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Kate Mullen  |  05.03.2017

Full timing in an RV is amazing, but there are some adjustments. I was a frequent customer of the Amazon Prime service at my sticks and bricks home, but up until recently, it’s been tricky to try to arrange order deliveries on the road. Usually, I have to coordinate a campground reservation with a delivery. Most of the time this works out, but many campgrounds aren’t set-up to receive packages. What if I need something, but I’m not staying at a campground? What if I plan to overnight park or boondock?  Well, I found a very cool answer.

I recently tried the Amazon Locker Service and it was amazing!

With this service, you just need to project when you would be near a pickup location of your choice, typically a metro area. You then calculate shipping time, typically 2-3 days with Prime, and then there is a 3-day pick-up window once it is delivered to the box. Don’t worry if you can’t make the pick-up, the item will be automatically returned and refunded!

I scheduled my delivery with my trip to Sea Otter Bike Festival in Monterrey, CA. I placed my order on the road and set the pick up to a Safeway in Seaside a few miles down from the Mazda Laguna raceway campground. It was a breeze! I was able to pick up my boxes, swing by the in-store Starbucks for a frappuccino and pick up groceries all in one stop – I love multi-tasking on errands!

If your pick-up is in a grocery store, you’ll usually find the Amazon Locker near the customer service area and the Redbox movie kiosk. There is a touch screen and scanner used to locate and open your locker. I simply scanned my bar code from my iPhone. My pick-up had three separate scans and three different lockers to retrieve my full order.

I used the service a second time once I arrived at a park in the Redwoods near Santa Cruz. This time I was able to leave my RV hooked up and take an Lyft/Uber for the pick-up since I do not have a tow car. I just love the convenience of this service!

Even if you don’t have an RV, this service may be useful if you are on vacation or at work and do not want packages sitting in front of your house,  or maybe you just want to hide the packages from your curious kids at Christmas. It’s definitely a winner!

How To Use Amazon Locker

1 Shop on Amazon add items to your cart

2 When you checkout under shipping options click the text that says ship to Amazon pickup location or Amazon locker

3 See if it’s available in the area you need and double check delivery estimates once you have selected a location they may change – you can see which location will work best for your needs

4 Amazon will send you notifications along the way and let you know when it’s ready for pickup

5 Print your code or take your smartphone to pick up your order

6 Scan the code

7 Retrieve the package

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  1. Thomas Lewis Posted on 06.02.2017

    Just a small correction:

    Thomas Lewis C/O FedEx
    Hold for Pickup
    FedEx Street Address
    State, Zip Code

    (should read City, State, Zip Code)

    Also, one company I order with used to allow you to select the shipper, but now ships “best way,” so it is impossible to know who the carrier will be and therefore the company is unable to accept Hold for Pickup addresses.

  2. Thomas Lewis Posted on 06.02.2017

    For some unknown reason(s), some companies won’t ship orders “Hold for Pickup” to a USPS, UPS or FedEx facility. However, some companies will indeed ship that way.
    Hold for Pickup saves forwarding costs. I prefer to order from companies that ship Hold for Pickup directly to UPS Customer Centers (they Hold for Pickup for 5 business days including the day of arrival), FedEx hubs (they Hold for Pickup for 5 business days) or USPS General Delivery (holds for 30 days) .
    I may be wrong on some of the details here but I am shipping more and more using Hold for Pickup or General Delivery.
    I’m finding that it is usually doable after first asking the company what preferred carrier it ships with if any and then addressing the package to that carrier’s street address with your name at the top.
    Thomas Lewis C/O FedEx
    Hold for Pickup
    FedEx Street Address
    State, Zip Code

    First adding the above carrier’s street address to your particular account’s shipping address book allows you to select that shipping address when checking out. Then you are all set to receive the tracking number.
    That’s how I do it anyway but some companies aren’t able or willing to ship Hold for Pickup which means an inherent delay and forwarding cost.
    I haven’t tried using DHL as Hold for Pickup or know if they accommodate it.

    I am expecting 3 shipments/packages this week, two with USPS General Delivery and one with FedEx. The FedEx one weighs 11 pounds and I would not have wanted to forward it 1500 miles. I would have instead looked for a company that had the same products and did ship Hold for Pickup. Sometimes there is not such a choice and you just have to eat the forwarding cost.
    Last month I ordered two used wheels because my lug fell off and damaged the dually log holes. The free shipping shipment weighed 75 pounds but the company luckily shipped directly to local FedEx hubs where I picked them up.
    I learned that my 07 View owner’s manual stated 133 ft-lbs plus or minus 7 ft-lbs for the lug torque and that there are only 4 lift points for a jack, not the axle tube or differential. The tire techs had been using the axle tubes in the rear and the front end crossbar to jack the motorhome up and they as a group generally applied only 89 ft-lbs or so of lug torque which is probably why the lug nut eventually fell off. So it is imperative to inform the tire techs of the recommended lug torque and lift points.

  3. Bill Emmett Posted on 05.27.2017

    I soon will become a resident of New Hampshire, which has no sales tax. I will also be travelling to States which have a sales tax, will I be taxed on my Locker Deliveries, when billed in New Hampshire? Amazon now collects sales tax for those backwood regressive States.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 05.27.2017

      According to a report on CNBC:

      “Starting next month [April 2017], Amazon will begin collecting sales tax for orders in Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, and New Mexico, which means they’ll be collecting tax in all 45 states that require it. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have a state sales tax, so orders from residents of those states will, of course, remain tax-free.”

  4. Chris Posted on 05.04.2017

    I appreciate the information. This is something I have been wondering about ever since we’ve been contemplating full-timing.

    It’s probably nothing to worry about, but I suggest not posting screen shots of your emails on-line. The pickup code of your order is probably safe, but your Amazon order number may be a way for someone to find out information about you. I have not heard of an exploit like this, but being the paranoid person I am, I wouldn’t put it past a skilled hacker to be able to use this information.

    Just my suggestion for staying safe on-line. Thanks again for the information!

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 05.05.2017


      Good point about on-line safety. All blurred now.