First Edition

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  02.19.2014

I distinctly remember how nervous I was heading back to our newly rented RV storage garage with our 2013 Navion on a late afternoon in early October.  Thirty miles behind me was our dealer along with six months of planning, ruminating and worrying about our choice to dive head first into RV life.  While my wife Terry and I had vague expectations of what might lie ahead, not even with my fertile imagination could I have contemplated the future arc of 14 months that lie ahead.

Staring out from our loft in downtown Denver, I can now look back over those months which included 27,000 miles of travel throughout the US and Canada of which nearly six months of those were spent on the road.  To chronicle our adventures for our family and friends I created a web site ( that slowly grew with stories, photos and videos of our travels.

I had never owned a motorhome before, but when I started college my father, who was a traveling salesman, bought his first motorhome.  In twenty years my mom and dad put nearly 300,000 miles on two rigs as they criss-crossed the Rocky Mountain west working the sample lines with customers.  The thought of owning a motorhome hadn’t really occurred to me until two things happened.  The first was that rash of motorhome buying broke out in the cul-de-sac.  Several of our neighbors rumbled up the street with their new big diesel pushers.  Wow.  This sure wasn’t my father’s RV.

The second event was our decision to sell our home in the Vail Valley of twenty years and move back to the city to our then second home loft.  But what about enjoying our beloved Rockies in the summer?  Instead of buying another mountain property we opted for a petite Navion that would afford us different morning and evening views throughout Colorado — and many other destinations.

But for all the great travel experiences we’ve had over these 14 months, I never would have imagined that I’d come to know the Winnebago family and have the opportunity to share the excitement of our own Winnebago Life with you every month.  It’s going to be a fun ride.


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  1. Marie Cody Posted on 03.26.2014

    I very much enjoyed goLife, thanks for sharing and I look forward to whatever this group is up to. If a trip back to Mexico is in the plans for 2015 I am interested. My Winnie is a 2007 View H and I travel with my dog Wilson.

  2. Lois & Dean McAtee,+Lady Godiva and Heather Posted on 03.13.2014

    From our first 1972 used Chieftan which held 4 kids, 2 dogs, a mom in law and us to travel the hi ways and byways selling tires, to reentering rv life after retiring with a 2006 View for 30,000 miles of sightseeing & family history trips, to graduating in 2013 to a 2011 Via to see 25,000+ miles of Canada and our incredibly beautiful USA . Our “dog house on wheels” allows us to See The U S A in our V I A (remember Dinah Shore’s singing….) in total joy and comfort. At 82 and 78 life on the road is a barrel of fun and keeps us young. Thanks Winnebago for “doing it right”.

  3. View Nubie Posted on 03.13.2014

    Just bought a View at the end of last summer, so never had a chance to use it yet. But we are looking forward to using it a lot this summer. Have noticed problems finding Oil and filters for the Mercedes engine. We hope there isn’t going to be other problems as well. Any and all input would be appreciated. It is a 2007 View, with only 7K miles on it, so it is not really even broke in yet.

  4. John Davis, Akron OH Posted on 03.13.2014

    It’s great to see a new venue for winnebago owners and WIT Club members. During our free time,we love to read articles about our friends adventures and see the latest models and items that make camping and our travels fun. Kudos to the Winnebago team!

  5. Don Griffin Posted on 03.13.2014

    Congratulations to Don & Terry on their decision to embrace the RV Life. No doubt they are quickly learning what so many RV’ers have learned – there’s a lot of beautiful and exciting places to see right here in the USA. We currently own our third Winnebago motor home and have had the good fortune to visit 48 of the 50 States. We have wonderful memories from so many places.