Keep your Sunnyside Up

James & Stef Adinaro James & Stef Adinaro  |  10.28.2015

Put on your shades and go topside with James as he adds another solar panel to the FitRV Travato and, in the process, explains Winnebago’s solar option.

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  1. Lisa Posted on 10.05.2016

    I just bought a 120w flexible panel for my ‘extra port’. Now I need to find the right cables, etc. and a tutorial on how to do this wiring part.

  2. Richard Trache Posted on 11.07.2015

    I would like to know how much work it would be to install it on 35″ Itasca motor home. If possible what the coast would be.
    Dick Trache

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 11.07.2015

      For an aftermarket solar upgrade a good place to start is on various RV forums. Many owners in the Yahoo View/Navion forum have had AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon install both systems and upgraded batteries. You can get a better sense of prices and options at their website:

  3. Ray Hartman Posted on 11.06.2015

    We have a 14 Tour which does have a solar panel system, but is it expandable?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 11.10.2015

      Your 2014 Tour panel system is expandable, but will probably require some relatively simple wiring/splicing. Newer models using the Zamp Solar system have three ports on the roof for the quick connect of two additional panels.

  4. Linda S Blankenship Posted on 11.06.2015

    I ordered a new custom built Winnegabo & it comes with solor panels. I didn’t realize I could add more until I watched your video. Thanks for the info!