5 Must-See RV Bunkhouse Floorplans

We call top bunk!

Maggie Hughes Maggie Hughes  |  05.09.2017

Kid’s eyes are sure to light up when they see the bunkhouse in your new RV. It’s almost guaranteed that someone will be first to the top bunk. And after the inevitable sparring over who gets dibs, you will most definitely be either the coolest parents or grandparents in all of RVdom — well, at least until they want their iPads back… but hey small victories, right?

Winnebago designers are parents too and they know that kids and grandkids love a special space of their own in an RV and you want somewhere to send them when you need your space.  That makes a bunkhouse a perfect solution. In fact, Winnebago has put bunkhouses in several RVs at various price points, so you’re sure to find a floorplan that meets your wants and doesn’t blow your budget. Check out the 5 Must-See Bunkhouse Floorplans below:

Forza 38W

Top of the list is the Forza 38W floorplan, an entry-level Class A diesel. This coach starts at $217,692 and features three sliderooms, two full bathrooms (important when you have a big crew), and a pretty nice list of high-end features. But the real centerpiece is the bunkhouse with upper and lower single slide windows. Kids will remember peering out those windows at the beautiful places they explored with you long after they can fit into the bunk beds.

And as an added bonus, the 38W floorplan is eligible for no-cost extended warranty for three years during Winnebago’s Carefree Diesel Days Promotion.

Learn More about the Winnebago Forza


Vista 31BE

Next on the list, the Vista 31BE floorplan, a modestly priced class A gas coach (starts at $97,525). When the full wall slideroom opens, your dinette and galley appear along with bunk beds. For some, RVing is all about “unplugging” from the distractions, plopping down near a campfire and eating all the s’mores a person can handle. While that may be the plan, mother nature has been known to throw a few curves during RV trips. When the rain might wash out your outdoor plans, the optional DVD players with flip down monitors for both bunks in 31BE floorplan will save the day.

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Minnie Winnie 31G

The Minnie Winnie name has been around almost as long as the company and it’s a fun a product as it was nearly fifty years ago. This is the perfect coach to jump into the RV lifestyle with, and you can bring the whole family in the 31G floorplan! The 31G’s full wall slideout expands to reveal a booth dinette and bunk beds. Not only can you sleep the whole family, but you can entertain them with the optional Exterior Tailgate Package featuring a 32″ HDTV with DVD player, stereo with exterior speakers, refrigerator, and 24″x48″ folding table perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings. Your “coolitude” score will increase, even on a budget!

Learn More about the Winnebago Minnie Winnie


But what about towable options?  We’re glad you asked and we’re here to deliver.  Winnebago Towables has two lightweight and affordable options:

Minnie Plus 27BHSS

Storage, living and sleeping space, features… it’s very easy to count the all the pluses of the Minnie Plus 27BHSS floorplan! The 27BHSS rear double bunk beds are the perfect hideout for the kids.

Learn More about the Winnebago Minnie Plus


Minnie 2455BHS

Don’t let the name fool you; the Winnebago Minnie packs maximum features including rear bunk beds with a large window into a lightweight and easy to pull camper!

Learn More about the Winnebago Minnie


If you could use the extra sleeping spaces — especially with kids, you should consider one of these versatile bunkhouse floorplans, They’re family-friendly, convenient, kids love them, and you’ll be the hero of the world!

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  1. Michael Posted on 08.06.2017

    The New deign of the Suncruiser and the Adventurer make these 2 of the best looking RV’s on the planet and they have everything you need its not a Grand Tour but being a GAS coach look out these 2 coaches have curb side appeal it looks better in my opinion that is why the design is being copied but we need a bunk version in the Sightseer & Sunova and Suncruiser & Adventurer models Winnebago some people mostly families like features, sleeping space and affordability more than a big power-plant.

  2. susan Posted on 08.05.2017

    Vista LX 35B is the best! Love bunks and two bathrooms.

  3. Michael Posted on 07.18.2017

    I like the Vista LX 35B models But I would love to see the Sunova have a BUNK model as well sightseer, suncruiser and the adventurer.

  4. Michelle Posted on 05.14.2017

    We LOVE our 35J. When we don’t have kids with us the top bunk makes great storage and the bottom doubles as a dog bed!! Love the versatility and additional sleeping space!

  5. susan Posted on 05.13.2017

    Vista LX 35B, which we love.
    It is great, but wish the post wasn’t eating up the foot space in bunk. Needs a ladder or step to get into top bunk, not provided by Winnebago.

  6. Jaime Posted on 05.13.2017

    Love the Solei and Forza 38R

  7. john sargent Posted on 05.13.2017

    My first Rv was a 79 Brave bunkhouse, perfect for our two sons, then 8 and 4, some great memories, good to see the floorplan has returned,
    John in Tucson

  8. jim Posted on 05.13.2017

    You left out the Vista LX 35B. That is my favorite!