High-tech Soup

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  02.19.2014

Not every RV accessory has to include high-tech electronics, but how about some high-tech dinner?  The new Campbell’s Go soup line comes in a soft-pouch which makes it very easy to store in small galleys.  No refrigeration is needed and you can heat the pouch in the microwave.

For a pre-packaged soup product, the six Campbell Go flavors (Chicken & Quinoa, Coconut Curry Chicken, Golden Lentil, Moroccan Style Chicken, Red Pepper Smoked Gouda, and Spicy Chorizo) are surprisingly well seasoned, but probably not for palates that don’t enjoy a little spicy heat.  If your favorite supermarket doesn’t stock them, you can order from Amazon.  Our tasters give them a very zesty thumbs up!  Click here to get a $1.00 off coupon.

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  1. Jim Brickett Posted on 02.26.2015

    I am going to look for these great soups tomorrow – they sound awesome!! I wish I could try one right now. Great tip!!!