The View/Navion 2015

An in-depth look at how one of Winnebago's top selling coaches is made

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  11.19.2014

If you’re not a View or Navion owner, but are thinking about becoming one, this is a must-watch video.  If you already are an owner, this deep dive into how View/Navions are made will reinforce the wisdom of your purchase.  Product manager, Russ Garfin, starts with the things you don’t see, like the chassis before the walls go up, and takes you through to the latest Italian cabinetry that would look right at home in a yacht moored off the beach in St. Tropez.


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  1. Ray Kilanowski Posted on 03.18.2015

    Great presentation. I the same quality and attention to detail included on the ERA?

  2. Richard Posted on 12.24.2014

    Great Job on this Christmas presentation and winnebago product developement & construction!