Meet the Maddons

GoLife Staff GoLife Staff  |  05.07.2017

Take one baseball manager and his wife and add in a large helping of Winnebago love, and you have something that’s “sweet.”  Join Joe Maddon and his wife Jaye as they get introduced to their new home away from home, a Winnebago Grand Tour.




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  1. Largent Richard J Posted on 05.13.2017

    Could you send me a brochure on your diesel motor homes, thank you.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 05.13.2017

      We’re always happy to send out brochures (and will), but these days the best place for information is at This is where you will always find the latest product information (updated regularly) along with virtual tours and videos that will really help you with your purchase research.

  2. Kathy Posey Posted on 05.10.2017

    Love the Maddons and the Cubs from all the way down in St. Pete!