The Class of Gas

GoLife Staff GoLife Staff  |  11.03.2015

From the beginning of the era of modern motorhoming, Winnebago has always been a leader and innovator in gas powered motorhomes.  Product manager John Millis walks through an overview tour of coaches from entry level affordable rigs, to our top-of-the-line models.

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  1. greg cugino Posted on 12.02.2017

    i have a 2014 38q adventurer i was looking to trade it in on a 2018 adventurer found out you stopped making them heard alot of different stories why could you tell me why you stopped making them thank you

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 12.03.2017


      Just like cleaning out your garage at home, occasionally manufacturers take a look at their product lineup and do some necessary housekeeping. Sharp-eyed Winnebago watchers will notice fewer floorpans and models on the Winnebago web site. The Sightseer/Sunova has basically been promoted to the top spot to replace the Adventurer and shares many of the upscale features of it’s predecessor.

      You see this same “editing” of the other model lines, too. Not only does this help reduce confusion when you’re thinking about models and floor plans, it also helps the company focus on efficiently adding features and value.

  2. Marc Bonhomme Posted on 07.17.2016

    We bought our second Class A gas in March. A 2008 Adventurer 38T.
    We love the quality of the build and the Workhorse chassis it’s built on.
    Too bad the only choice now is the V10 Fords.

  3. William Sidwell Posted on 11.07.2015

    I think Winnebago is the best. I just wish the La Masa dealer in Tucson would have shown me a Winnebago first. They put me in a Georgyboy that was so over built on an old frame with just a few things in it I turned left and it went right and off the road. When I asked if the dealer could help me they put me in a 2007 Sunstar that I would love to trade up to a newer one but they not only buried me in at 103K also wanted 10,000.00 cash to complete the deal I know you cant help me but I thought you should know what kind of people you have representing your brand.
    Thank you so much for your time reading this and your consideration, William and Cheryl Sidwell 151 Prairie Lane, Fernley, Nevada
    God bless you all and keep making the best there is

  4. Drew Mueller Posted on 11.06.2015

    Your gas coach video was the best I’ve ever seen from Winnebago. We continue to love our ’08 Sightseer and as I do most of my own maintainance I appreciate all the professional workmanship that went into building our motorhome. Everything from electrical connections to frame construction was done with care and integrity. John Millis is a terrific speaker and his product knowledge will help keep Winnebago at the cutting edge of this very competetive business. Thank you all once again.

    Drew Mueller