A new Euro touring coach: The Travato

Don Cohen Don Cohen  |  02.01.2014

Touring coaches are a hot new segment of the RV market and, once again, Winnebago takes the lead in offering the Travato which is based on the new Ram ProMaster chassis.  Hint:  its name reveals its Italian heritage.


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  1. Brenna Walraven Posted on 05.14.2016

    Looks like the bed in the back is pretty small – smaller than a double bed. Can you give me some more insights on the size of the bed in the rear of the Travato?


    1. Don Cohen Posted on 05.14.2016


      Have you checked out Winnebago’s main web site? Here’s a link to the Travato floorplans and bed sizes: http://winnebagoind.com/products/class-b/2016/travato/floorplans