The Intent: First Look Video

Meet Winnebago's new entry-level Class A.

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  09.18.2017

The Intent really lives up to its name – an affordable, modern RV made without compromising Winnebago’s high standards. Watch as product manager Niles Whitehouse introduces the company’s new entry-level Class A motorhome.

Read more about the Intent here.

Learn More about the Winnebago Intent

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  1. Jamie Scott Posted on 02.18.2018

    TO: Niles Whitehouse
    Hi Niles:
    When my wife and I saw the ne Horizon we ere thrilled. Finally a North American offering which wasn’t a cookie cutter interior Bright Fresh and Beautifully sleek.
    We are very disappointed in the Intents “Bck to Boring” every one else wood. This was an opportunity to be a leader like the Horizon, yet some one decided to be “Safe” and go with the flow.
    We just sold our 2011 Journey 40U and are looking at downsizing and were excited to see the Intent. Perhaps you’ll market the Intent with the Horizons interior or bring out a new 34-36 foot diesel pusher New Interior and 380-400 hp. Newmar New Air was a disappointment as they too seem to offer the same old same old interiors. Perhaps you’ll beat them to the punch with a fresh approach like the Horizon and get rid of too many boring cookie cutter, same as everyone else models. Learn from General Motors when they choose to make so many similar models from one design and had to shut down Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Younger pPeople and Young thinking people want fresh, vibrant and clean European styled interiors.Congrats on the Horizon, but rethink the Intent!
    Respectfully , future repeat customers
    Jamie and Betty Scott