Great Rack! A Winnebago Exclusive

A quick how-to video for using Winnebago's elegant new bike rack

James & Stef Adinaro James & Stef Adinaro  |  01.29.2017

Travato owner and bike enthusiast James Adinaro (The FitRV) shows you how easy it is to use Winnebago’s exclusively designed bike rack now available for several different models of Winnebago’s B-Vans and C-Class motorhomes.

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  1. Michael Yates Posted on 01.25.2019

    Hey guys, love the videos. We had this rack on our ERA 70-B and it failed, and bent the door as a result. The rack is rated for 100 lbs and we had two E-bikes on it that per specs were 99 lbs. I know, I was cutting it close and should have gone with a different type of rack to begin with. The good news is that we were traveling from Texas home to Minnesota and I called the Winnebago Customer Service Center located in Forrest City, Iowa and they got us in as we passed through. My wife and I were so impressed with every person we interacted with and will use the Service Center for maintenance in the future. Winnebago is replacing the door under warranty and offered a new rack. We decided to go with a different rack, and started calling around to find a rack that is RV rated, can handle the weight of E-bikes with fenders and can still have access to the rear doors. We ended up at and bought a Kuat swing hitch and a Swagman rack.

    I will use the Winnebago service center again, I was so impressed at the commitment to fixing all our problems right, not just the door. They even had engineering come over to see how the rack failed. So if you are planning on putting two E-bikes on the rack, I would not recommend it. It’s a great rack but just will not handle the weight. Lastly, if you have anything in your RV that your dealer hasn’t been able fix, I would highly recommend making an appointment at one of Winnebago’s two service centers. They are great resources for Winnebago owners both in and out of warranty.

  2. Fran Gangemi Simmons Posted on 05.27.2018

    I use a bicycle (thickest one I could buy) cord and lock and wrap it around the handle of the van.

    How do I order the red piece for the arm on the bike rack? It broke.
    Is it under warranty?

    1. Brooke Baum Posted on 06.08.2018

      Hi Fran, I’d suggest reaching out to owner relations ( Thanks, GoLife Editor

  3. Shane Breaux Posted on 04.01.2018

    Is there an add on to be able carry 3 or 4 bikes?

  4. Mark Kaplan Posted on 03.26.2018

    I’m planning on getting a 2018 View 24D with this rack on it. I would like to carry 2 bikes – each about 54lbs without the battery. Is there any way to strengthen this rack to carry maybe 10% more weight?

  5. Don Stanat Posted on 03.05.2018

    The weight capacity of the Travato Bike Rack is listed as 100 lbs.

  6. Don Stanat Posted on 03.01.2018

    What is the weight capacity of the rack? We have a 2018 Travato and are considering a pair of electric bikes with weight around 60lbs each.

  7. obrian mason Posted on 02.28.2018

    You guys really need to offer this rack without the van attached. I would love to buy one.

  8. Jerome Full Posted on 02.19.2018

    Do you think this rack can handle a fat bike (4″ tires?)

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.19.2018

      No. It’s trays can only accommodate regular or standard mountain bike tires.

  9. Jim Johnson Posted on 02.17.2018

    Thanks Dan…

  10. Jim Johnson Posted on 02.15.2018

    How would a person hook up a woman’s bike to this bike rack ?It doesn’t seem that it’s possible.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.16.2018

      For some mountain bikes and drop frames (woman style) you can buy an extension that hooks between the handlebars and seat post which will allow you to mount the bike. These cost $30-40 dollars and are available from many bike shops, outdoor retailers, and Amazon.

  11. Sally Posted on 01.29.2018

    Love the new bike rack, saw it at an RV show. We have a class A Winnebago Vista 30T towing. Don’t want to carry bikes too low, this seems to carry bikes higher and protect from damage. How do we purchase one?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.29.2018

      Unfortunately this rack is made for specific models and isn’t available for the Vista.

  12. jeffnludlow Posted on 01.02.2018

    Just used the rack for the first time and worked reasonably well. How do I research parts? Not sure if it was my fault or already existing, but, one of the adjustable orange/red straps that connect the bike top tube device to the rack needs to be replaced. Any thoughts?

  13. Dave Derby Posted on 01.02.2018

    Hi James
    I am a member of your Travato Facebook page. As you know recently there was a lot of posts about the weakness of the included trailer hitch on the Winnebago Trovato. I am about to purchase a new 2018 59K. Do you think the trailer hitch well support a Thule hitch mounted bicycle rack with two bicycles on it without any issues ? After reading a lot of the posts perhaps I should take it to a trailer hitch company and get it reinforced first what are your thoughts ?

