An Inside Look at the Winnebago Revel

Peter and Kathy Holcombe give an in-depth video tour.

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  09.20.2017

Winnebago owners Peter and Kathy Holcombe had a new Winnebago Revel for a week of touring in Western Colorado and Southeastern Utah. In this video, they take us on a deep tour to learn about all the features of this exciting adventure vehicle.

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  1. Rodger Schuester Posted on 02.04.2018

    A more insightful review would have been to compare the Revel to something like a Sportsmobile RB-50 with penthouse top from a custom up-fitter.

    Per Winnebago “Until the Revel, aggressive outdoor adventurers had to buy and customize their own van shell, or wait for months while expensive custom up-fitters would build a backcountry capable vehicle.”

    You could have discussed the variations in 4×4 running gear configurations…just how far does the Revel go with its design…would a Revel follow a Sportsmobile off-trail?

    Should Revel buyers get some 4×4 off-road training?

  2. Rodger Schuester Posted on 02.04.2018

    I would have preferred a more insightful review. This is pretty basic.

  3. David Hamilton Posted on 10.23.2017

    I love my view , but it must have been built on a Monday , It has been one thing after another , GPS quit for the second time since June 2017 , the generator quit during Cruizin The Coast , bathroom door is out of square and won’t stay closed , led brake lights quit , I know winnebago builds a great product and my dealer is great to work with , but it takes a lot of time to deal with . Thanks David Hamilton

  4. don twan tennymore Posted on 10.22.2017

    I have a 2016 viva with terrible swivel seats that are loose and rock while driving. They refuse to fix this manufacturing flaw under warranty, likely because all pro master chassis came with them and would be a huge recall. Where do the swivel seats in this model come from and can I get a set to replace the defective ones I have?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 10.22.2017

      Sorry that you’re having problems. Your Viva seats are the ones that come with the Promaster chassis. Because of that, any warranty issues have to be directed to RAM (Fiat Chrysler America – FCA). Because these seats are designed with built-in airbags and seatbelt attachment, Winnebago can’t modify them. There are Promaster forums on the net (which you may have already found) where there are discussions about seats and links to aftermarket seat manufacturers. Generally, from Travato and Viva/Trend owners I’ve talked with, the front seats have not been an issue and in my own experience in driving some Travatos the seats seemed secure.

      Seats are covered under your FCA warranty for three years or 36,000 miles. If you haven’t engaged FCA yet, try calling their number at 800-992-1997. Throughout the process document all your calls and contacts. If you feel that you are not getting anywhere with FCA after some reasonable attempts, call Winnebago’s Owner Relations department. They may be able to help get your problem escalated with FCA.

  5. Eben Davis Posted on 10.21.2017

    Is there an accessories link for the Revel?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 10.22.2017

      Currently, no. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are many different Spriter-based enthusiast forums on the web that may point you in the right direction.

  6. Carol Evans Posted on 10.21.2017

    What is the price of the Revel Adventure Van? Can it be picked up in Iowa at the factory?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 10.21.2017

      The MSRP is $135k. Like all Winnebago products, purchase and support is through an authorized dealer.

  7. Ed Posted on 09.21.2017

    when will these models become available

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 09.21.2017

      Soon! Revels will be heading to select dealers in limited quantities before the end of the year.