Can We Travato There?

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  05.03.2017

WinnebagoLife contributor Heath Padgett, who drives a Class A Brave, visited Forest City, Iowa and challenged Travato product manager, Russ Garfin, to go where few motorhomes have ever gone before.

In this lighthearted tour in and around Forest City (including a trip around the test track) Heath learns that the Travato can take you just about anywhere.

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  1. Kevin M Posted on 03.04.2018

    Love my 2018 59k it’s got a very spacious feel to it compared to most b vans.

  2. Christine & Alan LaFoy Posted on 05.28.2017

    We are waiting on the delivery of our new 2017 Travato…
    We are reading and watching anything that we can to gain some knowledge.. This will be our first RV….

  3. Tony Conti Posted on 05.27.2017


  4. Jim Posted on 05.27.2017

    Would anyone share details about the paper towel holder? What brand? How and to what is it attached? Couldn’t see enough detail from the video. Thanks.

  5. Richard L Hopkins Posted on 05.27.2017

    2017 59G, love this machine. Goes anywhere in style. Constant ” wow, what is that” questions. Road trip USA.Coming up

  6. David Karol Posted on 05.27.2017

    The Travato is Russ’s legacy. We absolutely love our 2017 59K. Brilliant design with state of art systems. Can u turn on a dime and go anywhere. It is the best B unit made with the great Dodge Promaster chassis. Long live Russ!