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Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  10.12.2016

We like to introduce you to a great new addition to GoLife.  We’ve added a box that features recent Instagram photos posted by Winnebago owners and travelers.

You don’t have to be a photographer or have an Instagram account to enjoy the daily stream of images people share with us.  Some of these Instagrams now include short video segments, too.

What’s striking is the wide range of shared adventures, scenery, food, pets, friends, and Winnebagos that appear on a daily basis. If you have an Instagram account (or decide to set one up – it’s free), simply add the tag #winnebagolife to your photo or video and it will appear in our feed.

Here’s just a few images that have inspired us, made us smile, and pulled out the atlas for future trip planning.

02-travato-sunrise 15-travato-owners 14-travato-desert 13-holcombes-aurora 12-cruzes-boulder-city 11-happy-dog 10-winnieb-in-idaho 09-breakfast 08-jameson-aspect 07-wanda-at-burning-man 06-winnebago-wanderers 05-old-winnie 04-cruzes-in-texas 03-alyssa-editng

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  1. harvey Inouye Posted on 10.15.2016

    This is a great idea. Every day travelers now have a tool to show off their great shots and experiences to other seasoned and amatuer RVers. As a life member in his dawning years, it does my heart good to see not only the news Winnebago products, but also the many great places we have in the U.S.
    Why travel the tourist traps in the world when we have much more in our own great country.