The Big Sleep: Forza 38W

GoLife Staff  |  07.12.2017

It sleeps eight, has two full baths, and is one of Winnebago’s most affordable diesel pusher motorhomes.Β  Winnebago product manager Ryan Roske shows off some of the great features of the Winnebago Forza.

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  1. Michael Posted on 08.26.2017

    Can you guys answer me why I cant get a bunk model in the Sightseer or Adventurer Models? I am 6.2 my sons are 6.0 foot and my girls are about 6.0 foot while my wife is 5.5 bunks are the way for use. While the Forza is a great coach for $200K is a little out of our price range but the Adventure is a sweet spot of a deal for a family of 5 and sometimes 10. We need Bunks can you sell me a adventurer with bunks?

  2. Bob Posted on 08.07.2017

    We have been owners of our new Forza 38W for almost 5 months now. We love it. The bunks are for smaller children for sure, but provides additional closet space when the grandchildren are not traveling with us. We have had ver few warrenty issues thus far. Stick and brick home is for sale as we want to go full time as that’s how much we love our Forza 38W.

  3. Steve Posted on 08.05.2017

    I have the 2014 and wish that the mid-ship bunks were a foot longer so that adults could fit in them (same wish with the primary dinette that converts to a bed. Can mine be retro-fitted with the bunk that goes over the driver’s seat?

    Steve (my alias – for privacy reasons).

  4. Robert Ford Posted on 08.05.2017

    great look and will have my eyes on a future Forza. Currently own new 2016 Adventurer

  5. Edward Bastion Posted on 08.05.2017

    How about some articles on the Via