Winnebago Service Now on the West Coast

Junction City, Oregon is now taking appointments!

Amy & Rod Burkert Amy & Rod Burkert  |  12.11.2016

Having your car serviced, or leaving your house while the carpets are cleaned is a hassle … but when your vehicle is your home, and your home is your vehicle, things get slightly more complicated.

Just like your car, our motorhome requires regular maintenance. And, just like your house, we usually have a few things that needs to be fixed. But not all service centers are equally reliable, and knowing where to go is difficult.

Sometimes you get lucky and your technician is well-trained and does a great job. Other times …  well, let’s just say that we’ve left feeling worse off than when we arrived. Add to that the long wait to get an appointment – sometimes several months – and it can be an all-round frustrating experience.

The Winnebago Experience Is Different

Years ago we learned that taking the RV back to the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa for service is a much better option. The technicians know everything there is to know about Winnebagos, they have every part you’ll ever need right in the warehouse, and they accommodate customers who drop in without an appointment!

The downside is that, depending on where you are in the country, it can be a long drive to Iowa. That’s why we’re so excited that Winnebago purchased the old Country Coach facility in Junction City, Oregon! They’ve renovated it, and now they’re providing the same quality service on the West Coast!

A Service Appointment in Junction City

Comparatively speaking, getting in for service on short notice is much easier in Junction City than Forest City – perhaps because Winnebago owners are just finding out about the Oregon facility! We had a pretty major list of repairs and were able to get on the service schedule within a week. (Of course, after this blog post, that may change.)

Similar to the arrangements in Forest City, customers who arrive for service are welcome to stay on the grounds. They have two parking areas with electric hook ups, and a dump station with potable water access.


These spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and, as you can see, most were occupied during our stay.

White Glove Treatment

Okay, it’s not exactly white glove, but the customer care here in Junction City is every bit as fantastic as we’ve received in Forest City. At 8am on the morning of our service appointment the technician assigned to our coach knocked on the door. He listened and took notes while we explained the necessary repairs or maintenance items, then he drove our rig over to the service area, and we were free to get comfortable in the waiting room, or head out for some sightseeing.

The waiting room in Junction City is not as large and doesn’t have all the conveniences of the one in Forest City, but they are pet friendly, and the staff is very pleasant.

Since it was a gorgeous day, we opted instead to drive the 17 miles down to Eugene and for a picnic in the park and a walk around the city. Our technician, Tom, was fabulous – calling us with updates and to clarify any questions he had as they checked off the items on our list.

At the end of the day, your tech will deliver your coach back to the parking area so you can make dinner and sleep at “home.” If your service requests aren’t complete, your tech will be back again at 8 the next morning to pick up your motorhome and get back to work.

Take the Opportunity to Get Away

If you know it’s going to be a couple days until the work on your RV is done, getting a hotel is another great option. It gives the techs an extra hour per day to work on your rig if they don’t have to drive it back and forth from the parking area to the service bays, and we find it’s much more convenient with the dogs. Ty and Buster like to have space where they can stretch out and get comfortable.

We found a pet friendly La Quinta Inn and Suites in Eugene, directly across from Alton Baker Park. The park is perfect for walking the dogs, has a fenced, off-leash area, and provides access to several trails, so you can easily get most anywhere in the city!

Having your motorhome serviced is never convenient, but our experience at Winnebago’s new Junction City location couldn’t have been better. Keep it in mind if you’re in the area!


(Winnebago’s west coast service department is open to all types of RVs from towables to Prevost conversions.  Additionally they also offer body and paint services.  For more information call the service center at 541-234-2167.)

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  1. Herman Mount Posted on 09.05.2018

    I have a 1999 itaska 36 foot diesel on a freightliner chassis with a number of problems that I would like to get taken care of. The primary problem is with the rear air braking system. It is intermittent low air and I am starting to see brake dust (I think) on my rear rims. Supposedly I can make an appointment on this site.

    1. Brooke Baum Posted on 09.08.2018

      Hi Herman, This is actually not the site for making an appointment. is Winnebago’s blog where we share tips and stories about the RVing lifestyle. However, here is the link to a page that has a contact form and phone numbers for the Winnebago service department: Hope this helps! -GoLife Editor

  2. Tad Hall Posted on 06.20.2017

    Purchased 2017 Sunstar LX 35F at Camping World on April 9th 2017.
    As per the Winnebago manual for my coach, it states the following:

    Video Selection System-if equipped, “allows you to switch the antenna, aux, cable TV, satellite TV or DVD signal to any TV set location in the coach. This means one person can watch a program coming in on the roof antenna on the bedroom TV while another person watches satellite or cable TV program or video on the front TV.”

    So far, this seems to be not the case from my practical experience. Of course I am open to additional instruction, suggestions or help in any way. I admit I’m not an expert and realize some of my trouble may be operator error. Bottom line: I just want to enjoy my new coach to it’s fully advertised abilities. The coach is intended for enjoyment and relaxation, not a source of frustration!

    Here is a breakdown of each Entertainment/TV function and the issues with each:

    1) Cable TV- with all selector switches on “cable”. When connected to “park cable”, the only TV that searches and finds cable channels is the rear bedroom TV. The living room TV searches, but doesn’t find cable channels through the auto search function. Nor will it find any channels if manually entered. Issue- The way it is mounted, you can’t access the back of the living room TV to confirm connections to coax. So, no cable signal to main living room TV. The outside TV, with input on TV and menu button pushed on remote won’t right arrow over to “channels”, therefore not allowing to advance to “automatic channel search”. Once I knew what channels were available from the bedroom TV search, I was able to manually enter each channel on the outside TV and they came in, so there is cable signal getting to the outside TV.

