Top to bottom: The Travato 59K

No switch unflipped, no cabinet unopened.

James and Stephany Adinaro  |  04.06.2015

The FitRV’ers recently showed up at the Winnebago factory with their video camera.  Follow along with James and Steph Adinaro as they go from the roof to underneath Winnebago’s latest Euro-inspired touring coach.


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  1. David Rainey Posted on 12.03.2017

    How often should we change the oil on our Winnebago Travato?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 12.04.2017

      The best guide is to follow the manufacturer’s service schedule.

  2. Hervey Posted on 01.21.2017

    Will the Travato 59K soon be available in Diesel?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.22.2017

      Winnebago pays close attention to market interest and most buyers prefer gas. A diesel version would also require a diesel generator which, with the Navion/View products is a $4,000 up charge.

  3. Bill Trepp Posted on 07.02.2016

    How much maintenance does the generator need? Can the owner do anything on the generator such as topping off the oil or changing the oil without a pit or a lift?