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Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  02.03.2014

For over fifty years Winnebago has been an innovator in the recreational vehicle industry and we’re continuing that tradition with a lifestyle web site that celebrates the lively diversity of our company and its customers.  Every week you’ll find new articles and ideas that you won’t see elsewhere on the Internet or in magazines.  You’ll read stories through the eyes of fellow Winnebago owners and get behind the scenes insights from the talented team who designs our motorhomes and towables.

And because GoLife is about all things Winnebago, we’re looking forward to hearing your stories and experiences and seeing your photos and videos.  Leave a comment below or, if you have a photo or story idea, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the Submission button for more information on how to contact us and our publication guidelines.


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  1. Alma Jones Posted on 09.07.2016

    I’m 85 for the next 3 weeks and really excited about a new adventure opening up for me. I figure if I could go to Africa as a missionary for the first time at 73 I can handle hitting the road in the comfort of a Winnebago. I am in the process of looking over what is available and just what I need. For me it seems reasonable to go with a class C–no towing a car–but am checking out all the options. The one thing I notice is almost everyone I talk to is an RV lifer who talks incessantly and positively about your product. Thanks.

  2. Dean C Posted on 08.28.2016

    I’m at the age when I can retire but I can’t get social security for another four years . So I’ll be working for the next four years , anyway . My wife and I LOVE to travel but hate to fly and we LOVE road trips . It’s all we did growing up . We live in Colorado so we have lots of places to go and see . My wife HATES camping , i.e. a tent , so we’re going to get an rv . We’ve narrowed it down to either a used motor home , the one we looked at was a 2007 Access 31 ‘ ( VERY nice in GREAT shape ) , or either a Winnie Drop or a Micro Minnie travel trailer ( NEW ) to pull behind our 2000 Nissan Frontier . I drive trucks for a living and am leaning towards the motor home . My wife LOVES the Winnie Drop but I like the Micro Minnie . We decided to come to this forum to help us decide what we should get since all of you have been where we are at some time . What do you think ?

  3. Lea Posted on 08.11.2016

    We purchased our 83 Minnie Winnie in March 2016. It was mechanically sound and ran good. Interior was so 80’s.. there was a series of events that happened on the first day of our road trip in Northern Cali that lead us to tearing out the interior and renovating EVERYTHING. It was a labor of love for me and my boyfriend, that lasted 4 months. You can’t tell on the outside what is on the inside, but it is our GLAMPER… all the luxuries of home. We are now in Oregon and traveling to decide where we would like to live the rest of our lives. We are early 60’s and semi retired and so looking forward to this adventure.. I have finally started my story of our adventure and will blog soon.. Happy Campers

  4. Crystal Posted on 08.07.2016

    We love our 2013 Adventurer 32H. We’ve put 22000 miles on it and traveled 20 states so far. (Summer travelers only right now.)

  5. Lila Edgar Posted on 07.16.2016

    Round two…living the dream.
    This is my second Winnebago. My first a 1986 Winnebago Chieftain 31′ Chevy chassis. I had her for about 5 yrs. Was the 3rd owner and it was pretty good for its age. I was living full time in it around the Seattle area. I ended up having to do some engine work on it and ultimately obtained a gas leak of some sort which lead to a fire. I lost her and everything I owned just this last year, including my sweetheart cat Myrrh, I had adopted just 7 months earlier.
    After a difficult recovery and help of the Red Cross and many awesome friends who did a fund raiser for me I was able to obtain a 21′ Shasta Oasis travel trailer to live in for a short time.
    Then finally, I found another gem like my first. Almost exactly the same layout and same model…a 1987 Winnebago Chieftain 31′ but with a John Deere chassis this time. I was able to get this one for a steal since it needed allot of tlc.
    My road has been a difficult one but I am a survivor and will over come those potholes with creativity and style. Thanks Winnebago for being my independence and home.

  6. Jim Cooper Posted on 06.11.2016

    Just a nubie getting started.

  7. simon Posted on 07.10.2015

    4 yr in my minnie Winnie loving every minute

  8. Ryan & Amanda Billingsley Posted on 09.22.2014

    My husband & I bought a 1988 Winnebago Supercheif this summer & have been doing some remodeling on it. We actually got to finally take our 4 kids & German pointer on a camping trip over memorial day weekend & we all had such a great time. We’ve actually been talking about camping full time. We’re in our 30s & have four kids from ages 12 yrs to 18 months, I’ve seen people talking about this topic a lot lately and was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with this or suggestions on good decent priced campgrounds in the warmer states… Also any tips for this particular year/model Winnebago would be great:)
    Thanks! &
    Happy camping folks!!

  9. G & J Gish Posted on 08.02.2014

    we bought our first Winnebago mororhome in 1999, a then, top of the gas line Chieftain. we had fun putting 98,000 miles on it. it was beautiful . my husband loved driving it. we upgraded to a 2006 Itasca Meridian, a beautiful coach. After owning it for 3 yrs. we decided to buy a mobile home in our park in So TX. where we have spent our winters since 1999. Since we were not going to be living in the Meridian a yr ago last June we sold it and bought a 1998 class C Minnie Winnie from a friend in our WIT club. we completly redone the inside, washed waxed and buffed the out side, it not only looks great it fits our needs completely now. We enjoy the monthly campouts with our local club and travel in it on shorter trips, We love it. can’t imagine not having a Winnebago to travel in. We love the lifestyle.