    2) Satellite TV- With selector switches on “aux”. With coach connected to portable satellite antenna, “playmaker” and coax plugged in “from portable Satellite dish” port in selector box cabinet to back of satellite receiver, DISH 211Z, and HDMI cable in cabinet plugged into 211Z, the only TV that gets satellite signal is living room TV. I was told by Winnebago techs and CW tech that the way to get the signal to the other TV’s, I would have to plug additional coax cable from the port labeled “to satellite receiver output” to the back of Dish satellite receiver. Problem: Of the 3 DSIH receivers made; Wally, 211Z and 211K, the 211k is the only one that has a coax output plug. But, the 211K will not fit in the slot provided in the selector box cabinet. I was told the solution was to run RCA plugs from the outputs in the back of the 211Z to an RF Modulator, then a coax from modulator to the corresponding output port in the cabinet. I was warned that I would only receive analog and no HD signal, but it would allow me to send satellite signal to the other TVs. After purchasing and hooking up the RF modulator per instructions, I have not come up with the proper combo of switches and input screens, etc., to get any signal to the other TVs, so the only TV I can watch satellite signal on is the living room TV.

    3) DVD TV- With all selector switches on “DVD”. When wanting to watch a movie, you utilize the DVD slot in the dash Pioneer AVH-X2800BS. This sends the video signal to all TVs. Problem: There is no audio signal sent to any of the TVs. So, even with the TV volumes turned up to 100, no sound from the TV. The only sound coming from the movie soundtrack is coming from the speakers mounted at the front of coach above driver and passenger seats. This makes it difficult to sit in the living room trying to watch a movie when the sound is coming from the front of the coach. And, renders it impractical to try to watch a movie from the outside or bedroom TVs. You can watch a movie on the outside TV using the outside DVD player mounted outside with the TV, but several attempts to view a movie from that DVD player has resulted in a message. “DISC ERR”. I’m not sure if the player is defective or I’m doing something wrong. It starts the movie then stops and shows error. I’ve tried several DVDs with same results.

    4) Rooftop Antenna/Booster TV- When we took delivery of coach at CW they had the living room TV on during walk-thru and the CW rep said the TV signal was coming from rooftop antenna with booster turned on and it had picked up 30+ channels in HD. The living room TV was producing a beautifully crisp picture in HD. We did not turn on the other TVs to confirm if signal was being received, so I don’t know if they will. When I get in an area to get a signal, hopefully they will!

    So there you have it. I’m not trying to be difficult, but would like to know how to fully enjoy my entertainment features as indicated in the manual. Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated!

  3. John K Posted on 12.20.2016

    This is a great option that we will take advantage of. From my experience this is much better than going to local dealers for warranty work. Our local Winnebago dealer has been a major pain to work with since we did not buy the unit from them – only because they did not have the model we wanted. First question they ask when I call for warranty work is did you buy the unit from us, when I say no they will not schedule an appointment to work on our unit even when they have openings for 30 days. We had a problem with our slide out and were leaving on a trip, they had openings but told us by policy they could not work on our unit since we did not buy from them till we returned from the trip – great service I will be sure to never buy from them again even if they have what we are looking for in the future.

  4. Mark H. Posted on 12.18.2016

    Is there a web link that describes the services available at the
    Junction City facility?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 12.29.2016

      A web page update is being planned. Until then, please call the service center directly for more information: 541-234-2167

  5. Earl McPeak Posted on 12.17.2016

    Is it strictly service or do they do painting?

  6. John Schmill Posted on 12.17.2016

    Thank You Winnebago! We took our coach to Forest City when we first got it and were extremely impressed by the service and care we received. We were in and out in record time! We are in the process of looking for a new home in the Portland OR area, so on our next trip, I WILL be visiting to get a recall taken care of. Thank you again!

  7. Lew Bailen Posted on 12.17.2016

    We were directed to Junction City to have the slide hardware on our Itasca 35P, We had other items which were addressed at the time. They did fix most but we had items that were bad when still in warrenty that Camping World told us were not covered, we find out that they should of been but were told thay would not do it now even thou we had documents that showed we were in warrenty at the time, They also fixed our main door that pops open when you drive but the screen that is some of the problem the charge us $ 75.00 and the 10 miles out of town the door popped open again, We are not in Arizona and LaMesa is being very helpful at a cost. Wtith all our problen Lemon Law would be helpful but we bought in Florida and it does not cover the coach just the chassis. Live and learn.

  8. Anthony Blumenthal Posted on 12.17.2016

    We too stopped at this same facility on a return trip from Alaska. Our slide broke while in British Columbia. We overnighted at a pet friendly hotel while they installed brand new mechanisms on our slide. Very happy with our experience!

  9. Eric Eltinge Posted on 12.17.2016

    This is why I bought a new 2015 Winnebago ERA. Excellent service from the many Mercedes Benz and Winnebago dealerships. People who buy off brand motorhomes are just asking for trouble. Will be buying a FORZA next!

  10. Tom Mitchoff Posted on 12.17.2016

    Re: Junction City, “And finally a Winnebago sign!” Hope the boys are now sporting company logos on their shirts and jackets. Took our Tour there for service and they were very professional and took good care of us. The only thing lacking would be a sound barrier by the train tracks.
    All in all, a great experience. T

  11. Jill Van Posted on 12.17.2016

    Wondering if they’ll service all classes.

  12. Roy Somers Posted on 12.17.2016

    We were treated very well at the Winnebago facility in Forest City last year. And yes, it was a long drive for us to get there from Northern Alberta. Having a factory repair facility in Oregon as well will be a plus for us for sure!!

  13. Ted Leavitt Posted on 12.17.2016

    Great to hear about your service experience in Oregon. My hope is this will be such a positive business strategy that an eastern region service facility will become a reality.