20 Gift Ideas for RV Lovers (Under $50)

James & Stef Adinaro James & Stef Adinaro  |  11.22.2016

Here come the holidays, folks. If you haven’t started your shopping list for the RVers in your life, you’ve come to the right place. James and I put our heads together to save you some time. We’ve come up with some creative and unique gift ideas perfect for RV enthusiasts. And the best part, these won’t bust your budget!  (To save steps we had Santa’s elves provide links to these products.  Simply click on the product name/price.)

Moso Natural Air Purifier $10   


These pretty little linen bags are stuffed with one ingredient: bamboo charcoal. They are a natural way to purify the air in the RV, trapping odors, allergens, and bacteria inside the porous charcoal. We keep one in Lance, and appreciate how it keeps the air we breathe a little healthier. They make a great gift for RVers who love natural and home-remedy type products.

Shower House Caddy $10 


Jaunts through the RV park to the shower house are an inevitable part of the RV lifestyle. Here’s a creative idea: buy a portable shower caddy for your RVer and fill it with toiletries you know they’ll enjoy! Just keep in mind this gift can add up. The caddy itself is only $10, but of course whatever you add to it will increase that.

Travel Scrabble Ornament $12  


Not all RV gifts have to be functional. Sometimes it’s nice to give a little keepsake that’ll make someone smile.

Decorative Pillow $15


If you’re looking to buy a Made-in-the-USA gift that’ll add a nice touch to your RVer’s rig, this RV-themed throw pillow is a great choice. RVers love to personalize their rigs…throw pillows are an easy way to do so.

Key Finder (or Cat Finder!) $16


This remote key finder not only keeps track of the RV keys, it also locates any other items prone to getting lost…glasses, cellphones, etc. I plan to attach one to the collar of our cat Mel, who is currently an RV-cat-in-training, once he finally graduates to a full-fledged RV cat!

Packable Beach Blanket $17 


I keep one of these portable picnic blankets in our RV and get a ton of use out of it. On a recent trip I used it on the beach, on a picnic table with splintered seats, at an outdoor concert, and as a mat for exercise. I love how they fold up very compact and have a convenient strap for carrying.

Portable Wine Glass Holder $18 


For the RVing wine-lover who has everything, here’s a one-of-a-kind gift. These wine glass holders are essential for anytime you’re outside. They can either stake in the ground, suction cup to surfaces like hot-tubs, or attach to camp chairs. Don’t ask me how they keep a wine glass stable, they just do. They’re awesome. Buy some for your RVer friend and then buy some for yourself!

Kill-A-Watt $20 


If the RVer on your list is a bit of a tech junkie, consider this gizmo. It monitors the electrical loads of any plugged-in device. Having this information helps RVers extend their time off the grid. James loves to pull out ours and test every new appliance we bring into the RV. When I asked him for a gift idea for RV nerds, this was the first thing he suggested.

Personalized Dish Towel $21


This RV-themed dish towel is a simple gift, but will get you bonus points because it’s personalized with their own name on it. Anything personalized shows you put a little time and thought into the gift. Plus they’re just cute.

RV Hair Don’t Care Hat $23  


Alright I confess. I put this one in the list because I want it for myself. Though I’m pretty sure I’m not the only RVer who finds this hat amusing. For the RVer with a sense of humor, a bit of an attitude, and a fondness for hats, get this. They’ll love it.

Headlamp $25 


I know, not as exciting as an RV Hair Don’t Care hat, but the use we get out of our headlamps on RV trips is phenomenal. Walking to the shower house at night, carried in our hiking day packs just-in-case, doing the hook-ups after dark, I could go on and on. Headlamps are a super-useful RV gadget and we don’t leave home without ours.

Packable hammock $27 


Portable hammocks can be great fun on RV trips. They pack down into a tiny bag and attach to trees in minutes. They’re super-sturdy and can hold up to 500lbs…so if you’re buying these for a couple, they can use them for snuggle-time. Or comedy-hour, which is usually how it goes when James and I get in the hammock…

RV Bath Towels: $29 


I tried to get on the microfiber bandwagon, because they’re all the rage in the campervan world for bath towels. For years, I battled getting dry with those things. And then recently a fellow RVer told me about her love of these Packtowels. We ordered some, and I’m hooked. They pack down nicely, feel fantastic, and actually dry you!

Resistance Bands Kit $30


What can I say? I’m from The Fit RV. Did you think I could complete a gift guide without at least one exercise gift? Seriously, guys, these bands are a great gift for RVers. They come in their own special bag with everything you need, including a book with exercise suggestions. If you’d like to encourage the RVer in your life to lead a healthy RV lifestyle, here’s the perfect gift.

Burnie Grill $32 


Anything that makes the RV trip easier makes a great gift, ESPECIALLY when they add to the trip fun. That’s exactly what these Burnie grills do. They’re a one-time use campfire that you can even cook on. You simply light it, and it slowly burns down leaving little mess. We’ve enjoyed many Burnie campfires. The great thing about giving Burnie as a gift is that you don’t have to worry if they already have it! You can’t have enough Burnies.

Laser Lansdcape Lights $37 


Here’s a fun gift idea for RVers who like to sit outside after dark. At the GNR rally this summer, one of our RV friends brought his Laser Light and shined it in a tree near our row. It set such a pleasant and festive atmosphere, it’s been on my radar ever since. They’re very portable, small, and use very little electricity.

Sand Free Mat $38 


For RVers that like things clean, they’ll love this mat. The mat allows small dirt particles and sand to fall through the weave, so you’re left with a clean surface and you’ll track less inside the RV. This won’t surprise anyone who knows James (and his sandphobic ways)…we have two.

Inflatable Lounge chair $40


If you get an inflatable lounger for the RVer on your list, make sure you stick around for the amusement that occurs as they flail about trying to fill it. They’ll have a ball, you’ll get a good laugh, and after all the running around catching air they’ll be thankful for somewhere comfy to lounge.

Personalized Cutting Board $49 


Here’s a fun gift that’s not only cute, it’s practical. You get to design the graphic on this cutting board by choosing the type of rig, the people, and even pets. So you end up with a cutting board representative of the RVers on your gift list.

Scrubba $50 


The Scrubba is an ingenious bag that substitutes as a washing machine, and would be a convenient gift for any RVer who doesn’t have their own washing machine in their rig. Since it folds up as any bag would, it takes very little space in the RV and is simply a great way to wash clothes on the road. In fact I pack much less for each trip, because I know I’ll be able to re-wear the few things I bring…thanks to the Scrubba.

So there you have it… our twenty gift ideas with the RVer in mind. And whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, the upcoming holiday season, or just because you want to make someone’s day, hopefully this just made your shopping a little easier!

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  1. scott Posted on 11.29.2016

    The van is the California camper by Volkswagen

  2. evelyn Posted on 11.27.2016

    any idea what that van is with the ‘sand free mat’?? looking for a small travel van. that looks intriquing.

  3. velda Posted on 11.26.2016

    Rats, the hat hair cap is out
    Of stock and no restock date. Wanted one.