Winnebago's Facebook Live Ultimate RV Tour

Watch these insightful videos to find out which RV is right for you.

GoLife Staff GoLife Staff  |  11.26.2017

[Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with post-event access to the videos].

Are you getting overwhelmed trying to decide on an RV? To make this process easier, Winnebago hosted a Facebook live series from November 27-29 focused on helping you find the right RV for you. But no need to worry if you missed it. All of the videos are included below.

The event, which took place at the National RV Industry Association Trade Show, began on Monday, November 27 with The Ultimate RV Tour. This was an hour-long walk through of 12 different Winnebago products, from Class A Diesel Pushers to our smallest towables. During this segment, we compared the different bodies, floorplans, and sizes of the expansive Winnebago product lineup. Then on Tuesday, we dove deeper into the different RV classes with insights from actual owners. And on Wednesday, we got some helpful tips from industry insiders.

If you haven’t yet purchased your RV or are considering an upgrade, this series is the perfect chance to tour our most popular RVs all from your computer or phone! Check out the videos from the event below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear about other live events.

Ultimate RV Tour

Check out this one-hour tour of 12 coaches, featuring a wide array of Winnebago products from towables to motorized.

Finding the Perfect RV

Learn more about the different classes of RVs from actual Winnebago owners. Get insights into the benefits of each and tips for choosing the perfect RV for you.

Tour of Class A & C RVs from Winnebago 


Tour of Class B RVs from Winnebago 


Tour of Travel Trailers & 5th Wheels from Winnebago 

Insider Insights

Interview with adventurer Brody Leven on making an RV into a mobile basecamp

Overview of Winnebago RV Insurance

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  1. Ana C. Herrera Posted on 03.29.2018

    Hello – Want info North Central Florida dealers – Winnebago Mini series –

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 03.31.2018

      The easiest way to find a dealer is with the online locator.

  2. Janis Hales Posted on 12.02.2017

    Where do I go to see information about your top of the line Class A’s? All of the press hype is concentrated on the Class B’s and C’s. I am starting to feel like a second class citizen because I have a newer Winnebago Adventurer. I hope Winnebago has not made a mistake to concentrate on the “younger” set and has apparently forgotten the “mature” crowd that has more discretionary money to spend on a motorhome.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 12.03.2017


      It’s not just Winnebago, but the entire RV industry is tracking to the large market demand of Class B and Class C products. And it isn’t just an “age thing” either. Many Class C owners are in their 60’s and 70’s. However, Winnebago has made a huge and exciting commitment to the Class A market.

      The new Intent line offers several floorpans and lengths with a super-affordable entry-level price. And then there’s the new Horizon diesel pusher that just won the RV of the Year award. It represents a solid bet on brining true design innovation to a market segment that has been rather stale. The Horizon is the first Class A product that I would seriously consider. And based on feedback from those who’ve walked through it, many have had the same reaction (from millennials to older boomers).

  3. Ricardo Campos Posted on 12.02.2017

    Where are the scorpion line

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 12.03.2017

      Currently the only toy hauler offered is the Spyder:

  4. ray Posted on 12.02.2017

    Why do you focus on the speakers during the tour. The coach should be front and center with the descriptions as a background. We barely saw the features if the RV due to the camera focus on the people. We do not need to see you guys, show us the rigs! please keep the verbal descriptions as a soundtrack

  5. Kent Farndell Posted on 12.02.2017

    With Winnebago coming out with a 5th wheel, how many portential customers with the Short bed Supercab F150 did they miss by being too heavy and the pin and the interior being so boring.
    Your comments?

  6. Lincoln Mulkey Posted on 11.29.2017

    The Revel is at the top of my wishlist.