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There's a lively Winnebago community at the Yahoo Forums

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  04.04.2014

“My story isn’t all that interesting,” writes Tom Proulx.  And that kind of humility behind the keyboard doesn’t come as a surprise from a guy who sits behind one of the most valued and used daily sources of information for Winnebago Navion-View owners: a Yahoo Forum group.

Yahoo has scores of user-driven and user managed forum sites. In all of the RV world, the Winnebago forums are largest with over 6,500 members in the View-Navion forum and over 2,700 in the general Winnebago forum and are independently managed without any company involvement.  It’s here that one finds wisdom, commiseration, and inspiration that can be indispensable.

Tom took an early retirement from a Fortune 100 company to travel and fish. He and his wife Susan, who concurrently ended her 32 year career as a teacher, bought a 2006 Navion.  But, this wasn’t their first RV experience as Tom recalls, “after having done the full progression from tenting, to pop-up, to trailer, to a Class A – we got to the point when our kids did not want to go anymore that we sold that coach and all the gear. We picked the Navion because we are movers and want our “stuff” with us all the time and need to be flexible.  We do not tow and have toured and found parking in virtually every major city east of the Mississippi and some western states.  Not that we only go to cities, but if you skip places like Miami, NY and Boston you miss a lot.”

He was an early member of the Skinnie Winnie forum when the original group “owner” (Yahoo’s term for forum moderator) bought a different kind of rig and asked Tom if he’d step in and manage the group.  Tom spends a half day a week approving new members, cleaning up accounts, and sending “off forum” notes.  He’s also organized a couple rallies along the way.

Tom says that keeping order in this corner of the cyber frontier has been surprisingly easy, “What I will not allow is insulting posts and they almost always come from trolls trying to get people in a fight.  We have about 6,500 members and the behavior norms were set early on. In 6 years I have probably banned 5 people.”

Everyday, the wisdom and advice found on the forums helps Winnebago owners save money and enjoy a safety net of experience that comes from such a large and well-travelled group.  A great example of the power of the forum was a problem that cropped up a few years back in the Mercedes five cylinder engine.  Tom explains that, “Early on the turbo resonators starting failing, but dealers were not finding the leak and were doing everything from replacing turbos to hoses to every imaginable sensor.  Finally a savvy member figured out it was a $30 part that was failing and could easily be replaced in about 15 minutes.  There were still lots of complaints about failures, but at least the fix was known and a lot of money was saved.”

In 2013 Yahoo overhauled all their on-line forums and introduced an interface called “Neo.”  That change prompted a lot of criticism, especially while bugs were being worked out.  Once you understand some of the Neo interface controls, it can definitely enhance your use of the forums.  And while many of these controls work quite smoothly on either a Mac or PC, they don’t always operate as well on an iPad or Android tablet.

If you’re new to a Yahoo forum, or even if you’re an occasional user, the following screen tips will help you take advantage of this invaluable resource.

Here’s the main page of a forum screen as seen on a laptop or desktop computer.  If you subscribe to multiple groups they’re displayed on the left.  Once you have subscribed to a forum, and after you sign in, you choose from Conversations, Photos, Files, or More (ex. databases).

YF 1 Master Screen

Conversations can be viewed in multiple ways.  Here’s the standard screen view.

YF 2 Conversation Screen

Changing the view to “Slim” condenses all the posts and allows you to see more of them.

YF 3 Slim Setting

A great way to view posts more efficiently is to chose the view by “Topic.”  This groups all the posts to a particular topic all together.

YF 4 Sort by Topic

This is the message view.  You can expand to see other people’s comments at the lower part of the screen.

Note: use the back arrow shown to go back to the previous screen instead of your browser buttons.

YF 5 Message

Here’s what an expanded message thread looks like.  Drilling down through these replies is usually very helpful on finding more detailed information.

YF 6 Expanded Messages

The photo section allows you to view by date or name.  If you roll your cursor over a photo you can see if there is a comment attached to the photo.

YF 7 Photo with comment

In the “Files” section you’ll find lots of information that users have uploaded such as technical diagrams, manuals and articles.

