Three Incredible Years

Three years of adventure in four minutes.

GoLife Staff GoLife Staff  |  06.19.2017

The statistics of the Holcombe’s third anniversary of travel are impressive: 2 Winnebago Views, 37 tires, 57 national parks, 49 states, 5 provinces, 456,675 photos, and 1,094 of best days ever. This four-minute video is a breathtaking review that rockets through Peter, Kathy and Abby Holcombe’s kayak voyages across North America (with a lot of in-between hiking). Right after the Holcombes bought their first Winnebago View we bumped into them at a tradeshow, struck up a conversation, and the rest is history.

As Winnebago brand ambassadors, the Holcombes have shared their GoLife adventures across the country on our website and in many newspapers and TV stations. Looking back, it’s been one heck of a journey and we’re excited to see what’s around the next bend in the river as their travels continue.

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  1. jerry Posted on 03.04.2018

    we are interested in downsizing from our current Itasca sunstar where can we obtain information regarding the Fuse: engine size, number cylindersnd the like. Thank you.

  2. Jamie Scott Posted on 02.18.2018

    Great Comments except one !
    Uninformed and negative remark by ” Ferndad”.
    There are many young “men” who are excited to meet and participate in life with an out going adventurous partner.
    The daughters prospect are fantastic.
    6 billion plus people in the world !
    . See all the posts by singles and couples doing what her family is doing

  3. Roberto Vega Posted on 06.30.2017

    I love all of your pictures. was it a Go Pro Camera?
    continuous 3 years “WOW” I want to get on the road now with our View!

  4. Bob Posted on 06.26.2017

    Definitely more exciting than the Lake Superior side trip last year.

  5. Bill Stoeckel Posted on 06.25.2017

    Great compilation of a fantastic journey!

  6. Laura Posted on 06.25.2017

    I’d love to see more pictures of their travels. Ten – twenty of each state that impressed them the most. I agree the video is to fast.

  7. K & D Posted on 06.25.2017

    totally a great adventure, enjoyed the pictures. could u post again with
    a little slower mode to enjoy all the sights in the video. GREAT TRIP…..

  8. Jeffrey Knight Posted on 06.24.2017

    Agree a slower pace video or ability to page through them would be great for me. Would allow better appreciation of your excellent photos. Thanks for sharing. Awesome adventure and great family closeness in shared experiences to bond a lifetime.

  9. Bob Siewerd Posted on 06.24.2017

    Wonderful pictures, would like to step thru them at a slower pace to relate to places we have been.

  10. Al Posted on 06.24.2017

    Great video presentation and you have taken some phenomenal pictures! I consider myself a 9 to 1 picture taker with the one keeper per 9 taken. If you are anywhere close to that you have over 50,000 really good pictures. Congrats.

  11. Herb Yelverton Posted on 06.24.2017

    Very inspiring photographic journey, great photography and evidence of a great year. Really is an inspiration to get out there with our new view, Don’t really understand the 2 RV comment, are there two on the trip or was the first one replaced?

  12. ferndad Posted on 06.24.2017

    I feel sorry for the daughter. She will never be able to find a boyfriend that will not feel intimidated by her or can keep up with her.

  13. Jack Posted on 06.24.2017

    Good for you and your family. Memories last forever. Enjoy them and many more.

  14. Patty OConnor Posted on 06.24.2017

    This was amazing Congratulations to the Holcombe family on an unforgettable journey Appreciate you sharing and letting the rest of us experience your awesome adventures

  15. Roberta Posted on 06.24.2017

    Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous photography and adventures. Many blessings to your family! Why so many tires?!

  16. gary Posted on 06.19.2017

    Very, very cool. Thanks for sharing. :)