  10. Ann Klasen Posted on 08.01.2014

    We live in our Winn. Adventure, six months out of the year, it is truly a luxurious way to live out the winter months in sunny Florida.

  11. Leila Shepherd Posted on 07.17.2014

    We purchased a 1989 Tioga last week. 27 feet long, rear bath. I went through all the books. There is not a lot of info on how all the lights work. There is way less storage than our 25 foot 5th wheel. We will have to cut down. I love the stove, microwave, & fridge. They are more accomodating than the 5th wheel. The microwave is pretty tall for me to reach. My partner might have to learn to cook in it .

  12. Ginger Simpson Posted on 06.29.2014

    Happy to find a site where we might connect with people with similar likes. We just bought a used Winnebago C Class and love it. Thanks whoever owned it for taking such good care of it.

  13. Mary Jo Fellner Posted on 06.11.2014

    We sold a wonderful 35 foot 5th Travel Supreme wheel trailer and are replacing it with a preowned 36 foot Itsaca Meridian motorhome with not as much storage space. I am interested in knowing how to best utilize space in the kitchen with it’s deep cabinets. Thought maybe someone would have some good suggestions on what “works for them.” Tomorrow we take over ownership and my husband and I are like kids with excitment.

  14. Rick & Liz Hess Posted on 05.29.2014

    Well we just upgraded to our first Winnebego – a 2000 Chieftain. Currently briefing on all the bells and zingers…and loking forward to maiden voyage next week. If you see us blazing into a campground near you…stop by!

  15. Don Weaver Posted on 05.14.2014

    great site

  16. dave jones Posted on 05.13.2014

    hi from across the pond had the winnie for a good few years now and still love it bigger than our old vw but not too big for over here

  17. Paula & Nelson DiGennaro + Cinnamon & Raven (Poodles) Posted on 04.20.2014

    We’ve been RVing and enjoyed 5 Winnebago/Itasca motorhomes all of our married life (33 yrs.) – Full-timers since 2007. Our retirement home is a 2006 Itasca Meridian 36G (we sold our stick & mortar home in Ohio) with port-a-boat, towing a Saturn VUE with 2 bikes attached. Having traveled in all 50 states (49 by RV) & all of Canada, except Labrador and Newfoundland we feel this is the best lifestyle there is. And our two toy poodles strongly agree too!

  18. stephanie and Phil Bishop Posted on 04.11.2014

    We just bought a new 2014 Navion IQ. Looking forward to hearing from other Navion/view owners. Can’t wait to travel with it.

  19. Leonard and Linda Preston Posted on 04.09.2014

    Linda and I have been full timers in our
    2005 Itasca Horizon for 10 years. Still loving it. We have seen all states and to several GNRs in Forest City.

  20. Dickie and Cheryl Posted on 04.08.2014

    Love seeing new ideas and apps for people who love camping. We are in a 07 View J and love every minute of it! Look forward to seeing where this site goes.

  21. Ray and Karen Posted on 04.05.2014

    Great site and nice to have one dedicated to our brand. We are anxious to read more. You have a grest writing style. Our Journey is our 5th rv and we love her.

  22. Mary & Patrick Posted on 03.30.2014

    What a good idea. Looking forward to sharing our journeys and adventures. We have trailered for years and stepped up to a pristine low mile 2005 Journey 39f last October. Only added 3300 miles so far and we are really enjoying class-A RVing. Here we come USA.

  23. David and Angel Simmons Posted on 03.26.2014

    This is very Timely. As a new owner of a 2014 Navion I will certainly try to contribute something soon.

  24. joe rossman Posted on 03.26.2014

    looks great. I like the idea of new phone apps to make things easy. I use swiss army knife and key ring. one saves all those dumb plastic things on your key ring and the other has a bunch of stuff like flashlight, ruler,level,compass and more. thanks and looks like a great site.

  25. Jim and Daisy KINNEAR Posted on 03.23.2014

    Looking forward to seeing more of your website

  26. Dennis & MaDonna Stanford Posted on 03.18.2014

    Delightful website, easy to navigate! YOU DID GOOD WINNEBAGO!

  27. Dean and Cheryl Lamoreaux Posted on 03.16.2014

    Look forward to reading more! We are into our 15th year full timing in our third Winnebago, a 2000 Ultimate Freedom. Just finished 10 years with a RV tour company.

  28. Robin Rudy Posted on 03.16.2014

    Love the website already! Especially your fluid writing style. Keep up the good work, Don. We miss you guys in the cul-de-sac!
    See you on the road!

  29. Bob and Marleen Posted on 03.13.2014

    We have a Sightseer and love camping. Always interested in hearing and seeing how much other RV people enjoy their RVs.

  30. RVbiker Posted on 03.13.2014

    Great idea, looking forward to more.

  31. Mark and Kathy Posted on 03.13.2014

    Very neat idea, will be looking forward to interacting.

  32. Dave & Jan Nichols Posted on 03.13.2014

    We are workampers and own a sightseer. We work the summer months in Colorado. We are always on alert when we see a Winnebago come into our campground. We always want to hear their stories, so I will share interesting info with you.

  33. View Skier Posted on 03.13.2014

    Good idea, be sure to connect with the very active View/Navion Yahoo group.

  34. Gna Keeper Posted on 03.12.2014

    Very cool idea!!!!!!