The New 2017 Paseo

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  10.31.2016

Winnebago product manager, Russ Garfin, does a complete front-to-back tour of the Ford Transit-based Paseo B-Van. The Paseo fills out the Winnebago touring coach line with a very well equipped, easy-to-drive style that can be a daily commute vehicle, weekend getaway, or cross-country tourer.

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  1. Jean Posted on 07.08.2017

    I want to travel most of the year. go to craft shows. want a tv, nice kitchen and a recliner. In bedroom: with shelves and drawers, and a table where I can put my sewing machine and sew.
    Would like solar power on the top Where can I find one? and the cost.

  2. Phil Botnick Posted on 11.13.2016

    No RV manufacturer makes a true off grid full time living RV. There are people that solely specialize in building these systems and make them perform. We are 30 year full timers off the grid and build solar packages.

  3. Al in Maine Posted on 11.13.2016

    I also have the CPAP issue and many homes in all sizes do not have a shelf/outlet near the bed. I’m also 6’2″ so have bed length issues. Further, my coach doubles as a mobile office where an floorplan allowing for TV based powerpoints and sitting away from the dinette is important in a business setting. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  4. Jay Gosdin Posted on 11.12.2016

    We need a off the grid RV that uses lithium batteries and 400 to 500 watts of solar power. Also need invertor and both 110 and cigar lighter plug for 12 volts for Cpap machine. Want to run the machine without generator or plug ins on full batteries all night long.

  5. Bernard Posted on 11.12.2016

    Please send me a picture showing the complete layout of the Winnebago\\Trend D.
    If I buy an RV out of state how do I avoid paying a sales tax in that
    state and also in my home state of California

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 11.12.2016

      You can see pictures of the Trend, a hi-res virtual tour, video walk-through and floorlan on Winnebago’s product site:

      If you buy from an out-of-state dealer you will not have to pay local sales tax. They will prepare a temporary transit license for your return to California. In most states, when you register for license plates that’s when you will also pay the sales tax.

  6. Rod Ayres Posted on 11.12.2016

    Same questions a Joe, can we get a longer bed. If so I could very well buy one!

  7. Joe Posted on 11.12.2016

    It looks like a dream!
    Is it possible to order with some modifications to allow for longer beds? We’re not sure we could fit into the twin configuration. I’m 6’2″, and my wife is 5’4″. The 53″ x 72″ bed would not be long enough, and we would rather use the twin beds anyway.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 11.12.2016


      It’s just a challenge of features and physics when in comes to maximizing bed size. You should investigate Winnebago’s very popular Travato 59K floorplan which might fit your needs better.

      The Era 70A floorplan just might work too.

  8. gary Posted on 11.01.2016

    Very nice new product for sure. Thanks for sharing.