August Edition

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  07.30.2014

Boy, what a great time we had at this year’s “Out of this world” GNR in July.  The Grand National Rally is now in it’s 45th year and while there’s a lot of time-honored traditions to be looked forward to, there have been some new twists that are bringing new and younger members into a great organization.

Perhaps the greatest surprise was mother nature’s topsy turvy weather pattern that brought unseasonably cool (low to mid 70’s) weather.  It was an unexpected bonus to an already great rally.

Before the rally we decided to try a completely new idea, not only for Winnebago, but for the entire RV industry — a music video.  We chose the infectiously body swaying hit song “Happy.”  We passed out several thousand “smiley face” fans, put a call out for volunteers to be the “Winnebago Dancers,” and even put a video drone in the air for the “BIG” Hollywood shot.

At the end of the rally we had nearly 500 scenes that got edited down into 100 shots squeezed into a four-minute video.  I think the finished result perfectly captures the fun and energy of the rally.  If you haven’t watched it yet, or want to watch it again, you can click here — and get happy!



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