The Revel: First Look Video

Meet Winnebago's exciting new 4x4 van.

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  09.18.2017

Finally, a 4×4 sprinter-based motorhome. Watch product manager Russ Garfin explain why this adventure vehicle will change how you use your RV.

Read more about the Revel here.

Learn More about the Winnebago Revel

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  1. Lincoln Mulkey Posted on 11.29.2017

    I am 77 years old and this vehicle is perfect for my fishing trips and excursions to Chaco Canyon.

  2. CELLIER Posted on 09.18.2017

    Avez vous des distributeurs en France ?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 09.18.2017

      DΓ©solΓ©, il n’y a pas de plans actuels pour rendre disponible le Revel en Europe.