Working and traveling 24/7

A business consultant lives and works full time in her Travato.

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Hiking with Kayaks in Alaska

From sea to glacier and back.

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The XYZs of TV for RV

Avoid slow wi-fi and expensive data plans with off-line viewing.

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The River of No Return

The Navion is basecamp for a four day adventure.

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Latest Articles

  • Unexpected Joy on an E-Bike

    Unexpected Joy on an E-Bike

    “Try it,” my friend Jeff encouraged. “What do I need to know?” I asked, figuring there was some special pro...

  • Great 8:  Wondrous National Parks

    Great 8: Wondrous National...

    When PBS aired a six-episode series about American wonders in 2009, it gave it this title: The National Parks: Amer...

  • Tent Camping in the Channel Islands

    Tent Camping in the Channel...

    As a full timer, if often takes me aback whenever someone calls my lovely little rolling home a “camper.”  I a...

  • An Unassuming RVer #3

    An Unassuming RVer #3

    The heat of the desert hit us hard after we left Huntington Beach for Arizona. And I mean 117 degrees hard. The hig...

  • 2,000 of our Best Friends

    2,000 of our Best Friends

    Each July there is a pilgrimage to Iowa, where a thousand road pros converge to celebrate Winnebago’s biggest eve...

  • An Unassuming RVer #2

    An Unassuming RVer #2

    Two weeks into this trip and we’re starting to feel like pros. RV’n is a team sport, much like parenting, and M...

  • An Unassuming RVer #1

    An Unassuming RVer #1

    If I didn’t make this trip happen, I feared I would live to regret it. I never thought of myself as an RVer, but...

  • The Girls Go Solo

    The Girls Go Solo

    (Travato owner Alan Heymann’s wife and daughter took “Roxanne” out for a mother daughter road trip.  Here’...

  • A Love Affair with Architecture and Ambiance

    A Love Affair with Architect...

    I am not so naive as to think my love affair with Port Townsend isn’t tinted through sky-blue glasses.  The weat...

  • Go Gear: Bike Locking for RVers

    Go Gear: Bike Locking for RV...

    It’s almost time for GNR, and so far it’s been a great summer of riding and RVing!  I’ve previously done a v...

  • Half way to Half Dome

    Half way to Half Dome

    Regardless of whether you are a bucket list believer or a bucket list basher, everyone has a secret mental list of...

  • A Classic Becomes a Home

    A Classic Becomes a Home

    After the purchase of our 1973 Winnebago Brave, we quickly had the feeling we may have bitten off a bit more than w...