Assignment: Ouray

A Winter Photo Shoot In Colorado

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  01.25.2016

US 550 is one of Colorado’s most scenic highways running through the heart of the San Juan Mountains.  Winnebago owners and GoLife contributors Peter and Kathy Holcombe use this grand backdrop to shoot the Era and Travato Winnebago Touring Coaches.


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  1. tom sherman Posted on 06.17.2017

    the Photos are Beautiful ,such detail !

  2. Jerry Miller Posted on 02.14.2016

    Beautiful job. Since I live in Florida, I can only enjoy snow on TV, but not complaining! We camped about 6 weeks this past summer in Colorado. Love it.

  3. Cary Posted on 02.13.2016

    We just got an Era, and live in Colorado. Time to go to Ouray!
    That shot of all the Eras in a circle at the top is inspiring.

  4. Leo Williams Posted on 02.13.2016

    Thank you for a beautiful trip down memory lane. Although we’ve not visited during winter for more than 20 years, my wife and I grew up in Ouray, and my family has been in that area since 1879. Completion of the concrete structure that carries an especially treacherous avalanche over the highway, was a source of pride for my dad and his fellow county commissioners.

  5. Don Paul Posted on 02.13.2016

    Telluride is our favorite place… including the rarely open 4WD Imogene Pass to Ouray we’ve done in our Jeeps. Absolutely beautiful in both winter and summer. Can’t wait to get back!

    How do you keep everything from freezing in your View in such cold conditions? We added a SunPower 327W DC solar panel and 40A MPPT charge controller to keep our batteries charged when we boondock. However, I think our View’s tank heaters will drain our two Energizer 232Ah 6V golf cart batteries quickly unless we run our Onan 3.2 kW diesel generator a lot… which spoils the serenity of camping in the wild.

  6. jo-ed Posted on 02.13.2016

    Beautiful! Makes me want to go there!

  7. Joan Short Posted on 02.13.2016

    Beautiful ! Curious did you have snow tires or cables ? If cables where did you find them. I am currently trying to buy so I can take winter pictures in Yosemite which is an hour away from me. Have Winnebago Travato.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.13.2016

      No, we caught a good weather window and the Colorado Dept. of Transportation works very hard at keeping the roads clean. For twenty years I lived in the heart of snow country (Vail) and observed a lot of trucks chaining up to get over the passes. For a Travato I would recommend either cable chains or, for a less jarring ride, snow socks. These are fabric wraps for wheels that do an extraordinarily good job. While they won’t last as long as chains, for infrequent snow trips I think they’d be ideal.

  8. Scott Degnan Posted on 01.26.2016

    Great job! Very well done.