YF 8 Files

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  1. Roger Ghering Posted on 02.01.2018

    I have a 2009 winnebago navion 24j it has a rough ride any thoughts

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 02.01.2018

      Roger, definitely the best place to get an answer will be on the View/Navion forums on Yahoo. This is a much discussed topic there.

  2. Kirk Petersen Posted on 01.08.2018

    buying 2013 Navion sprinter mercedes diesel, will this tow easily a 5000 lb trailer?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 01.09.2018

      Yes. The Sprint is rated to pull 5,000 pounds. We pull about 3,000 with our tow car. You may want to put your question to a larger group of owners over at the Yahoo View/Navion forum.

  3. Stosh Beyer Posted on 11.20.2017

    great comments

  4. eileen holmstrom Posted on 10.03.2017

    I have a 2008 Winebego View on a 2007 Dodge Sprinter Chasis with a Mercedes Benz engine…. anyone with same?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 10.04.2017

      As the article suggests, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of owners to talk to over at the Yahoo forum. It is highly read by View-Navion owners.

  5. bob frydenlund. Posted on 09.30.2017

    Looking for some used exterior parts for my 2004 brave .anybody know where I could go for that.

  6. Lee Neal Posted on 04.12.2017

    Just bought a pristine 2006 view. Want to keep it that way. Any comments of a cover?

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 04.12.2017

      This is a good question for the owners forum on Yahoo:

  7. anamaria Posted on 04.07.2017

    Could any of the Winnebago itasca navion send me a film with the awning opening and closing? We always opened it and pass it with the door open, but after we got side swiped by someone we can only do it if we hold the door closed otherwise will scratch door, the insurance said it is normal to do it with door closed. While the button is down at the bottom of the stairs I find it very funny for them to even pretend we open and close awning with door closed.
    Thank you!

  8. William Lively Posted on 09.07.2015

    We are seriously considering a big reduction in RV size and really want to learn more about the View/Navion platforms. I know there is a Yahoo group but I haven’t found the link yet.

    Ed Lively

    1. Don Cohen Posted on 09.08.2015


      Here’s the link to the general View/Navion Yahoo Forum:

      The tech forum can be found at:

  9. Dennis Alf Posted on 10.06.2014

    I have just ordered my new model j Navion,my dealer had a wonderful service clinic but I still have so many questions. I look forward to gaining knowledge from this form and want to thank all of you for letting me be a part of this media.(I hope to take delivery early december.

  10. Dickie and Cheryl Posted on 04.10.2014

    I can’t say enough good about this group, the info is amazing and the people are great. The group has saved me thousands over the years and the new ideas for mods, never stop amazing me. Dickie In NY 07 View J

  11. Ed Irving Posted on 04.08.2014

    While I have dropped out, Nancy is still active in the Group. You should sell this tutorial to Yahoo so similar groups might get the benefit as well.

  12. Gary Clendening Posted on 04.07.2014

    As a very early View owner and member of View-Navion, I feel very qualified to praise the site and it’s owner. We have maintained a valuable place for owners and the company. Membership includes an extensive group of technical and artistic individuals. It’s surprising how many of the V-N owners are sailors! It was our experiences that exposed the “Rusty Drip” defect on the earliest of Views and Winnie was able to respond with an excellent, rapid repair … mine still does not leak and the fix was done in October on 1996. My dealer checked all of his at that time and they, too. had the same leakage.

    Tom rides herd on an array of helpers producing the site that has remained devoted to enjoying our Skinnies as individuals or as sometimes very large groups. Can’t beat it; let’s hope we can remain as such a good example of volunteer service.

  13. Bob Duthie Posted on 04.04.2014

    Great post and I like the tutorial on the Yahoo screens. The most amazing thing about this group of 6,500 people is it is all run by volunteers. It could not exist without the Internet. There are no sponsors, no paid administrators, no tax returns to file, and no expenses. The group co-exists with WIT but is not part of WIT. At the GNRs WIT assigns a row for the View Navions and that works out well. Individual members organize some 4 or 5 rallies each year. Mavis and I attended the Fairport FL rally in February and will go to Grand Morais, MN in September.