3 months later. Luckily, we kept the class B van, and continued in that for 3 more years before upsizing again to a small class A Sunstar. Once again, we wanted more space/storage and a full bath for longer getaways, and we thought we had the final answer. As it turned out, it wasn’t the answer either, nor what we expected, but that’s another story. Our next rig is on order, and we think we’ve finally got it figured out, but based on our track record, anything’s possible.
    We wish you good luck with it, and hope it works out for you better than it did for us.

  12. moe Posted on 02.13.2018

    I love your story..thanks for sharing your Rv lifestyle experience with us. I will say that normally most Rv’ers start out the opposite as you all did, from weekends with a small Pop up Camper trailer to full time living Big Diesel pusher class A Motorhome. I like how you found out whats best for your family and what works for your lifestyle.. Two thumbs up!
    Thanks Moe