Fantastic 4: 2016 Journey

The 2016 Journey is the Reward

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  11.03.2015

We’re putting the finishing touches on the 2016 Journey/Meridian and want to spotlight four of our favs.

#1 & #2  It’s a cook’s kitchen

JR-Galley-16Don’t use the word galley for this one. Feature #1 in the 38P floorplan is a brilliant wraparound kitchen design that offers a countertop extension and behind the sink riser.  This is perfect for complex meal prep before, and serving later.  Feature #2 is the pot filler faucet behind the range.   Beyond the convenience, this luxury residential feature points how how easy it is for two people to be working at the same time.

#3 The best Infotainment System. . .period

JR-Dash-16At the heart of our dual screen Infotainment system is a 10.5” display – the largest in the industry.  This is approaching Tesla territory in terms of display size.  With multiple exterior camera display, AM/FM radio, Sirius XM, auxiliary input, and Rand McNally RV-specific GPS integration, this truly changes the driver’s experience in terms of visibility and control.

#4 Max storage with the Maxum Chassis

JR-Ext Storage Tray Out-16Another Winnebago exclusive is our Maxum Chassis.  By lowering the frame rails the handling characteristics of the motorhome improve, but when you hook up at your site the real magic unfolds with huge roll-out storage.  Not only can you have it all. . .you can take it with you.

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  1. gale Posted on 11.07.2015

    I love this except it’s missing the oven. I dont understand why you all think just because you add a microwave convection oven in that you have to take the oven oven out. I like both. Also like to see this with a bath and a half. With grandchildren with someone always has to go potty at the same time as I do. And we all know grandparents go all the time.

  2. Joan Elliott Posted on 11.07.2015

    Hope the clear coat on the paint is way better than on our 2005 Journey. Still having to have areas redone where the clear coat peeled or is peeling off.
    We even brought our coach to Iowa and had areas that had come up redone there but it continues to be an issue.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 11.17.2015

      Polymers in clear coat paints have continued to improve over the years, but they don’t last forever. There are numerous discussions on this throughout the Internet and often focusing on cars. Ultimately, any paint product will degrade over time. Temperature, age, and UV exposure are all variables in effecting paint durability.

  3. jeannine. cheal Posted on 11.06.2015

    I. Would like to see the floor plan! I want a split bath. The shower on one side and the toilet on the other. A great bed that is a queen size, I don’ think need a washer or dryer!!!

  4. TERRY BRINES Posted on 11.06.2015

    wife loves the kitchen.

  5. Robin Posted on 11.06.2015

    LOVE THE KITCHEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Roger Franklin Posted on 11.06.2015

    #1 should replacement of the Schwintek in-wall slide system. Not limited to Winnebago but an industry embarrassment!

    We have a 2013 Journey and feel the pain.

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 11.07.2015

      For the past year Winnebago has been using the PowerGear slide mechanism and the operating results have been very encouraging.

  7. Sam Pero Posted on 11.06.2015

    I own a 2014 36 foot Journey I love it. I’ve own newmar RVs also I would put Winnebago just as good if not better in Quality then my Vantana I had.


  8. dennis leep Posted on 11.06.2015

    I think people that are WGO stock holders should be offered a special discount !!! I bought stock soon after buying a 2005 Journey as I was impressed with the company

  9. Jay Suter Posted on 11.06.2015

    Very impressive!