Introducing the Vista 29VE

It's tailgating time, baby!

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  04.11.2016

Winnebago Class A Gas product manager, Rick DeVries, says the VE stands for “very exciting.” And when you see all the features this affordable coach has to offer, we think you’ll agree. ย Rick shows off the industry’s first-of-its-kind outside galley which is a tailgater’s dream come true.

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  1. ron tokarchik Posted on 04.23.2016

    Are any of your the handicap access able ? Or can be modified as such

  2. Harry Harris Posted on 04.23.2016

    Nice Coach! I would like one without the exterior TV or Kitchen. I would not use those items. My interest is Winter usage, driving and boondocking during the colder parts of the year. Having insulation to keep the unit warm and a larger LP tank to heat the unit. I live in Michigan.

  3. Carol Posted on 04.23.2016

    Could a washer dryer combo be integrated into this unit instead of the outside tailgating package or even inside somewhere?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 04.23.2016


      You have to take the big step up into Winnebago’s Adventurer product line to get a washer/dryer.

  4. Bob Pearson Posted on 04.23.2016

    3 months ago I bought a Vista 31KE. The third RV in 3.5 years. As Rick said I should have purchased a Winnebago the first time. Looking at the full length slide with appliances I still think I got the best Vista. What I really wanted for Boondocking and parking at Casinos, Walmarts, etc. is a 28′ class A with no slide out. But its got to be a Winnebago.

  5. Paula Grissom Posted on 04.23.2016

    Winnebago boasts about a 10 year warranty on their roofs, that’s only if you are the original owner. Good luck if you’re not.

  6. John Shipman Posted on 04.23.2016

    I noticed the redesigned mount for the dash radio/CD/back up camera. Can you give me the part number for the redesigned dash plate that turns the camera towards the driver so we can actually safely see it? Thanks

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 04.23.2016

      Please contact either your local dealer or Winnebago Owner Relations at: 800-537-1885 to inquire about that part.

  7. Eli White Posted on 04.23.2016

    Nice coach, but I would also not need the tailgate package. As an active musician, I would prefer to have the additional outside storage for some of our equipment that would not fit in the normal outside storage units.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 04.23.2016


      There may be some other Vista floorplans better suited for your needs. Check them out here:

  8. Caddie Ann Joseph Posted on 04.27.2016

    We would not use an outside Kitchen. We do some “dry camping” and every once in a while have to use the generator. When it Doesn’t work,
    a ceiling vent in the main bedroom area would be most helpful. Why only one vent and that one in the living room area? With a MaxAir cover, the vent can be open and used even in the rain. Regardless of the size, an extra vent especially in the main bedroom area would enhance the usage of the RV to the maximum. Why has this been overlooked? AC
    is not always the answer… a vent is!

  9. david banker Posted on 04.29.2016

    Does any one know what model radio is in the 2017 vista 29ve

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 05.14.2016

      I went back and checked the video and it’s a Pioneer brand. If you call either a local Winnebago dealer or Owner Relations, they should be able to get you the proper model information. 800-537-1885

  10. Humberto Mares Posted on 09.10.2016

    I own a 33Ft Itasca Sunova, had taken it to Alaska Twice From Texas, the best MotorHome i ever own. The only problem that I have, no Ford dealers wants to do a simple Oil Change, if you ask Camping World, they tell you they do not work with on chassis. Can Winnebago provide with a list of dealers that work on chassis in the USA?.

  11. Penelope Valentine Posted on 10.30.2016

    We do not need nor want the bunk over the front cab. Much prefer the larger storage cabinets above. Manufacturers say it is an option but I have not found one RV without it-only if we go back to a 2013 model. Without having a ‘custom’ RV made for us, what are the options?? Also do not want nor need the outside kitchen or TV.

  12. Perry Baxter Posted on 12.31.2016

    I see in the video that there are return springs on the leveling jacks. Is there a mod to add those to a 2014 Vista 30T?? Our leveling system has been worked on numerous times. Are jacks down light comes on every time we start the motorhome. Everything in the system has been changed except one jack.

  13. c grandlund Posted on 12.31.2016

    We have a 2013 Aspect 27K. It came with a in motion roof mounted King Dome. This does not work. It will not read a satellite. We have Direct TV. There tecs have worked on it for 2 days with no results. Winnebago told us to take it to Camping World. We took the Aspect in. There tec worked on it for 7 hrs needed a new coax so installed it. $1200. Still no tv. ?? Camping World will not return calls
    Were told not under warranty Seems like someone should be responsible I am not too happy with Winnebago or Camping World. We just spend $1200 for nothing. Camping World didn’t even tell us what it would cost. Just handed us the bill. Camping World of Orlando. Now the trodle is sticking

  14. mimi Posted on 02.11.2017

    Can I purchase one without outside kitchen or outside tv?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.12.2017

      Take a look at the 31BE which has a very similar floor plan without the galley.

  15. Brenda Womack Posted on 02.25.2017

    My husband and I just purchased this RV and we are “Very Excited” about it inside and out. This was designed and built for us and we couldn’t be happier Winnebago made this “Goldilocks” package that’s just right for us. Thank you!!

  16. Kent Herbert Posted on 03.13.2017

    I bought the Vista 29VE and I’m very pleased with it. After owning an Ace by Thor, and Storm by Fleetwood, as well as a 2006 Winnebago Sightseer 29. The positives of the 29VE are the full-wall slide allowing for a very open, effective floorplan, the materials quality of closet and cupboard doors as well as the furniture, the cockpit chairs being able to fully turn toward the interior, MCD shades, fiberglass roof, and great tailgate package with invertor and generator (answering questions about dry camping with is easily possible). With as high quality reputation as Winnebago has I am surprised, however, that the basement storage doors aren’t more substantial with better insulation and gas-assisted struts. Winnebago has let Fleetwood and Thor outclass them with this issue. In addition, three other small upgrades that are included in the LX that could be included with the VE. The cover over the stove burners is not included like the other manufacturers, the black tank washout is not included like the other manufacturers, and the handy gas-electric of the LX could be included for a small price $200-$300 that would add value. Winnebago has done a great job with this product, but, for a small amount that I would estimate at $1000 or less, some handy features (many offered by other cheaper competitors) the product could be improved. I am having a hard time seeing enough significant differences between the Vista and Vista Lx to justify such a price difference, since Winnebago is a quality leader, why not combine the differences into one trim level and let buyers/dealers pick a few upgrades?

  17. Anne Albee Posted on 04.27.2017

    We have been searching for the right RV for us and this comes close. I really would like the sofa and dinette on one side and the kitchen on the other side. Wish they offered that floor plan with the VE.

  18. Patrick Posted on 05.05.2017

    We own this model. We had a travel trailer with the outside kitchen and loved it. We were looking for a used DP Motor home until my wife had me look at this one. She showed me the inside first and around the front to the driver side leaving the outside kitchen last. The kitchen sold me on the VE. It is our first MH and we are loving it. I almost blew it when I de-winterized the MH in early March at home. My wife and I had to go out of state for a couple of weeks. Who would of thought of temperatures in the mid teens for days, in March in the South Caroline midlands. I did leave the furnace on auto at the lowest setting and had no freeze damage. I really enjoy my Winnebago!

  19. Maryland Posted on 06.03.2017

    I would be interested in putting a stackable washer as a side-by-side in the outside kitchen area. Anyone try this or think it would work? There’s water, a grey tank and plenty of room. These smaller stackables are only 110 so it could work. Anyone try this?