Summer’s a “Go” at the GoPro Games

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  06.08.2015

It was still a couple of weeks before the solstice, but under sunny Colorado skies certainly close enough to call it summer.  With snow just starting to melt on the the high peaks, the mountain folk of Vail rolled out an alpine carpet to welcome over 50,000 visitors to the GoPro Mountain Games that took place over four days.

There were competitions for amateurs and pros that celebrated the fun of being outdoors and, for some, extreme athletic challenge.   From the art of fly fishing casting, to the muck of a mud run, visitors heard mountain bikes whiz by, and hoots as kayakers did full flips on the whitewater.

At night everyone was in a party mode with concerts, and throughout the days there was a half mile of exhibits ranging from energy bars to. . .Winnebagos.  This year Winnebago showed up with a fire engine red Travato loaded with Jackson Kayaks on the roof and Orion Coolers underneath the awning.  The Travato saw a steady stream of visitors who were both impressed at the van’s long list of features and surprised by it’s youthful European vibe.  Many echoed the same comment that, “this sure isn’t your grandparent’s Winnebago.”

Here’s a closer look through the eyes of Instagrammers at the GoPro Mountain Games:

GP Travato DisplayGoLife contributor Kathy Holcombe and Winnebago Marketing Manager Kelli Harms, get ready for a full day of tours and questions about the Travato.

IMG_0111Abby Holcombe, GoLife’s youngest contributor, balances on a motorized one-wheel skateboard.

IMG_0115There’s still plenty of snow on the Gore Range and plenty of fast run-off for the kayak crowd.

IMG_0129Catching air at 8,150′ feet seems just a little extra exhilarating.

IMG_0128 Defying gravity at the Gold Peak mountain bike stunt course.

IMG_0122An ice skating rink in winter, becomes a slackline arena in summer.

IMG_0119A delicate balance across the slackline.

IMG_0113And what are all these people watching?

 IMG_0118They’re watching world-class climbers bust moves like Spiderman — without special effects.

IMG_0123Greeting the morning with a yoga class in front of Solaris.

GoPro Mtn. GamesWinnebago’s Kelli Harms gets – and hears – a rush near a Gore Creek cascade.

IMG_0124Do dogs fly?  They sure do at the always popular dock dogs competition.

IMG_0121It’s ultimate fetch as the crowd cheers the canine contestants.

IMG_0116A hot shower is next after the icy mud run.

IMG_0125Up the hill.  The mountain bike competition begins.

IMG_0117Junior mountain bikers get a race all their own.

IMG_0127Paddleboarding rapids?  Of course, it’s the GoPro Mountain games.

IMG_0112Kayak competition in the heart of Vail through GoLife contributor Peter Holcombe’s lens.

GP RialtaA blast from the past as this Winnebago Rialta was spotted in Vail.

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