Inside the Grand Tour 45RL

GoLife Staff GoLife Staff  |  07.05.2017

In Winnebago world, the Grand Tour sits at the top of the product line with all the features and design touches you’d expect to find in a coach that’s nearly a half-million dollars.  Ryan Roske, Winnebago’s Class A diesel pusher product manager, takes you on a small tour of the BIG Tour.

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  1. Fred Miller Posted on 07.26.2017

    We currently have a 2017 Forza 34T which we find is a little to long for our needs. We would love to see a diesel pusher 30-32’ with a front door. The freight liner chassis, cummings engine and allison transmission are a great combination but the dash board design and layout is antiquated and needs serious updating to todays technology standards.

  2. Pag Vandecapelle Posted on 07.08.2017

    The comment that Winnebago owners more often return to the brand because if the quality of the coaches the ohrase that struck me the most. That we did after our very first camper, Winnebago Outlook. We returned to the brand when we were ready to upgrade. Dealers make s big difference, too, we found out. Our original dealer in the Houston area no longer carried Winnebago products so we searched out ones that did. Not being pleased with what we found we turned to the Itasca which was identical to the Winnebago except for color selections. The manufacturer even worked with us in custom ordering our coach and we were so happy, that is until delivery where the headaches began. We have had our Sunova for over two years and have had only two trips with no major problems. We were to take our third trip but the electrical had managed to go out again so it had to be cancelled. The vinyl floor caused many problems and parts of it were replaced multiple times and there is another place that is buckling and will any day tip out again. Of course we are no longer under warranty so that as well as the electrical and any other problem will now be our expense in spite of the fact that during the first year the coach was in the shop more days than in our possession.

  3. Brad Hancock Posted on 07.08.2017

    That is one nice machine. It is waayyy out of my price range though. I guess that we’ll have to keep tooling around in our ’06 Winnie Sightseer. It’s not nearly as fancy, or as big, nor as well equipped – but it is paid for and still runs like new.

  4. Timothy F. Lewis Posted on 07.08.2017

    Hello – we have owned 4 new Winnebago products (Sundancer, Meridian, Ellipse, Vista 27N). I am considering another Meridian when you switch to the new Freightliner digital dash. Any idea when that might happen?
    Tim Lewis
    Pebble Beach, California

  5. Dean Piltingsrud Posted on 07.08.2017

    We like the luxury of the Tour but not the size and ease of getting around with it. We are strongly considering the Nexus Bentley as it provides what we need. We have spoken to many who agree smaller size is important.