The Overlord of the Overload

Intelligence comes to power management.

James & Stef Adinaro James & Stef Adinaro  |  09.23.2015

What’s “nuisance tripping?”  It’s what happens when you wind up using one to many electrical devices in your RV.  To help avoid unplanned blackouts, Winnebago is now installing some sophisticated energy management technology in several product lines.  FitRV’s James Adinaro takes an informative and light hearted look at a feature that won’t leave you in the dark.


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  1. norbert gonzalez Posted on 08.22.2016

    Thanks James very informative.

  2. Lisa D Posted on 09.26.2015

    OK – I want this. Likely going to buy a View/Navion. Hopefully they’re including this now with new builds. If not, I’ll be asking for it :)

    Looks like they’ve now added an Option for a Truma AquaGo Tankless water heater… so maybe, just maybe it includes this management system? ?? Maybe :)

    And you guys have the BEST videos out there. So enjoyable and I always learn something. Thank you for this.