Winnebago is Happy!

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  07.29.2014

A cast of thousands and a lot of smiley faces came together at the 2014 WIT Club Grand National Rally in Forest City. Β It’s a four minute frolic complete with the Winnebago Dancers!


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  1. terry & diane gilford Posted on 02.20.2018

    what a great video. we just got our Winnebago in 2016. let’s do something like this again so we participate!

  2. bonnie and ervin loomis Posted on 10.07.2014

    we loved ares

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  4. Martha Davis Posted on 08.04.2014

    I had so much fun working/playing with you and the crew, Don! Your finished product is fabulous! It is definitely a piece we watch as a perk-me-up! So much fun in those few minutes captured!

  5. Phil Anderson Posted on 08.04.2014

    Looks like everyone had a blast! Wish we could have been there. Where can I get a couple of those Happy Face Paddles?

  6. Jane Vogel Posted on 08.01.2014

    GNR was lots of fun, as always, and your video brings it all back! Thanks.

  7. Bob Allwein Posted on 07.29.2014

    Great job Don. Looks like you got a few happy people. Thanks for the opportunity to become world famous.