Boom! Watch a Winnebago Drop Test

Going the extra distance to build a better motorhome

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  03.06.2015

Winnebago continues to test it’s products in ways that exceed industry standards and practices. Nothing is more dramatic than the drop test, where a coach is hoisted three feet into the air and then dropped on it’s roof. Afterwards, Winnebago engineers carefully examine structural integrity, appliance and cabinet attachment, and impact absorption.

Several high-speed cameras were used to record a Winnebago Trend hitting the pavement.  After the test, notice how the door frame does not deform and can be opened because of the rigid superstructure.  This kind of destructive testing is very expensive, but over the years tests like these have helped us improve the durability of our products.


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  1. Dave R Posted on 04.21.2016

    My family has owned several Winnebago products, all amazing quality. I am considering the new Winne Drop With rear Dry Bath. Features, quality, company support are all reasons to consider a Winnebago ! Happy Camping