A different choice for a new family.

Jameson Redding turns his lens and focus on their family, lifestyle and new Winnebago.

Maggie Hughes Maggie Hughes  |  04.18.2017

More and more young couples and new families are considering alternate work and living styles. Many of them are choosing Winnebago products as the method of travel and home of choice that enables them to live untethered.

Jameson and Sarah Redding have set out on that path. In 2016 they tested the waters in a Winnebago Aspect as a mobile base of operations while Jameson pursued his work for Jackson Kayak.  Ultimately, they found that full-time RV living gave them both the freedom and flexibility to combine career, family, and the excitement of discovery that can happen just around the next curve in the road.

As a photographer and videographer, Jameson is a true digital storyteller.  We welcome him, Sarah and their little guy, Wyatt, to the growing family of GoLife explorers.

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  1. Jameson Redding Posted on 05.02.2017


    We use a small trailer to carry kayaks. We also use the hitch for bikes. I picked up a splitter that allows me to use the hitch for two different connections. One for the trailer and another for a bike rack. A shorter kayak might also work on the ladder, but most of the ones I use are over 12 feet in length and this would be to tall mounted vertical on the back. Hope this helps!

  2. Mike Ferguson Posted on 04.23.2017

    My wife & I just bought a Fuse and we decided to go with a small enclosed cargo trailer for secure hauling of bikes, kayaks, SUPs, windsurf gear, and all the technical wear (helmets, life jackets, drysuits, shorties, etc.) that goes with those activities.

  3. Dave Posted on 04.22.2017

    Great article Redding family. Jameson, do you take a kayak with you on your ventures? I am looking for a way to mount a kayak to the ladder of my Winnebago Fuse (hitch is being used for 3-4 bicycles), what do you use?

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing your story,


  4. Katrina Keller Posted on 04.21.2017

    Hey Sarah! Miss working with you, but wishing you the best on your adventures! Wyatt is absolutely adorable. Keep making and posting videos so we can live vicariously through you!