  14. jean turcotte Posted on 10.30.2017

    I Want to but a used fuse23 t 2017. Is it possible to instal your New bike rack

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 10.30.2017


      It may be. Many back walls are reinforced to hold the bike rack, but to be on the safe side, you should call Owner Relations with the VIN # so they can check to be sure. 800-537-1885

      There are other good strategies for carry bikes. I’m a big fan of both the hitch mounted tray-style racks make by Kuat and Thule. Not cheap, but really well made and easy to use. For lighter road bikes another solution is a dual receiver where you can attach a bike rack and still have a receiver to hitch your tow bar to if you’re pulling a car.

  15. Sarah Posted on 06.10.2017

    Are parts available? We have one on our 2017 Travato G. Both arms that attach to the bikes have failed in our first two weeks on the road.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 06.15.2017


      Sorry to hear about your rack problem. Parts should be available. A good starting point is calling your local dealer. You can also call Owner Relations for guidance at 800-537-1885.

  16. Lloyd Posted on 02.26.2017

    How do you prevent theft of the rack and bikes? Seems to me all the thief has to do is unscrew the four knob bolts and carry off the rack and bikes.

  17. Erica Posted on 02.06.2017

    Do you know if it can be installed on a 2015 ERA 70X? And does it have to be dealer installed, or could it be a DIY by my very handy, engineer husband? (Terrible authorized dealer is 2 hours away, others 4+ hours away, and we don’t know of their quality, so would prefer DIY). Thanks! Love following you and Stef.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.09.2017

      Sorry, the rack is only available on new models.

  18. Scott Gauthier Posted on 02.05.2017

    Can this rack be installed on a 2017 View 24J? If so, where can it be purchased?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.09.2017

      The rack can only be installed on a View/Navion at the time of manufacturing. The reason for this is that, during construction, the rear wall needs to be reinforced.

  19. Rex Posted on 02.05.2017

    So it looks great, but I can’t find any place on the Winnebago parts site that lets me search for this, nor does a google search find it, and Camping World (my local Winny dealer) doesn’t have it. Can it be ordered, or is this just a pre-announcement and it won’t be available until?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.09.2017

      Unfortunately the rack is only available when ordered with a new coach or van. There are no current plans to sell it separately.

  20. Bob Posted on 02.04.2017

    Cool. Can this be installed on previous models? (We have a ’16 Brave.)

    1. James and Stef Adinaro Posted on 02.04.2017

      Usually, when there’s a will, there’s a way.
      But in this case, it’s tough to say without looking at your rig in detail.

  21. David Posted on 02.04.2017

    Does this new bike rack fit a Navion 24G?… since it has the back BR slide.

    1. James and Stef Adinaro Posted on 02.04.2017

      Seems like that would be a difficult fit. I know Winnebago was offering a Fiamma rack that bolted to the rear slide for a while.
      Perhaps something similar could be worked out with this one?

  22. Larry G Posted on 02.04.2017

    Wow! It would be so easy to STEAL THIS BIKE AND RACK!! Security bolts or locks are needed to keep rack attached to the RV. This should not be an option or some modification I will be having to make .

  23. Steve Posted on 01.30.2017


    This new rack does have some nifty features, the fact that you can remove it is one of them. But couldn’t someone (it might take two people) also just remove the rack with your bikes on it. It doesn’t do much good to cable your bikes to the rack if thieves can just walk away with the whole thing. I really like your how-to and review videos, keep up the good work!

    1. James and Stef Adinaro Posted on 02.04.2017

      Hi Steve –
      Actually, most bike racks can be removed with a simple tool. For example, the Yakima rack that sits atop my car can be removed with a torx driver, rack, bikes, and all. This rack just attempts to make that a feature.
      However, if it concerns you, the bolts are a standard threading. (They looked like 1/4-20, but I didn’t verify that.) You could easily swap out the bolts with something like these:

      Remember, the campground bike thief is a smash-and-grab opportunist.
      It’s highly unlikely he’ll carry around a sophisticated array of security fasteners just so he can hoist one or two bikes and a rack all at once – still chained together, mind you – into the back of a truck.


  24. Triangle RV Posted on 01.30.2017

    Thanks James,
    We have so many of our customers that go biking….this will help explain how easy this is to use!

    1. James and Stef Adinaro Posted on 02.04.2017

      Glad to hear this will come in handy!

  25. Al Moser Posted on 01.29.2017

    When will Winnebago show Class A gas owners some love? This year has been all about small class B and C’s. I like the new designs and accessories, though!

    1. James and Stef Adinaro Posted on 02.04.2017

      We love ya, Al! ;-)